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Hazy morning confusion, lust in a... playground?

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Hey I know I haven't updated lately.
I'm sorry.
I've had a bit of writers block so yeah.
This explains more of the plot etc. (I hope)
So enjoy


I could watch him from my bunk. He was sleeping on the couch, sometimes making a noise kind of like a whimper, the only sound I was focused on. I could hear snatches of words, never able to make anything out

I was so focused on him and every little movement and sound he made I didn't even notice that the bus had stopped. He woke with a start and his piercing hazel eyes found mine straight away. I didn't break the contact. In that fraction of a second before he looked away, a kind of electricity passed between us. His pale cheeks grew a reddish tint as he realised I had been watching him.

The moment passed almost as quickly as it began and everyone started climbing out of the bus to get food, have a smoke, piss, whatever took their fancy. As I rolled out of my top bunk to land heavily on the carpet, Brian gave us a lecture we had heard a thousand times, about not wandering off, staying together as much as possible, pretty much like a teacher with a bunch of grade 5 kids.

Frank and I exchanged a look. He gave me a little smirk that almost sent me crashing to the floor in a way rolling off my bunk never could.

I stumbled on thin air as I fought my way to the door for my first cancer-stick of the day. Head in the clouds, I walked to the small, grotty playground, and lay down at the bottom of the slide.

I lit up and took a drag, blowing smoke into the sky. It was an eerie morning, the fog hazing over trees transforming them into the vague shapes of angels and demons. I shut my eyes, breathing in the sweet smell of the new air mixing with the burning tobacco, savouring the feathery touch of the drizzle as it ghosted its way down from the heavens.

A sudden shadow passed over me and I snapped my eyes open, half expecting to see Brian, and be made to endure another of his infamous lectures. However, as my eyes adjusted to the light, they came into focus on Frank. There was a short silence, neither of us looking at the other, Frank taking in the surroundings, me savouring the rush of the nicotine currently coursing it's way through my system.

"You know that's the second time you've come looking for me?" I said, breaking the silence.
"I know. I just wanted to make sure you're okay."
"Of course I'm okay!" I snapped, immediately feeling guilty at the hurt look on his face.

I squished over as far as I could on the slide and patted the inch of plastic beside me. He looked at me sceptically, one eyebrow raised, "You expect me to fit there?"
I replied in as innocent a voice as I could muster, "Yes." Unable to hide the faint grin on my face. He sighed resignedly and somehow squeezed his 5"6' frame beside me.
"Yes, surprisingly." He wriggled around a bit more, until we were almost face to face.
He giggled quietly, "So indeed."

I shared my cigarette with him, not letting go of it, rather forcing the butt between his lips with my index and middle fingers. He started ever so slightly at my touch, it was so slight I don't think he even knew he did it. He took a drag, slowly exhaling the smoke in my face. I gazed intently at him, daring him to look away.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, he raised a shaking hand to my cheek. His fingers grazed lightly over my skin, tracing their way behind my neck and purposefully entwining themselves in my long, raven black hair.

He stopped there, seemingly unsure of what to do next. I saw something change in his eyes and his lips jolted closer to mine, so close I could feel the warmth of his breath on my face. Our lips softly brushed together, barely touching.

"Oi! Faggots! Bus is leaving."
I grinned. Way to destroy a moment Mikey. But that was his thing.
Frank didn't return the sentiment, his eyes and face already masking the change I knew occured only seconds earlier. He jumped up, almost as if someone had given him an electric shock. Without so much as a backward glance he stalked off. I heard him hiss at Mikey as he passed him on the way to the bus, "I'm not a fucking faggot, okay!"
Mikey glanced at me, shrugged, then turned away towards the bus, leaving me alone on the slide, already missing Franks warmth.

After what seemed like an age, I slowly stood up, stretching and yawning. I extinguished the cigarette, dropping it between my feet and grinding it into the ground, just as Frank had done, not three hours beforehand. I traipsed back to the bus, wiping my face on my sleeve as I went.


I know there is some dispute about Frank's height
So I just put whatever's in the middle.
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