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Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks

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FOB and P!ATD have an eventful dinner.

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Authors note : Thanks again for the reviews... they make me feel all warm inside XD

Anna and I rummaged through our suitcases looking for something decent to wear out to dinner with they Panic! guys.

"Does this look any good?" Anna said holding up a ruffled maroon blouse and some white sweat pants.
"WHO ARE YOU, HANNAH!?" I yelled back. (Hannah was a friend of ours back in high school. She had a horrible sense of fashion. Just don't get me started; I could talk about her forever!)
"Yeah, you're right." She stated tossing it into the pile of rejected clothes.

After about 15 minutes of frantic searching we found the perfect outfits. Anna was wearing a sequined brown boho looking top and a pair of light jeans and I was wearing lacey black mini dress with jeans and my black converse; very sleek.

I decided to call my mom to tell her that I had made it here okay. She still thought I was at that business conference though.

"Hey Mom!" I said.
"Hey sweetie! How was your flight?" she asked sweetly.
"It was good. I enjoyed it." (more than she knew) Just then I heard a crash from outside the door.
"What was that?" My mother asked alarmed.
"um......." I didn't know what to say, "It's a demonstration!" PHEW!
"Alrighty" Man she's a tad gullible.
"Gotta go! Love yah!" I said quickly.
"Love you too." And I hung up. I felt so bad leaving her fast like that but I had to see what had happened outside.

Apparently Andy and Joe had gotten into a fight and Andy threw Joe and he fell into the glass coffee table. Anna was, of course, right there by Joe's side helping him up as he yelled unseemly things back at Andy. Joe was left unscathed though, that was good, in a way.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Joe screamed.
"IT WAS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!" Andy yelled back.
"Oh, so you think that pushing me into a coffee table is going to make me stop smoking pot?!" Joe was furious.
"Well," Andy was left without words, "Yeah why not?"
"I'll tell you why not!" Pete said coming out of the shadows, "Because Joe is a thick little dork!"
"HEY!" Joe yelled in defense.
"Oh, don't be so protective of yourself Trohman!" Pete stated, "Andy is only trying to help you. The least you could do is take what he has to say into consideration."
"UGH! FINE!" Joe grunted as he stormed into his room to get ready for dinner.

Pete has such a way with persuading people. Sigh

At that, the Panic! boys emerged from their rooms looking befuddled.

"What the hell is going on out here?" Spencer stated curiously.
Patrick explained the story to the boys.
"Well that's Joe for yah." Ryan said laughing.
"Drugs are for Thugs!" Brendon yelled.
"I HEARD THAT!" Joe screamed from the distant room. The rest of us had a giggling fit. Anna especially. I noticed that Brendon was looking at her with a very soft longing expression. This could have only meant more drama for me. Spectacular! (Yes, that was sarcasm)

Joe finally came out of his room all dressed and ready. He did look quite dashing in that blazer. We all piled into a Hummer stretch limo and started the very sort drive to the restaurant. During the time we spent in the limo the boys talked about ideas for tracks for Panic!'s new album. Patrick was on a roll about all this musical interlude stuff. He's a genius. I can't wait for them to release it. IM SO EXCITED! At last we arrived at the restaurant, and it was no surprise that it was.... VEGAN! Oh dear. How do they live like that? HAHA!

So anyways, Pete sat next to me and Anna sat on my other side. Brendon quickly stole the chair next to Anna. Anna then motioned for Joe to sit across from her. I had a feeling that she wanted to have some footsie action. I pleaded her not to.

"Please don't Anna" I whispered to her.
"Give me one reason not to!" She whispered rashly back.
"Because.... um..." I really didn't want to give Brendon up but I had to. "I think Brendon likes you."
"What?" She stated confused.
"Just take him into consideration okay?" I asked kindly.
"Ugh, fine." She said un-amused.

We ordered our vegan entrees and Brendon kept talking to Anna and she wasn't even paying attention!

"So, is this your first time in Vegas?" he asked her.
"Yeah, uh huh..." She said staring into Joe's eyes which were fixated on his vegan salad.
"Oh, that's exciting! You like it here?" He asked pushily.
"Yeah, it's nice." She said with the same manner.

"Anna!" I slapped her thigh. "Talk to him!"
"Don't make me." She whined.
"Stop being a baby."
"Fine, I'll talk to him. But if he's too young I'll kill you in your sleep."
"Fine." I said and I turned to Pete because he and Jon were discussing possible Harry Potter turn outs for book 7.

"Harry is so going to die." Jon said putting down a hundred dollar bill.
"My bet's on Snape." Pete exclaimed matching John's bet.
"Are you guys serious?" I said laughing.
"Yes!" They both said weakly.
Spencer was laughing so hard he started choking on a carrot. Luckily Ryan has some Heimlich maneuver skills or I think he would have died. Could you imagine the news headline? "Panic! at the Vegan Restaurant" or something of the sort. That would be sad. Spencer's okay though. He coughed it up onto Joe's plate and without realizing what was going on Joe put it into his mouth and ate it. We never told him why we were all laughing at him.

Anna and Brendon actually were getting along well. They were talking about a lot of things like music (well duh) and books and vacation spots and politics. They had a lot more in common than I thought. She finally admitted to me that she liked him a bit more than before. I was happy. I'm sure Brendon was too.

When the bill came Pete reached across the table and grabbed it.

"Why do you always have to do that? I could pay for once." I said.
"No, I like you too much." He said kissing me on the forehead. I blushed.

When all that was over we went back to the hotel for a well deserved rest. I was awoken at around 3 in the morning by a soft nudge. I saw Pete's silhouette next to me and he held out his hand. I grabbed it and walked with him out onto the balcony of the hotel suite.

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