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Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off

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Sleeping and Secrets

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Authors note: One long chapter to make up for the short one! I'm sad... not so many reviews... REVIEW PEOPLE! Thanks ;-)

I woke up the next morning and my face was all wet. I turned over and there was Hemmy standing there licking my face. He could reach me of course because I was on an air mattress on the floor. But how did he get there? There was a sliding glass door out to the balcony that I was quite sure that Pete closed when he came out here last night. Then I saw Patrick standing there snickering. I grabbed the sheets and threw them over my head.

"PATRICK!" I screamed, but it was muffled because of the blanket over my head, "What the hell are you doing out here!?"
"Just enjoying the show." He stated smugly.
"What show?" Pete said. He had just woken up. "Nothing happened."
"Suuure." Patrick said slyly.
"I swear nothing happened. We just came out to look at the stars." He said in defense. I love that he was so honest and didn't say he got any when he didn't. That's a quality every man should have.
"Alright." Patrick said still in disbelief as he walked back into the suite.

I turned over and kissed Pete for his honesty and decided to go take a shower and get dressed because I was still in my nightie. I walked briskly to my room and opened the door only to be completely shocked:


"ANNA!!!" I screamed with shock. I could barley breathe. Brendon quickly jumped out of the bed and ran out of the room. I was also surprised he had his clothes on, although I wouldn't have been scared from the sight if he didn't have any on. Smiles Anyways, Anna was smiling. SHE WAS SMILING!

"What the hell went on in here!?" I said.
"Oh, nothing." She said in a sing-song voice. I really didn't think she was paying attention to me.
"HELLO!" I yelled jumping on the bed and slapping her across the face. "I DIDN'T BRING YOU TO VEGAS WITH ME JUST SO YOU COULD SLEEP WITH BRENDON URIE!"
"OH YEAH!" She shrieked back, "What do you call what you did with Pete outside then!?!?!?!"
"Haha, very funny." She said laughing.
"I'm telling the truth. Why, were you so jealous of me that you went and slept with Brendon?" I asked.
"Well, um, no, not at all." She said trying to defend herself.
"Did you, or did you not, sleep with him?!" I stated clearly.
"Well, not really, it was more over the clothes action than anything." She said looking ashamed. I laughed.
"Not so innocent now are you?" I said giggling.
"I guess not." She said hitting me with a pillow. I hit her back and we were tacking each other until Pete came in.
"WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU!?" Pete said to Anna.
"Who?" Anna stated confused.
"Don't pay that game with me! What did Brendon do to you?" He said.
"Nothing that wasn't voluntary." Anna said back.
"Alright." Pete said with the same manner as Patrick and he left the room after blowing me a kiss. I caught it and he smiled.
"Sooooo..." I asked, "How was he?"
"I don't kiss and tell." She said. "But in your case I will."
"YAY!" I said all giddy.
"He was really good!" She said with loss of breath. We both started laughing. After about ten minutes of major details we got all nice and clean and dressed. It was about time to go home.

"I don't want to leave." Anna said holding onto Brendon.
"I know, I'll come and visit you soon okay, I promise." He said sweetly.
"Okay," she said kissing him passionately on the lips. He seemed to have enjoyed it.
We said our "goodbye" 's and "thank you" 's to the Panic! boys and promised to come and visit the next time we were free. It felt kind of sad leaving. I had a lot of fun with them. We all piled into the limo and I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I was my old friends back from high school, Melissa and Ariel.

"HeEeEeyyy" They both said very sexily.
"Oh my God! Hey guys! How are you?" I said excitedly.
"We're pretty good. We just got together and figured we'd give our bestest old friend a call, plus, we saw you in the tabloids with a certain Pete Wentz." Melissa said.
"NO YOU DIDN'T!" I said laughing, but still in a state of shock. I WAS IN THE TABLOIDS?!??!?
"Yes we did!" Ariel said. "So did you two guys get your freak on yet?"
"Stop being dirty!" I said laughing.
"I'm gunna go get the pretzels" I heard Melissa scream in the background. They do bad things with pretzels, I don't think I could ever eat one again.
"So how's Peter boy?" They both stated.
"He's pretty good. He's next to me actually."
"PUT US ON SPEAKER!" They yelled.
"Okay." I said. What could have really gone wrong?
"HEY PETE!" they shrieked.
"Hey girls!" Pete said munching on some pretzels that were in the limo. I slapped them out of his hand. "What was that for? And who are those girls?" He said laughing.
"One, I'll explain later. Two, they're my friends Melissa and Ariel." I said.
"MELISSA AND ARIEL!?!?!" Anna screamed.
"ANNA!!!!!!!!!!" I heard the girls yelling through the phone.
To make a long story short there was total chaos. All I could remember was fan girl shrieks the entire way to the airport. Whatcha gunna do? I had to finally tell them that we had to go and battle the Paparazzi to get into the terminal and they said their goodbye's and hung up. It was quite fun though. I missed them.

Pete got us to the airplane the same way he did when we we're going there. It was quite a hassle. But it paid off because he bought us some double chocolate chip frapachinos at the terminal's Starbucks. YAY! On the plane Anna slept on my shoulder and I slept on Pete's. His shoulder is really soft. And it smells good too. I wonder what kind of cologne that man uses. After we landed they dropped us off at my apartment because we needed to get used to the time change. Pete kissed me goodbye and he skipped down the stairs with a look of glee on his face. He loved me!

I opened the door with Anna at my side and came face to face with Alicia who was holding a very wrinkled tabloid in her fist. Let's just say she wasn't so happy to see me.

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