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Omi's time spent as a cat.

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Anon: Wow! My first multi-chapter story since The Little Mermaid: Evolution! This weird story is dedicated to my insane cat Archimedes who really does alot of this stuff in addition to his 'act like a puppy' moments.XD We all remember how long and torturous it was waiting for season three, right? Because of that, I've decided that Omi spent at least one or two weeks as a cat. Why? I picked a random amount of time, alright? It sounds like a decent length. Any shorter and I wouldn't be able to play with it!

Omi: You are a most strange person.

Anon: Thank you!

Summary: Omi's time spent as a cat.

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from Xiaolin Showdown and am not making any kind of money by borrowing them. If I was I'd have Kingdom Hearts II by now! T-T

Chapter One: Day Three.

Three days had passed since Omi had been forced by his honor as a Xiaolin Monk Dragon of Water in training to go with Chase Young and become part of his collection of fallen warriors. Three days since Chase had absorbed his powers, taking his dots, and had been practicing using them for evil and molding them into his own style. Three days since Omi had been turned into a cat.

For the most part, Omi felt he'd adjusted rather well to his new form. In fact if it weren't for the circumstances, being a cat was rather fun! His night vision was excellent, his climbing skills were greatly improved, and he could take as many naps as he liked without feeling like a lazy skin.(1) Moths, specks of floating dust, rolling balls and dangling strings were suddenly very interesting and more than once he'd find himself batting at them. Something that Wuya often took advantage of if she wanted him to leave the room, usually to talk with Chase from what Omi picked up, though what they talked about he couldn't imagine. Whatever it was seemed to annoy the dragon greatly.

Chase, meanwhile, had discovered something else that Omi found most enjoyable in spite of himself. If Chase was doing something particularly evil that upset the young boy, he'd reach down and scratch him behind his ears. Now that was something that never failed to make the dragon of water (in training) start purring loudly. It was strange though in a way: it was only pleasurable if Chase did it.(2) Wuya had scratched him a few times to make fun of him and that made him feel unclean so he always bathed himself intensly afterwards, leading to something he did not like about being a cat: hairballs. But Chase, Chase was good at it. Very good at it, in fact only this morning Omi had barely managed to stop himself from rolling onto his back to give access to his sensitive belly. Maybe it was experience with all of his other fallen warriors cat forms, although Omi had noticed that they never talked, in fact they acted as though they were in a trance. And except when giving them orders, Chase hardly payed any attention to them.

Omi was currently indulging in his new favorite pass time: napping. He'd found the perfect place for it too, a large, out of sight crack in the wall made a perfect hiding spot that he could comfortably stretch in without accidently exposing himself. He was in the middle of a very pleasant dream about himself when he was startled into waking by an odd chattering noise. Omi blinked owlishly, rolled over onto his back to stretch and turned his head to his right.

His vision was confronted by a small brown fuzzy squirrel. Omi froze and felt his entire body trmbling as he stared at it wide eyed, too terrified to move. It chattered again and Omi screamed and bolted off, his fur standing straight on end. He wasn't paying any attention to his surroundings so when he was grabbed suddenly and lifted up it took him a moment to realise it. And by then someone was already petting him to smooth his fur back down. His body continued to tremble, though as the petting continued the quaking lessened considerably.

"Calm now, little one. The squirrel is gone." A familiar voice said soothingly, and with great embarrasment Omi realised it was Chase Young. At that moment the younk monk was extremly grateful that cats could not visibly blush.

"I was not afraid of the squirrel." Omi informed him nervously. "I was merely startled."

"Yes, that is a risk that one takes when sleeping out doors." Chase replied, scratching the young cat behind his ears. "Shall I destroy it for disturbing your rest?"

"NO!" Omi yelled, shocked out of his comfort and now struggling to free himself, his claws scratching uselessly at Chase's armor. Chase laughed and held him firmly.

"Very well, consider it's continued existance a gift then." he said before finally setting him down. Omi took off like a comet and didn't so much as slow down until he'd reached the fountain room. Once there he began to tongue bathe himself, having discovered that it was very soothing.(3) Once that was done he searched every inch of the area for any possible signs of squirrels, and only after he was certain that there were none did he find a small secluded corner to resume his nap.


(1): 'Lazy bones'

(2): AHHHHH! Bad AnonGirl88 for not realising how dirty that sounded! O.O

(3): Cats bathe themselves after being excited or startled because it's familiar to them, therefore has a calming effect on them.

Anon: Well there's the super short first chapter, I'm already working on chapter two if anyone's interested. If you liked it please leave a review! If you didn't like it then don't leave a review. Simple as that.
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