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Chapter Fifteen: Now, Lets Be Responsible

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Car rides... oh goodie, what bad can happen now?

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Ava leaned back in her seat, staring intently out the passenger side window. An array of thoughts passed at warp speed through her mind, making it hard for her to concentrate on any particular event.

Her Gregory Hallow was the Jeremy Rizzoli. Ava never knew anyone had even figured it out. Her editor surely didn't notice it or the entire book would have been dramatically altered for fear of a lawsuit. But instead, she managed to succeed in doing a fabulous job of pissing off one of the few families in the world that did not need pissing off. Great. It was just perfect. She didn't even make a lot of money on that stupid book, so just compensation for having her life threatened time and time again had most definitely not been served.

And why hadn't she seen it before?


So it really had been her fault Wendy was dead. Even though she knew that was the case all along, there was still some tiny part in the back of her mind that argued otherwise. Wendy's death was truly on Ava's hands. That familiar wave of guilt washed over Ava, and she knew it would still be a very long time before it even began to ease away. One just couldn't go on living in bliss when they were responsible for their best friend's death.

"Are we going to talk about this?" Patrick asked softly and she could feel his eyes boring into the back of her skull.

"What is there to say?" She closed her eyes, needing to regain some of her precious control.

"Well," he started hesitantly, "you have the actual mob out to get you. I'd say that could be considered worthy of at least fifteen to thirty minutes of conversation."

"There's a time limit?" She asked, knowing he was trying to lighten the mood. Ever since she had this realization- spurred on by one of her three fans- she had been in a state of shock. It wasn't the kind of shock that she had most recently been familiar with, either. This kind just left her completely confused at what she should do as opposed to leaving her completely numb. No, this time she could definitely feel every emotion coursing through her body.

"I'd say it's more like a suggestion."

Ava glanced over to give him a half smile. "Right." How could she put this into words? "I don't really know what to tell you."

"You wrote a book based on something that really happened..." He prompted. Ava had already told him about her published work, but never into any detail. It didn't really seem like a big deal when talking to someone who had already accomplished so much. Her failed attempt at writing compared to his great success in the music industry made her feel a little more than insignificant.

Ava took a deep breath, still not sure what he really wanted to know. "I was a newspaper girl." She stated simply, looking over to watch his facial expressions as she began the story. "I worked on a number of different papers over the years, and during my Junior year at the University I came across this really compelling story. Well," She corrected quickly, "I guess it was more mysterious than compelling, but it captured my interest just the same. So I followed it religiously. I made stacks and stacks of notes on all the information given- the weapons used by this serial killer, his methods- I had it all. I even did a little under cover work of my own at the police station by posing as a high school kid wanting to know more about the life of a police officer. I 'got lost' from my guide and happened upon a pretty good look at their story board posted on the wall. Well, after a while, I started convincing myself that maybe since I was so interested in what would happen next in real life, perhaps other people would want to know as well- only in the form of fiction. So I put it together into a book."

Ava narrowed her eyes at Patrick, wanting to know what he thought about this, only he was going a particularly good job at keeping his facial features completely neutral. "I kind-of put myself in the place of Jeremy Rizzoli- only, I didn't know he was the serial killer at the time- and wrote how I would have accomplished these murders if I had been the killer. I know," She said quickly, "I'm probably freaking you out with all this... I mean, who really puts their self in a position where they have to pretend they're a psycho killer? No one. But anyway, it ended up working out." She shrugged, "I finished my book in only a couple months. It was crazy; like I was possessed by some writing demon and I just had to get it all down before the thoughts left me."

"And you didn't tell anyone it was based on real events?"

"No. I didn't think there was a need. I mean, I changed the names, some of the facts, and I completely made up how each murder was committed." Her grip tightened on the sides of her seat. "I had no idea that I would be /right/."

He shook his head. Even to her own ears it sounded far fetched; as if she was part of some really messed up story.

"I'm going to offer again... that you come with me-"

"No." Ava knew exactly where he was going with this and she thought that she had made herself perfectly clear in not wanting to depend on him more than necessary. "I could never do that, Patrick. Could you really imagine me being on tour?"

His eyes traveled over her face. "It wouldn't be /forever/. I think you'd be fine."

She cocked one eyebrow. "Me? Living in a bus full of boys for an extended period of time? Forgive me if I don't get excited."

"Ava, it isn't as bad as you imagine." He rolled his eyes, turning the car onto another crowded street, immediately having to stop in the stand-still traffic.

"Right. It's probably worse." She drew her legs up into her seat and rested her chin on her knees.

"It's the most reasonable thing to do, and you know it."

"No, I'll think of something." Ava would figure out a solution. She didn't want to be that girl- the one who constantly needed the guy to come save her. She needed to live her own life- the steady job and housing situation would resolve itself on her own terms. Every girl in the world didn't have a Patrick Stump to come and take her away on tour. She didn't deserve special privileges.

Not after causing so much trouble with her stupid book, anyway.

"Well, you can't stay at your apartment." He started, and when she tried to refute his statement he cut her off. "Do you have anywhere else to go?"

Ava closed her eyes. She knew it would be an exceedingly unintelligent decision to take up her current residence, even after the water damage was assessed. If the Rizzoli clan really was after her head, she would need to take some sort of precaution. She wasn't going to be stupid and make it easy for them.

"I guess I'll go talk to the police and see what they think is best." She shrugged. "And Matthew might have an extra room I can use for a while..."

"Ava, not Matthew, please... There's something strange going on with him and I don't trust you being that close to whatever he has planned."

Ava felt her defenses start to rise to defend Matthew; if it wasn't for him then she would have been completely helpless after they pronounced Wendy dead, but there was something in Patrick's voice that convinced her to drop it- just this once. "Fine. I can always check the newspaper to see if anyone needs a roommate or something."

Patrick frowned, obviously not happy with this option either. "You'd live with a complete stranger?"

"What other choice do I have?"

"Me!" He said, as he gripped the steering wheel tightly, causing his knuckles to turn white. His frustration was clearly evident in his voice.


"You're being ridiculous."

"No, I'm being smart."

"Smart about talking to the police- yes. About the unknown roommate- no."

She shook her head, not willing to accept his statement. "People do it all the time. It's completely reasonable."

"Not when the person has someone offering them a perfectly nice place to stay."

Ava leaned her elbows on the center console, letting her feet drop back to the floor. "Have you even talked to the other guys about inviting me along? It isn't just your place your offering up, it's theirs too. They might feel a little differently about having someone wanted by the mob crashing on their couch. I'm a potential disaster, you know."

It was evident that Patrick hadn't thought about the impending danger she could put the other guys in should the Rizzoli family discover where she was tucked away. And they would find her there. The paparazzi loved Fall Out Boy- eventually they would get Ava on film if she was around long enough.

"They would understand." He said, referring to his band mates.

"They might understand, but do you really want to put them in that sort of danger?" She asked, suddenly frowning and leaned back in her seat. An array of thoughts rushed through her mind all at once. "Maybe I shouldn't be putting you in danger either." She whispered almost to herself.

"What?" He asked bitterly, as if he needed to convince himself of this fact. "What are you talking about? I'm not in danger."

"Yes you are! You're around me; that puts you in danger, Patrick."

"No. That's where you're wrong. I'm constantly surrounded by people. No one would dare try anything."

"You don't know anything. These people are crazy. A few groupies won't stop them from hurting you if that's their objective." Ava closed her eyes briefly. She couldn't believe she had been so stupid. Of course Patrick was in danger with her. He was a likely target, especially now that Wendy was gone. Ava had seen her fair share of crime dramas- that pretty much made her an expert on all things mob related. He would be next.

"I need to distance myself from you." She stated, staring down the unmoving van directly in front of them. She could clearly see the two children in the back intently watching Disney's Peter Pan on a little flip down screen. Ava wished she could be as oblivious as them, but life had its way of forcing itself into her life. It was a brutal awakening but there really was no running from it.

Patrick laced his fingers through hers, bringing her attention back to him. Slowly, he lifted the back of her hand and pressed it firmly against his lips. His eyes were wide- almost pleading with her not go through with exactly what she was planning on doing. "Ava-" He whispered, his voice low and smooth. Her stomach sank, and she forced herself to look away. He could already read her mind.

"It's for the best." Ava made herself say coldly, distancing herself from the situation.

"The best for whom?" Patrick asked while flicking his thumb over her wrist, over and over, never letting her slip completely away from him.

"You, of course! You need to stay far, far away from me or you'll be the next one they find cold and lifeless in some barn!" Ava said angrily, "I've already been responsible for the death of my best friend; I don't think I could handle it if they killed you too."

"Listen, you are most defiantly not responsible for Wendy's death. You need to get that through your head; and even though it might not look it sometimes- I'm all grown up and can take perfectly good care of myself. So anything I decide to do will be completely on me."

Ava bit her lip. He looked sincere, but then again, he had had some acting experience so she couldn't be a hundred percent sure. "But what about your friends? What would you do if something happened to one of them?" She knew he wouldn't have an answer for that, but she asked it anyway.

"We'll tell them the situation." He said as if it was no big deal. "It isn't as if we haven't had crazy fans before and we can handle it because nothing is going to happen to them."

"You don't know that for sure. Your fans have never had any access to explosives or high powered rifles... or thousands of poisonous spiders if we're going to get technical."

He grinned, attempting to make light of the situation. "You don't know that. Our fans can be pretty inventive."

She rolled her eyes. "I'm sure, but I doubt they're aiming to kill you."

The cars in front of them moved up a few spots and Patrick followed, stopping the car again after a few seconds of coasting.

"Besides," Ava continued, "there really is no point. I mean, it isn't as if we're..." She struggled for a word, motioning between them with her free hand but unable to look him in the eyes. "... / involved/."

"We aren't?"

Ava's head snapped up to look at him, his eyes squinting at the road as if he didn't want to see her reaction. "No, we're not. I mean..." She paused, again at a loss for words. "You think we have something?" Ava cursed the fact that she sounded so uncertain, almost needy, but in reality it was just the shock of coming to the terms that someone like Patrick might really be interested in an average little no name like herself.

"No, Ava," He said, sarcasm dripping from his tone, "I usually sit with girls after their cars explode, then call them almost every day while I have to beg for them to come see me at a show. I also make it a habit to fly down to see these said girls on my only days off to try and convince them that they should really be living on a bus with me. Oh yes, it's all in a day's work."

Ava's stomach was in her throat, her pulse beating well over the normal resting rate, completely aware that Patrick could most likely feel it in the wrist he wouldn't stop stroking. "Well," she said weekly, trying to keep her voice completely neutral while aiming for that same sarcasm, "it's good to know I'm not special or anything."

Patrick put the car in park and turned to look at her. Ava could almost swear that he had the ability see through her- it felt like her every emotion and thought was completely exposed. It was unnerving to say the least, but also something she secretly craved- someone to see her for who she truly was.

He pulled her hand gently toward him until she was back to her previous position of leaning on the plastic barrier separating the two seats. He moved in, too, letting his forehead rest against hers, his hands sending little shock waves through her body as they traveled the length of her arms. "Yeah," He whispered, "you're nothing special at all... In fact, I'm wondering what I'm even doing here."

Her breath caught as he trailed his lips from her jaw to the place right below her ear, leaving soft kisses along the way. "I was wondering when you'd come to your senses." Ava barely managed to croak out as he continued his exploration, but she wasn't content with letting him have all the fun.

Ava leaned on one elbow, grasping Patrick's upper arm for support and used her free hand to slide over his shoulders to the back of his neck. Lightly, she twisted the long strands of hair through her fingers, cursing her stupid body for overruling her mind. This was certainly no way to protect him from her would-be killers.

"Patrick..." She whispered, her voice coming out breathy and not at all how she intended it to sound.


She glanced out the front window to see that the cars had started moving again just as a loud horn sounded from behind. Ava jerked herself away, as Patrick groaned in frustration, readjusting himself in his seat. He quickly put the vehicle in drive, inching forward until he caught up with the other cars. Another stand-still was seconds away, Ava could feel it.

She bit her lip- trying to hold back the goofy grin that would undoubtedly spread across her face should she stop- all while attempting to get a good look at Patrick out of the corner of her eye. She was doing a terrible job of being discrete and she knew it. Ava always had a tendency to wear her heart on her sleeve. She just hoped that the guy sitting next to her wouldn't notice.

But he did notice something else...

Ava didn't see it at all- the green truck barreling down the highway's median well over the speed limit toward the driver's side of their car. She didn't get a warning from Patrick. She couldn't place the squeal of anti-lock brakes before it was too late.

What she heard was the sound of metal crushing into metal, but by then there really was no way to prepare for what came next.


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