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I Want To Be What You Want Me To Be

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The long awaited chapter. I know it took a while longer than I said, but stuff happens. I think I'm happy with it! Enjoy! It's 3,232!

Chapter 15

Down a hall, through a door and on a bed lay a couple. A very much in love couple. Resting in each others arms as the afternoon light shines through open blinds on them. One awakes a smile on her lips and a feeling in her heart. Love for a boy unlike any other. A boy made just for her.

Leaning forward she places a kiss on his cheek, then his nose and after, his moody pout. He stirs slightly at her gentle touch and pulls her tight against him, deciding to fake sleep for a while in hopes of getting another series of kisses. The kisses he'd come to build his days around. The kisses filled with so much love. Love for a girl unlike any other. A girl made just for him.

"Wake up baby." Arissa whispered against Peter's neck while kissing it lightly. The happiness she was feeling at the moment was enough to last a lifetime. It was the second day in a row she'd woken up to his arms wrapped tight around her in the most delicate way.

She figured that's what love was though. The feeling of elation and misery in one glorious moment. The ability to be strong and yet so vulnerable. A melding of two different souls. A compromise of two bodies. Love was the thin line between being yourself and being a part of a whole.

Arissa brought her hands up to Pete's hair and ran her fingers through it carefully. When he smiled she tugged hard and giggled before moving away. Pete opened his eyes quickly and sat up grabbing her tiny waist in his hands. She screamed and batted his hands away as he tickled her unmercifully.

"Pete, please stop." She begged fumbling with his hands as they traveled across her ribs. Her tank and panties were hardly enough to keep his mind from wandering. Pete kneeled over Arissa smiling and went to kiss her.

"That isn't a very nice way to wake someone up." He scolded sweetly against her mouth.

"It is when they're faking sleep. You're so obvious." She countered, pulling him on top of her, letting his hands stroke the revealed skin on her stomach. She let him have free roam over her body and bit her lip as he squeezed her hip. "You can't even fake looking angelic." He laughed and let his hands explore her inner thigh. Pete loved the way Arissa shivered underneath his touch.

Sighing she pushed his hand away softly and said, "Soon."

"Hmm... Really?" He asked looking her over, his bottom lip tucked into his mouth.

"Yes." Arissa answered positively a look of certainty on her face. Peter smiled and swept the back of his hand over her left cheek and around her neck pulling her in for another kiss.

Pulling away he called to her, "Arissa?" She hummed in response and he swallowed. "You know we don't have to have sex."

"I know." She replied looking up at him through her lashes.

"You know I'm happy just to call you mine." He paused looking deep into her eyes finding his love reflected. "I don't want to pressure you. I want you to want to be with me." Pete trailed a finger tip over Arissa's lip and she kissed it before biting it playfully.

"I want to be with you Peter." She reassured him. "I want you to be able to call me yours and know that I'm yours." She paused. "I love you."

Pete let his feelings show on his face as he responded with, "I love you too."

Arissa sat up prompting Peter to do so as well. She hugged him and buried her head into his neck. "Today is the big day." There was a nagging nervousness in the back of her mind.

"Yeah. I know. Are you still nervous?" He asked pulling away to look at her face.

"Very." She nodded swiftly and buried her head in his neck again. "What time do we leave?"

Pete turned around to look at the clock on his nightstand. It read 10:30 in bright red numbers. They were burning into his back. "In two hours."

Arissa's happy expression turned to panic and she pushed Pete away before running to the restroom shouting along the way, "I have to take a shower and I still don't know what I'm going to wear!" Once she disappeared inside he laughed.

"Does it matter? All of your luggage is here and we're going to the hotel before we go to my parents." He reasoned. Arissa's head reappeared and she smiled brightly. "Come back to bed for a minute."

"No. I still have to get ready to go to the airport. That takes time and I need to shower." He stood and stalked toward her in a predatory manner. "Peter what are you doing?"

But he didn't answer her question. Instead he pulled her into his arms and proceeded to drag her towards the bed. She screeched and pushed him away, but he just growled and threw her onto the bed.

"I want to cuddle." Arissa giggled and lay her head on his chest.

"Maybe just for a minute."


Peter and Arissa breezed into their hotel room and sighed. Airports during the Christmas season were crazy. Especially when leaving from LA in the afternoon two days before the actual holiday. Arissa watched from the window as the bell boy brought the bags into the room and Pete handed him a tip. He turned to leave and she called out a thank you while walking over to the bed. Once the door was shut behind him she let herself fall onto the mattress and sink into the sheets and blankets.

"I'm so glad we're finally here." Pete breathed leaning up against the wall. He closed his eyes and then opened them to look in her direction. Arissa twisted her head and smiled at him seductively. Getting up from the bed she dropped her coat onto a chair and waltzed over to him.

"Me too baby." She said roughly smoothing her hands over his chest. Pete looked down on her and brought up his hand stroking her cheek with his thumb.

"Don't start anything you can't finish." He said throatily as her lips whispered across his neck and collar bone. He pushed her forward and into the wall opposite him. Kissing her fully on the lips he found the reaction he wanted in the form of a moan.

"Who says I won't finish?" Arissa questioned while Pete pinned her hands at her sides and licked her neck teasingly.

"I do." He replied dragging his lips over her thinly exposed chest. "We have to be at my parents for dinner in an hour." Informing her of the schedule he pulled away in time for her anxious shove to miss him. He smiled knowingly and raised his eyebrows. She giggled and pulled him back for one more kiss. "Plus..." Pete added as she finished her assault, "If we're gonna do this...We're going to do it right."

Arissa's face lit up and she began probing for an explanation. "What does that mean?"

"You'll just have to wait and see." He shook his head at her pout. "That won't work. Go get changed or whatever. We have to leave in thirty minutes." He tapped the watch on his wrist.

"Yes Sir." She saluted him and grabbed her bag before heading into the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later Arissa came out in a knee length black dress, long red boots and an emerald green sweater. The gold jewelry she wore accented the black dress while the green sweater brought out her eyes. Peter looked her over and licked his lips approvingly.

"You look gorgeous." Smiling he stood up, took her hand and grabbed her coat before helping her put it on. "Are you ready?" He asked opening the door and leading her out into the hallway.

"As ready as I'll ever be." She said wincing at the cliche passing so easily from her lips.

"Good." Pete chuckled strolling toward the elevator and pushing the down arrow. They got in simultaneously and then Arissa pressed one. She reached for Pete's hand to draw him closer.

"I'm scared." She divulged. "Really scared. What happens if they don't like me?"

"Then we break up and go our separate ways." Arissa whipped her head around at Peter. "You don't expect me to go against my parents wishes do you?" He asked incredulously.

"No, I suppose not." She commented coolly as he watched her from the corner of his eye. Pete snickered and brought her to him cautiously.

"You aren't that gullible Riss and this isn't the eighteen hundreds." Kissing her nose he murmured, "I love you and whether or not they like you doesn't make a difference to how I feel about you."

"It doesn't?" Peter shook his head and Arissa beamed. The elevator stopped and they stepped out hand in hand. People passing looked on jealously at the happy couple.

They made their way to their rental car and got in. Peter started the engine and Arissa took a deep breath. As he drove out of the hotel garage and past all the houses she took note of the appreciation in his eyes. He loved being in Chicago, that much was obvious. It was his home. The place where he grew up. The place that made him into the man he is today.

Arissa smiled and tried not to think about the people she would be meeting at the end of this journey. Peter's parents. It was just too much for her to take in. Her amazing career, great friends, falling in love with the perfect guy and now she was going to meet his parents. She assumed that was the first step towards the rest of her life. It was all so over-whelming.

Pete cleared his throat and reached for her hand. "They aren't going to be nearly as intimidating as you think." She looked down at her hand in his as he squeezed to reassure her.

"I just want them to like me so much and I'm afraid I'll come off as fake." Sighing she went on, "What if I'm too nice? Too soft spoken? Or worse...What If I'm too out spoken?"

"You are perfect." Pete uttered and turned onto a street she just knew was his. She could feel nervousness looming over her. He pulled slowly up to a house and shut off the engine. "Look at me." She did. "There is nothing about you that is unlikable. You are the epitome of the girl they have always wanted for me."

"Really?" Her eyes were worried.

"Really." His eyes were calm. "Let's go inside. I promise you that everything will be fine."

They got off the car and Arissa let her breath catch in her throat as she looked up at the mass of brick. She stopped as they came up to the black iron gate surrounding the yard and looked at Pete again for reassurance. Opening the gate he nodded for her to go thorough and she did. The front door was big and white and far too close. She slowed and breathed deep. The windows were large and the steps to the porch were waiting.

Pete turned her towards him and stared into her eyes. "I love you." He turned to look at the door. The porch light came on and he kissed her swiftly. "Calm down."

"Okay." She spoke gracefully. "I love you too." Pete slipped an arm around her shoulders and guided her toward the door. Before they even got to it, it opened.

A woman with peppered hair and a light skinned man slipped out and onto the porch. They smiled warmly and ushered Pete and Arissa through the big open doorway.

"Peter! We missed you." The woman said before engulfing him in a hug.

"We really did son." The man agreed before stealing a hug himself.

"You must be Arissa?" His mother said tightly.

"Yes I am." Arissa extended a hand. "Its very nice to meet you Mrs.Wentz." They shook hands and she moved on to his father, "Mr.Wentz."

"Nice to meet you too Darling." Peter's father answered sweetly before pulling Arissa into a hug. His mother watched closely as Arissa stiffened slightly at the contact before relaxing into the embrace. "We've heard a lot about you."

"Really?" Arissa glanced at Pete as he avoided her questioning gaze. "I hope it was all good." Peter took Arissa's coat and his own and placed them on the coat rack. He watched her shift nervously and rubbed the small of her back to calm her. Mrs.Wentz paid close attention to their body language which, she considered to be too affectionate.

"I'm afraid Pete hasn't led us to believe you are made up of anything else." Mrs.Wentz declared taking her arm and leading her to the sitting room. Something about her demeanor and tone didn't sit well with Arissa. Peter and his father followed closely behind and they all sat down. Pete in a chair a couple feet away.

"Well, I hope I can live up to that." Arissa smiled continuing to be nice. She looked longingly at him, she wanted Peter closer.

"You are presently doing a fantastic job dear." She laughed.

"Thank you Mrs.Wentz." Arissa eyed Pete as if to ask how she was doing. He nodded encouragingly.

"No problem. Peter mentioned you were a bit nervous." She shared. "There really isn't any need to be." Patting her hand she smiled baring all her teeth. Arissa couldn't help but think of the wicked step mother from Cinderella.

"So I see. You are both so relaxed." She gestured between Mr. and Mrs.Wentz ignoring her thoughts.

Mr.Wentz chuckled at something Pete said and looked at his wife. "Should I get us some drinks?"

"No, I'll get them." She stood. "Arissa, You want to help me dear?" She turned to Pete and he stared back in a way that said she should go.

"Of course." Arissa followed her into the kitchen. Once there she took the glasses Mrs.Wentz handed her from the cabinet as she pulled out ginger ale and tea.

"Arissa, which do you prefer?" Mrs.Wentz asked pointing to the liquids. "Or would you like some wine?"

"No. I don't drink. Ginger ale is fine." Mrs.Wentz poured ginger ale into two glasses and tea into two others.

"Oh, that's right dear." Mrs.Wentz came to a realization. "You're barely twenty." She said. Arissa got the feeling there was something to that statement, but brushed it off.

"Yes. That's right. I'm actually turning twenty one in a couple months." She informed her nicely. Mrs.Wentz put away the pitcher of tea and the ginger ale.

"Well, that is lovely. I suppose you can't wait to let loose." His mother fished for anything she could use as ammo as she turned away from the fridge.

"Um...No. Not drinking is a personal choice. I wouldn't even if I could." Arissa replied taking the two glasses Peter's mother was handing her.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that. It's good to know you've got such a good head on your shoulders." She complimented grabbing the other two glasses.

"Thank you."

"With all the girls Peter brings home you never can tell." Mrs.Wentz walked back toward the living room and left Arissa behind to fully feel the blow to her ego.

After a moment of gathering herself together Arissa wandered in behind Mrs.Wentz to find Peter sitting on a couch instead of the chair where he was minutes before. She walked over taking a seat next to him and handed him his ginger ale.

Pete took a drink, "Thanks baby." Arissa nodded in response and smiled sweetly over at Mrs.Wentz. There was something menacing about the way his mother smiled. Arissa felt uncomfortable under her gaze. Mr.Wentz was fine and seemed to like her though. Arissa tried to take comfort in that fact.

Pete slipped his hand behind Arissa and rubbed her shoulder absent mindedly. Her vulnerability was annoying to Mrs.Wentz. She didn't understand how Peter could love somebody so weak. But she assumed there in lays his own weakness. He continued rubbing her shoulder before letting it fall to her waist.

She had watched them outside. The way her son had kissed her and held her as if she was so fragile she might shatter. It was disgusting and absolutely unnecessary. Arissa was a big girl and from what she had seen of her on TV, quite confident.

"So, how long are you two going to be in town for?" Mrs.Wentz asked.

"Five days. Then we're going back to LA for New Years with the guys." He answered his mother easily.

"Oh. Are you planning on visiting any friends while your here Peter?" She asked prying only slightly. The gleam in her eyes told Peter she was up to something. He shifted nervously next to Arissa. "Maybe Jeanae?"

"Mom don't." Peter warned looking warily at Arissa.

"I'm just asking. I saw her the other day at the store and..." Pete cut her off disappointed in the fact that she couldn't just be nice for a couple hours, even minutes.

"Mom I would appreciate it if you could respect the fact that I don't want to talk about her with you." Pete said pleadingly.

Arissa looked up at Peter and listened to how he spoke through gritted teeth with a hint of importunity in his voice. She took a drink of her ginger ale and wondered who Jeanae was and why he had never spoken of her before. "Pete...Who's Jeanae?" He looked down at his girlfriend and sighed before glaring at his mother as she answered for him.

"His ex, Dear. Hasn't he ever told you about her?" She asked her sons girlfriend in fake surprise.

"No. He hasn't. We don't make it a habit to talk about the past." She answered with as little venom as possible. Mrs.Wentz wasted no time trying to get between Peter and Arissa. She could feel a lump rising in her throat. Arissa swallowed pushing back her surfacing emotions. "If he didn't tell me he had a reason."

"Yes. I suppose so." Was Mrs.Wentz's arrogant reply. It was the same as saying 'aren't we naive?' to Arissa trusting reply.

Arissa looked at Peter once more and sat up straight. Her self doubt was evident. Pete moved his arm from around her back feeling the tension and glanced at his father. He couldn't understand what his mother was doing. His father smiled uncomfortably and sipped his tea. Peter had promised Arissa things would be fine.

Now, here they were in a very interesting situation. He could already see the questions in Arissa's eyes. She was upset and this was suppose to be a special visit. He had so many things planned for them to do this week. Arguing with Arissa was not one of the things on the list.

His mothers smile was tight. His father was quiet. Pete didn't know what to say to lighten the mood.

Arissa sipped her drink carefully and looked down at her hands avoiding anyone's scrutinizing eyes.

They still had to get through dinner.

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