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Chapter 9

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formerly untitled.... katie has always been close with the twins. she has fallen for joel. what happens when things go wrong and she turns to none other than frank iero. NOT FOR HILARY DUFF FANS!

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Ch 9

I was laying in my bed. I was in the state where I wasn't asleep but I wasn't awake either. I felt someone lay behind me and wrap their arms around me. It smelt just like Frank. I turned over and there was frank. I jumped out of bad and started freaking out.

"Shh baby its ok... calm down" he said
" but... you're... I... we.." I stuttered.
"Shh. .. I know. I have what they call unfinished business. I have to fix things before I can move on to the next world" Frank said
" oh god I really have lost it now " I said
" what makes you think that?"
" oh I don't know maybe cause I am sitting here talking to the ghost of my dead husband" I said as I started to pace the room. Frank came over, stopped me, and made me sit down on the bed. I started crying.

" Kay...babe I know why you are freaking out... hell I prolly would too if it was the other way around. But I had to see you one last time. I had to make sure that you were okay" he said
" how can I be okay?.... I lost you, I have been out of my mind cause I miss you so much!"
" I know, and I know you haven't really ate or slept and that you have hardly left the room"
" how ..."
" I can still see you and the kids. I will always be watching over you, Ryan, Bela, and this little one. Just sucks that I wont get to physically get to be there with them" he said putting his hand on my stomach and rubbing it. He use to always do that to me when I was pregnant with the other two.

"God why did it have to be you. I cant raise these kids alone Frank! I cant do this. I cant go through being pregnant alone" I said while crying hard
"baby I don't know why it was me, but you're not in this alone. You just need to look around you. Like Joel. He loves you more than anything. He would jump in front of a bus for you and the kids. And I know part of you loves him too. I know that you loved me more than anything Kay, and I love you more than anything too, but you need to move on. I cant be there, not physically. Joel can. That's why I told him that I wanted you two together. I know he will love and care for you. Plus I trust him. I only want to see you happy and I know that Joel will make you happy. You just have to trust me on this one. But I have to get going soon babe"
" what... you cant leave!!"
" I have to love... its time for us both to move on... I will see you again someday. And I will be waiting for you... I promise"
" well then can you sing me to sleep one last time?" I asked. Frank nodded as we laid down on the bed. I curled into him as he started singing "Early Sunsets over Monroeville" while playing with my hair. I fell asleep one last time to his voice and his scent.
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