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Infinity On High

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Will Dana and Pete go all the way?

Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama, Fantasy, Humor, Romance - Published: 2007-03-01 - Updated: 2007-03-02 - 498 words

Authors note : Thanks again for all the reviews. I really appreciate them. Keep 'em commin! This chapters a little short but I think that its necessary for the storyline so far. Hope you like!

I felt a little disoriented as Pete led me outside. I quickly snapped out of my daze when a cool breeze came by when we were on the balcony. It seemed like a little romantic getaway. Apparently Pete had gone to the trouble of setting up an air mattress accompanied with a wide variety of pillows in multiple sizes ranging from tiny to body sized. There were also candles everywhere illuminating the patio.

"Pete," I said looking at him with some worry. I wasn't ready for what he expected of me.
"I'm not pushing you or anything." He said. "I know that we have only been together for a few weeks."
"So what's all this?" I questioned pointing out the bed and the candles.
"I just thought that we could lay here and look at the stars since this is our only time alone together in a while." He said holding my hands. I practically melted into his arms at that point.
"I like that idea." I said smiling and I took a spot on the mattress and cuddled up with some of the blanket. Soon after I felt the mattress shift as he lay down next to me and I scooted over so that we were nice and close. His body heat felt so comforting to me. It felt like home, like I was meant to be there.

We lay there for a while just staring into the night sky. We got sidetracked and started talking about our futures and what we planned to do for the rest of our lives.

"What are you planning to do after your Fall Out Boy days are over?" I asked turning to him.
"I want to have a family with someone I love." He said. "Someone like you."

OH MY GOD! I couldn't believe he just said THE "L" WORD! I almost started to cry.

"You love me?" I said teary eyed.
"Yeah," He said with a giggle, "Yeah I do." And he leaned over and kissed me.
As we pulled away I said, "I love you too Mr. Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III"
He laughed. "Oh don't be so proper."
"Alright Peter Pan." I replied.
"That's better." He said kissing me once more. But he was my Peter Pan, at the moment anyway. He took me far, far away from anywhere that I had ever been before, in a sense.

It was really late and I started to drift off to sleep with the joy of the fact that I was in love. The last thing I can remember him saying that night was when he was whispering in my ear. He said, "Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. Then life seems almost enchanted after all."

And it was indeed enchanted.
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