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Based on pranks that we did at camp last year to the boys and what they did to us. "And, they fell for it?" Theresa asked. Odie nodded. The girls gave each other hi5s and were about to leave. "You ...

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Yes, the next chapter is up! This one is dedicated to my friends who were in my old school last year, we had fun together! This chapter is based on the pranks the boys and girls played on each other during our camp. We got in trouble in the morning, but we had so much fun!


Odie sat at his computer while the other four boys sat on his bed, watching him type stuff in his computer. "And...we'!" Odie said. Files then popped up on the screen that Odie managed to get off their computers. "Wow Odie! How'd you do that?" Archie asked. Odie shrugged. "Got the whole place wired and connected. It's so easy to download these files. I got all your emails on my database." Odie said, grinning at everyone.

"Ok, like we wanted to know that. Now tell us what the plan is! We are dying of suspense!" Archie said. Odie just grinned at them. "You go play some small pranks on them. But just one, while I work on this." Odie said. The boys all nodded and ran to the kitchen. "Let's pour water on them!" Herry said. Neil ran outside to fetch the bucket, he wouldn't admit it to anyone but he loved playing pranks on people. Archie and Jay quickly filled it up.

"You go get some of the girls to come downstairs. It seems so quiet upstairs." Jay said. He was right, the girls were quiet. They weren't in Theresa's room anymore, they were in the basement with Odie. "And, they fell for it?" Theresa asked. Odie nodded. The girls gave each other hi5s and were about to leave. "You might want to do a prank on the guys while I work on the big one." Odie said. The girls nodded and ran back to Theresa's room.

Odie smiled as his plan was working. Cassie then snuck into his room. "So, did it work for the boy's as well?" she asked Odie smiled and hi5ed Cassie. "This sleepover is going to be one no one will forget." Cassie said. Little did they know how right she was.


"Ok, so you have the lipstick, blush, eye shadow and mascara?" Theresa asked. The girls nodded. Theresa checked the time, it was almost midnight. "Who's going to see where the boys are?" Theresa asked. Atlanta's hand shot up first. Theresa rolled her eyes.

"Fine go." Theresa said. Atlanta ran out the room and crept down the stairs. All the boys were sleeping in front of the TV which was turned off. Atlanta tried to hold in a giggle as she thought what they were about to do to the boys. However, one boy did hear her and that boy was none other than Archie.

"Lannie, what are you doing here?" he asked, sitting up. He had fallen asleep on the floor. She smiled down at him. "Just checking in on you guys. Wow, we girls can stay up for long but the guys hit the sack at midnight!" Atlanta said, sitting next to him. He smiled at her and playfully punched her arm.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to hit a girl?" she said, punching him back. Archie chuckled and lay back down on the floor. He pulled Atlanta down with him and she rested her head on his chest with his arm around her waist. "Night Lannie." He said, smelling her strawberry scented shampoo. "Night Archie." She said.

Atlanta waited awhile until she was sure that Archie was asleep before she called the other girls. They came downstairs with the makeup kit. They walked past the boys to Neil, where they started putting gel in his hair, making spikes, putting lip gloss on him, eye shadow and water proof mascara on him. "Perfect. Now, who else should we do?" Nicky, who couldn't wait to put makeup on Neil, asked. Atlanta and Theresa stood in front of Archie and Jay. "You are not putting makeup on our boyfriends!" they both said. Nicky shrugged and walked over to Odie. Cassie stopped her.

"Let's do Herry or we do something else for the rest of the boys." She said. Nicky nodded, she was not putting makeup on her boyfriend. But, Sam let her put makeup on Neil.

"Sammy, why didn't you stop me from putting makeup on your boyfriend?" she whispered as they made their way back upstairs. The other twin smiled wickedly. "I had score to settle with him." Nicky just nodded.

The boys, except Neil who had fallen asleep, heard everything that the girls had done. Archie was the first one to examine their handiwork on Neil. "You know, he doesn't look any different, just that he has colour on his eyelids and his eyelashes stand out a bit more." Archie said. All the boys nodded.

"Should we do a prank on them?" Jay asked. The boys shook their heads. "Not yet." Odie said and disappeared to his basement room. The other guys tipped toed upstairs to Atlanta's room, which was next door to Theresa's. Odie then came up. "Ok, they have gone to sleep, I think. Let's get the water." He said. Jay and Herry ran down the stairs and returned shortly with the bucket of water.

They tipped toed into the room and saw all the girls sleeping in a circle. Herry and Jay swung the bucket and poured the water all over the girls. "Aahh!" All of them screamed when the freezing cold water hit them. They scrambled out of the sleeping bags and glared at the boys. "You are so dead!" Atlanta screamed at them.

The boys turned to leave but Atlanta was too fast for them and closed the door. She blocked their only exit. "Uh, it was nice knowing you guys." Odie said. The others nodded and the girls pinned them to the floor and did whet they did to Neil. Atlanta took a photo of all of them. "Perfect for the yearbook. Cassie, wouldn't you agree as you are in charge of it this year?" she said.

Cassie looked at the photo and grinned. "Yes, it is perfect! Let's go get a photo of Neil!" she said. The girls raced down the stairs to Neil, allowing the other boys to leave. They rushed to the bathroom to clean the makeup off their faces and went to bed.

The girls took the photo of Neil, waking him up. "What? But I thought my next photo shoot was in a week's time?" Neil said, forgetting where he was. The girls giggled and ran to Atlanta's room. Neil got off the couch and went upstairs to his room. He got into his bed and was about to fall asleep when he felt something crawl up hi leg.

"EEEEEKKKKK!!" He screamed and switched on his light to reveal his bed covered with live bugs! He ran out of his room and back to the couch. The girls were laughing so much after they heard Neil scream that they too fell asleep.


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