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Extra! Extra!

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Toro and Emma finally get some alone time in Regina. They drove in last night but don't have to play till tomorrow. The rest of the My Chem boys respect the date they are taking. Will Toro ask Emma...

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Emma and Ray waved goodbye as they walked from the bus into the streets of Regina. Emma smiled as Frank began to trust his hips but was soon smacked by Bob. Toro placed an arm around her small frame and they carried on. Soon they found a quaint little restaurant and went inside to get a table. Emma folded her arms but Ray fished her hand out and held it close to his side.
"How many," A bubbly waitress asked.
"Hey you look so familiar," The waitress began, but was interrupted by a co-worker."He's Ray! you know from My chemical Romance!"
There was an instant array of screaming, Emma leaned into Toro.
"I'll wait," she whispered and started to pull away.
Ray pulled her back and placed his arm around Emma holding her close.
"I'm not letting you go because of Fans," he said lowing his voice to convey tenderness.
"Could you sign a menu?"
"Sure, but after my meal."
"oh Of course here well put you in a booth to sit close to you're date."
"Emma," Toro corrected, "Is my Fiancé."
The two girls let their jaws drop as they watched Toro slide a small diamond ring onto Emma's finger. Emma looked down at the ring and shook slightly with shock, a wave of happyiness flushed over her.
"I know i should do the Cliché thing get down on one knee, but this way you can't refuse," He joked lovingly.
Emma smiled warmly and locked lips with her curly haired lover.
"I would never refuse!"
It was late when Toro and Emma made there way back to the bus. They were tired and About to collapse. Gerard and gang had stayed up which Emma had asked them not to do.
"Hey love birds whats up?"
Emma flashed the ring and the boys instantly began to cheer.
"Snagged her at last eh? Toro!" Frank laughed.
Bob raised his hand to smack him but Emma grabbed it,
"I think it's time we all get some rest."
The guys jumped into there bunks and Emma climbed into Toro's. They lay together for a long time and When Ray was about to hit sleep Emma turned her head and spoke,
"Ray wanna play a guessing game?"
"Well i guess," he yawned.
"Guess what?"
"Um...," Emma paused she couldn't find the words.
"You know Emma, tonight you were really glowing," He placed a warm hand on her face, "It was beautiful, but then you're always
"You're um...going to're going to be a Daddy."
At that moment Ray shot up in his bunk and looked down at Emma. She buried her face in her hands,
"Shit! I shouldn't of said anything."
She felt the hands being pulled away from her face; she looked into Ray's eyes there she saw tears.
"You have made me the happiest man in the world."
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