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Meet the Bitch

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Am I legal? What kind of question is that? Do I look like a fucking preteen? And who is this woman?

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Chapter 12
I returned to the kitchen about an hour later. Joe was still there, Pete was sitting by the kitchen table, drumming his fingers on the table and there was some guy there I had never seen before in my life leaning against a kitchen counter, talking on the phone. George was no where to be seen. Pete looked up when I walked into the kitchen and smiled a bit. He patted on the seat next to him and I made my way over there to sit next to him.

The guy leaning against the counter shoved the phone into his pocket and sat opposite us by the table. He looked between me and Pete, a puzzled look on his face. Pete slid an arm around my shoulders and smiled.

"Patrick, this is Tara, she's -"


"- George's little sister."

Pete moved away from me a little. George stood by the end of the table and glared at him. The look on the face of that Patrick dude got even more puzzled.

"Anyone care to fill me in?"

George's eyes traveled from Pete to Patrick to Pete again.

"She's my fucking little sister. Your friend here fucking kissed her and there's a picture of it on the fucking front page!"

Patrick's mouth formed an O and George just nodded.

"For starters, how was I supposed to know that there was going to be photographer there and why do you have to make such a big fucking deal out of this?"

"You're Peter fucking Wentz. That is how you're supposed to know that there was a fucking photographer going to be watching your every fucking step. I am making such a big fucking deal out of this because she's my fucking little sister and you've no fucking right to bring her into your fucking crazy world!"

"George, there's no need to curse like that, there's a lady present!"

George huffed and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Look, you two. I don't really care what you two do together if you do it behind closed doors and keep your hands to yourself amongst other people."

I just shock my head over his reaction. It's just a picture, who cares? Pete just shock his head and his arm was over my shoulders again.

"There you all are!"

All head turned towards the entrance to the kitchen where a lovely looking lady was standing. She looked almost like a Barbie, except her figure was a little bit curvier.

"Sarah, what are you doing here?"

She walked into the kitchen and slammed the same paper that had caused all the drama on the kitchen table.

"This. Has anyone been doing damage control?"

"I have. I brought her here in the first place."

"You know this girl?"

She was pointing at the picture of us.

"Yep, she's my little sister."

"She's your little sister? Is she legal?"

Am I legal? What kind of question is that? Do I look like a fucking preteen? And who is this woman?

"Yeah, she's 25, or something."

Her eyebrows shot up and then she finally noticed me.

"New toy Pete? You get tired of them all so easily."

Pete just smirked.

"Sarah, nice to see you too. Meet Tara, George's baby sister."

Her face was without expression, but she was obviously shocked. Pete leaned closer to me to whisper to me.

"She's George's /girlfriend/, they think no one knows, but everyone do."

"Okay guys, should we go and do some work?"

"Aren't we missing our 4th member?"

"He's going to be late, we'll just start without him."

The guys all stood up and left the kitchen, leaving me alone with Sarah. She gave the once over - the most uncomfortable once over I've ever experienced.

"Are you sleeping with him?"

"Me, with Pete? That's none of your business!"

"I'm afraid it is. I'm their PR manager; I need to know the truth before I talk to the media."

I stood up, that woman is annoying!

"Tell them whatever. I'm going out."

I went to my bedroom to change, I need to look okay. Maybe I'll see someone famous!

Oh, hang on. I've already seen three famous men, all in my brother's kitchen! So what else is there to do in LA then /star /gazing?

I wonder if LA has a mall?

I 'stole' one of my brother's cars and went for a drive. There had to be a mall or something like it here somewhere. I mean, the richest people in America live here, they have to have a place to spend their money, right?

I found something that looked like a mall, parked the car and got inside the building. Oh yeah, this is definitely a mall! I haven't gone shopping in ages! I started to feel butterflies in my stomach, shopping has never gotten me so excited before.

I, being a typical girl who loves shopping, had my hands filled with bags of all kind of shit I've no idea when to use within two hours. This is certainly the best workout one could ever think up. I sat down at a café and had myself a latte and a chocolate cake. Hey, I deserve it!

My thoughts about what kind of life I should lead in the city of angels was interrupted by a loud shriek and someone calling my name.

"Tara?! Wow, is that really you?"

I looked up the woman that was standing in front of me with a big smile on her face.

"Oh my god, it is you! It's me, Julia!"

I swear my jaw dropped to the floor.

"Julia?! You look amazing!"

She was the fat kid during my entire school history. But after graduation she moved away and no one really heard from her since. Until now. Let's just say she's not fat anymore and that under all that fat a gorgeous woman was hiding.

"Sit down, tell me what's been going on since graduation!"

She smiled even wider and sat down next to me. If LA did this to her, what will it do for me?
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