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Chapter Two

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Anon: So, here's the second chapter.rubs head sheepishly I'd like you all to know that while this is a multi-chapter story it will be random in chapters and updates. As always, dedicated to my cat, even though he always acts like he's on cat-nip except when he really is, then he acts like he's on crack. . Before we start, Omi would like to give a very special public announcment.

Omi: Please do not allow your feline companion to use cat nip or they may act in ways that they will surely later regret. Remember to always say no to mugs.

Anon: I think he means drugs, but mugs can be bad too.

The second Chase Young stepped through the entrance of his cavernous home he was immeadiatly aware of something strange in the air. A strange, somewhat familiar scent and a loud rumbling noise coming from the fountain room. Warily, he made his way there and when he arrived he felt all the air knocked out of his lungs with the shock of what he saw. His entire collection of warriors filled the room and were either rolling around on the floor, play wrestling or pouncing on thin air, every one of them was purring.

'At least that explains the noise, but not the smell. And it brings up even more questions concerning their behavior.' he thought.

"What the hell are you all doing!" he demanded, stomping angrilly into the center of the room, though the effect was ruined slightly because he had to step around them. "Where is Wuya!"

Chase growled in annoyance when there was no response and was about to go look for the witch when he noticed something on the ground; a very small bit of a green leaf. He picked it up and examined it carefully. He smelled it and his eyes widened drastically when he realised what it was.

"CATNIP! She gave you catnip!" he roared, nearly turning into his dragon form in his rage. "So help me, when she comes back I will-" he was interrupted when he felt something rubbing against his leg, accompanied by a higher-pitched pur. Chase glanced down and much to his astonishment, and amusement, saw that it was Omi.

"I do not know what that peculiar smell is but for some reason I am feeling very pleasant, like I am on the seventh cloud in Heaven number nine!" he said, rubbing firmly against Chase's leg. The dragon grinned, then bent down to lift the young cat up. Mildly to his surprise not only did Omi not protest but he actually began rubbing his head against Chase's cheek.

"I think you mean on cloud nine in seventh Heaven." Chase gently corrected, reaching up to scratch the furry ears, resulting in an even louder, harder pur if that was possible.

Over the loud purring Chase picked up the sound of quiet footsteps coming from one of the back entrances. Wuya obviously, since neither Spicer nor the monks knew about it. An idea came to him and with a malicious grin he ran at top speed to the hidden entrance, Omi still purring in his arms. He calmly stood off to the side of the opening so that he wouldn't be seen as she entered until he made himself known, and waited.

"Oh Wuya, you genius you!" Wuya giggled quietly to herself as she snuck in, a Sheng Gong Wu in her arms. "Wherever do you come up with such brilliant schemes?"

"I'd like to know that also." Chase remarked, smirking when the witch froze before whirling around.

"Chase! Why, I didn't see you there!" she exclaimed with a nervous chuckle, hiding the Wu behind her back.

"You know, Wuya, I should skin you alive for drugging my animals and sneaking off to steal Sheng Gong Wu, or I could simply let them eat you when the effects wear off, but I suppose I might be lenient and allow this to slide if you give me that item right now and go back to your chambers." he said, calmly stroking Omi's head as he spoke.(1)

"Oh, you mean this? Oh well this was just laying outside on the ground and I just thought I'd bring it in to give to you, I mean what do I need such a silly thing for? If you need me I'll be in my rooms organising my sock drawer." she quickly handed him the Wu and fled at top speed. Chase sneered at her and continued his petting, already planning exactly how to tease the young monk when the cat nip had worked its way out of his system.

(1): I'm sorry! I know that was cliche but I had to do it!

Anon: Well, that's the second chapter. I've kind of got an idea for the third one but I still need to figure out what I'm going to do with it so don't hold your breaths. Reviews are always much loved so be sure to leave one!
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