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Graduation has come and gone, and Atlanta is upset that her parents will never meet any of the team. They would have all gone separete directions had Cronos not escaped that last time. Atlanta ha...

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It was graduation. They weren't sure what was going to happen next year. Atlanta was staying at Olympus High. Odie had been accepted in to the facility of Science at the local University. Jay had wanted to go to Greece, but since Cronos still escaped them time after time, he and the rest of the group all silently agreed to stay here. Jay was studying politics and leadership at the same University that Odie was at. Neil was taking a year to go model, while Theresa was doing some classes online on psychiatry and teaching. Herry was working at a local automotive shop and Archie was doing an upgrading course.

Atlanta watched her friends... "My brothers and my sister" she thought to herself. She blushed not sure what everyone would think of that not to mention she wasn't sure about if Archie was a brotherly figure or a best friend.

"Theresa Blake," the MC called as Theresa walked across the stage in her blue gown; she proudly took her diploma from Hera as she shook hands with the other teachers. At the end of the stage her eyes flickered up at the parents and students in the stands and did a jump kick off the stage, listening to the cheers.

Archie's eyes flickered on to Atlanta as she beamed proudly at Theresa; she was easy to see in the crowd. Archie was next followed by Neil, Jay, Odie, and Herry.

The group was laughing afterwards as their parents came over subconsciously.

Jay's parents had chestnut hair like their son, but his mom had a willowy appearance with bright green eyes while his dad had Jay's brown eyes. Theresa's dad was there and looking proud but you could tell she was mentally daring him to answer his phone if it dared to go off. Atlanta stood watching while Archie stood getting pictures taken with the rest of the graduating crowd. Her heart ached a little bit; she would miss them in school.

Herry was hanging out with his granny and a couple who looked like they could be his parents. His dad was potbellied like Hercules and you can tell it took a bit for him to dress up, his mom was small and short and her son had her eyes. Odie was talking to his parents getting more pictures taken of him. Neil was enjoying the pictures and was having the time of his life.

Atlanta began to walk away, her heart squeezed as parents were introduced to each other. Her parents would never meet the team's parents, she wasn't even sure if the group would be around for her graduation.

Just as she turned to leave a hand grabbed her's. She had slowly moved out of their way as they took pictures of each other. Her eyes flickered towards the hand then up in to Archie's eyes.

"Come on," he pulled her back towards the group and mostly towards his parents.

Jay, Theresa, Odie and Herry were already out of their gowns. Theresa was in a pretty red sundress, while the guys were dressed in dress shirts and pants. Neil came too dressed in his regular street clothes; he too had lost his gown.

Jay looked at Atlanta as she look at them uncertainty on her face.

Theresa put her arm around Atlanta. She was dressed nicely out of respect for her friends. She was in black linen capris, black summer sandals and a bright blue t-shirt.

"Hey you may not be graduating with us," she told the younger girl. "You mean a lot to us Atlanta; we want a big group picture."

Jay, Archie nodded as the parents watched, cameras ready.

They all got in to position. A couple of pictures were taken. As Theresa's dad were taking one of just the girls she turned to whisper to Atlanta beside her, "So you wouldn't be at home alone today we got you a ticket to the reception and I have a dress for you in my room," she cackled as Atlanta looked up at her.

As soon as the pictures were taken she ran for it but she couldn't use her speed due to the large amount of people everywhere, when ever a door was in her sights a different member of the team would be waiting for her.

Archie grabbed her arm and gently escorted her back to the Brownstone. He than held her as Theresa came back as the huge group went out for dinner with their parents. And after lunch, Archie handed her over to Theresa and her makeup kit.

Atlanta sighed, sitting in a chair in Theresa's room.

Theresa placed the tiniest amount neutral hued make up on her friend's flinching face. Then handed her a bag, "go change don't wash the makeup off your face you cant see it..."

Atlanta nodded sensing defeat. Part of her didn't want to run away anyway. As soon as the guys were washed up and dressed up Theresa sent them downstairs. They were not allowed to come upstairs for anything. Neil was told if he needed to go upstairs he would get the biggest butt kicking by Theresa after the graduation ceremony.

Theresa knocked on Atlanta's door.

"Not on your life Theresa! How could you do this to me!" she cried through her door.

"Are you wearing it?" Theresa said as she pulled out a bobby pin. Each of the bedrooms had a lock on it and Atlanta was currently using hers, but Theresa knew how to pick locks....

About 5 seconds later Theresa had pulled open the door.

Atlanta stood staring at herself in a mirror. Theresa had got her a dark emerald halter top style cocktail dress. On her feet she wore the black sandals she wore earlier. Her flaming red hair was a nice contrast against the pale color of her tanned skin and of the dress.

Theresa smiled and placed her arm around Atlanta. Theresa was dressed in a deep blue full length dress that accented all her curves. The dress had spaghetti straps that crossed across her back and attached to the front of her dress. The back behind the strings plummeted to the small of her back.

Atlanta looked up at Theresa her eyes had a sad look to them.

She smiled happily, "Come on we will be late otherwise..."

The guys were waiting in the living room. The guys felt uncomfortable in their outfits each was in a different style and cut of tuxedo. Jay was in black, his shirt was gray. Odie was in a nice suit, with a red shirt. Archie was in black, his shirt was black, and the tie however was a blue. Herry was in a different style than Jay and Archie, the jacket had no buttons but it was navy blue with a cream colored shirt. Neil was in all in black with a white tie.

The boys looked up as they heard the tapping of heels and each stood respectively as Theresa came forward. Her long red hair was pulled in to a bun, with her bangs across her face. Her only jewelry was a gold heart necklace done up with cubic zirconium, and gold earring each with a small stone as well. She smiled happily, as Neil, Herry, Archie and Odie realized Jay was just staring. The 4 guys laughed as Jay blushed ever so slightly. Theresa looked to her left where Atlanta was hiding. Theresa sighed and rolled her eyes and left the scene. Jay smirked as Archie was suddenly trying to look around corners with out making himself obvious.

A triumphant Theresa came back. Her hand clasped around another's. Atlanta stared at the guys daring them with her glare for them to say something.

Archie was the one the guys caught staring. Her red hair was tamed a little bit with gel, but it still had a spike like appearance. She had removed all of her earrings only wearing a silver pearl in her lobes. At her next she wore a silver chain which had a simple pearl on it.

"Wow... You guys look great," Jay said as he saddled up to Theresa's side.

Atlanta muttered something scowling, Archie swore she said "Theresa looks good, I look like a dog in a tutu."

Archie chucked and offered his arm to a surprised Atlanta, "May I escort you my lady to your carriage?"

She nodded and self consciously pulled her skirt straighter. Her hands were tightly holding her clutch. She grabbed a light jacket and held it in a nice bundle.

"You look fine" he whispered to her, "you do look great"

Atlanta nodded but Archie saw her head was else where

He squeezed her hand and helped her in to Herry's truck.

As they drove towards the reception, where they were meeting their parents for more pictures beforehand they saw some people racing by screaming. They all exchanged glances with each other.

"A mad runaway zombie? Or maybe they saw some of the stuff that people were wearing at grad..." Neil suggested looking at his mirror.

Atlanta grabbed her clutch tighter to her. She grinned; she maybe was able to get out of this, or at least save her reputation. Until she saw the giants which caused her smile to widen.

"Cronos!" Jay said as Herry slammed on the breaks.

Theresa rolled her eyes again she climbed out of the car.

"Jay...." She started when she realized his xiphos was out and in his hand. His jacket lay forgotten in the car along with the other guys'. She turned to Atlanta staring at the giants trashing through the city. "Only Jay would bring a sword to graduation," she whispered standing off to the side both uncertain about how to fight in dresses.

Atlanta handed Theresa her numb chucks from her clutch with a proud, happy smirk plastered across her face... Theresa stared at her in disbelief as Atlanta took out her laser crossbow and attached it to her wrist.

"Archie!!" she called Archie turned, as Atlanta chucked his whip at him. Theresa looked at her again.

"What?!" Atlanta asked indignant. She pointed to a plastic bag in the back of Herry's truck... "I brought stuff, call it wishful thinking. Do you want to change?"

She handed Theresa a bag and booked it in to a bookstore that was just across the street from where Herry had stopped his car. Theresa looked in the bag to see a pair of sneakers, her pants and her red tank top.

Theresa shook her head disbelieving and raced across the street as Atlanta came out her dress draped over her arm. She lay it down on the seat and went to aid the boys.

Theresa came out a few seconds later and lay her dress on top of Atlanta's and raced to Jay's side.

They fought them for a little while when the guys started noticing the girls change in clothing.

"How did you guys change?" Jay asked as Theresa smacked the giant on the leg with her numb chucks.

"Ask the girl who was bringing weapons to our graduation dinner," Theresa retorted as Jay took out his retractable staff.

"You BROUGHT BOTH?! I thought I was supposed to be the one with the gift of foresight." Theresa teased actually having fun.

"Cronos SHOW YOUR SELF!" Atlanta called a challenge to the God of Time. One of the giants was down for the count and the other running away.

Atlanta laughed insanely until a voice piped up behind her.

"I would never keep you waiting descendant of Atalanta." Cronos replied right behind her as everyone's focus changed.

He grabbed Atlanta before the group had time to assess what was happening.

Atlanta grinned; her heel kicking Cronos up in the stomach as he stumbled and released her. She bore down firing her lasers as Jay and Archie came to stand at her side.

"Not today Cronos," Jay said as Archie's whip latched around his hand and Jay's xiphlos pinned Cronos to the concrete.

Odie grabbed a muscle stunner from Herry's trunk and shocked Cronos with it.

Each of the teens minus Neil stared down at Cronos with the coldest eyes he could ever hope to see.

"Neil? Call Campe, tell her, tell her that we have someone who she has a long over due date with." Jay commanded staring at Cronos daring him to try and escape.

When Campe came she took Cronos back to Tartarus.

Atlanta and Theresa went back to change, both feeling kind of gross and sweaty.

Atlanta's hair had miraculously stayed the way she had wanted it too, and help Theresa pull her hair back up. They ended up back at Herry's truck in record time. Herry had a slight cut on his hand but it had already clotted. They scrambled in to the car anxious to get to their reception before they were overly late.

They arrived at the reception just as people were going in. Their parents were upset asking where the teens had been, before Hera came to their rescue.

"They were doing a favor to me. Ill explain it later but let's go inside briefly and you can come back out for a bit to take pictures."

Everyone went in. Atlanta felt uncomfortable; Hera placed a comforting hand on her shoulder and she looked up in to the Goddess' eyes.

"Nothing will change here. You all did a great thing capturing Cronos and putting him back where him back where he belongs. In 2000 years the planets will re-align, your work will be undone. Your descendants will become the defenders." Hera smiled at an uncertain Atlanta.

"What are you trying to tell me?" she asked quietly as Archie came back out to look for her.

"Don't worry Atlanta, just because you are alone next year, you won't ever be alone."

It sounded like a dismissal. Atlanta caught up with Archie, the two walked in to the room.

Jay, his parents and his brother, Theresa and her dad were sitting at one table.

Herry Odie were at one table and Neil was at another. There was a place for Atlanta at Archie's table.

"Mom, Dad, this is my best friend, Atlanta Stone, Atlanta this is my parents Mr. and Mrs. Hendrick." Archie said as he pulled out a chair for Atlanta. Just as the two settled the MCs stepped forward. The grad banquet had begun.

The food had been good and most of the parents had left leaving the kids to their own devices. Dancing had opened up and the guys were arguing about who got to ask which girl for the first dance.

"Like we cant decide on our own," Atlanta muttered as the DJ began with a jive song.

"Want to?" Theresa held out her hand as Atlanta laughed.

Jay had turned around he had won the first dance with Theresa only to see her twirling a red head in a green gown.

"Looks like we were beat, lets join them" Jay said as they all began dancing together.

Atlanta was having the time of her life, until the first slow number. She backed down rapidly as Theresa and Jay headed out to the dance floor.

"That's when you know that Cronos is beat," Neil said as he lounged in a chair near the floor.

Atlanta looked at him in question.

"Because he's finally concentrating on having fun and wooing Theresa." Neil said as he fixed his hair in his mirror.

Atlanta and Odie stood beside Neil watching their leader dance Theresa around the room and realized he was right.

The second song came up; Jay and Theresa were in their own world as a hand appeared at the side of Atlanta's vision.

"May I have this dance Ms. Stone?" his voice gruff as Atlanta shocked; placed her hand in his.

He led her out on to the dance floor and twirled her about him before his hand was at the small of her back, her hand on his shoulder and their hands intertwined.

I know we've been friends forever
But now I think I'm feeling something totally new
And after all this time I opened up my eyes
Now I see you were always with me

Atlanta's eyes were fixed upon his face as they danced slowly in place his eyes fixed on hers. Her heart beated happily...

Could it be you & I
Never imagined
Could it be suddenly I'm fallin' for you
Could it be you were right here beside me and I never knew
Could it be that it's true
It's you and it's you

Theresa had her eyes shut as she snuggled closer to Jay. She opened her eyes to whisper something in Jay's ear when something caught her eyes.

Neil, Odie and Herry were frantically motioning to them to look at a couple just on the other side of the dance floor. Theresa looked only to see a vibrant redhead in a green dress wrap her arms around the neck of a boy, dressed in black with cowlicked purple hair. His arms slipped around her waist.

It's kinda funny you were always near
But who would ever thought we'd end up here
And everytime I need you, you've been there for me
Now it's clear I've been waiting for you

Theresa grinned as she moved so Jay could see what she saw. His chocolate eyes meet her blue-green as a satisfied smile came upon his lips.

"Nice plan to get her here." He whispered, his deep voice striking a cord in Theresa's chest.

'Cause today is the start of the rest of our lives
I can see it in your eyes
And it's real, and it's true
It's just me and you
Could it be that it's you

Archie and Atlanta paused realizing that they had shifted dance positions, bring their faces millimeters apart. A suggestive smile was suddenly upon Atlanta's lips as she raised up on her tip toes. Hope filled Archie's eyes but then he shook his head.

Could it be you & I
Never imagined
Could it be suddenly I'm fallin' for you
Could it be you were right here beside me and I never knew
Could it be that it's true
It's you and it's you

Atlanta didn't want to take no for an answer. With a smile she leant in to kiss him as his arms wrapped tighter around her.

When they broke apart Archie looked nervous.

They left to go sit in a quiet corner, Atlanta wanted to know what was wrong.

"Archie what's up?" she said sitting beside him.

"Its just that Atlanta," he looked so uncomfortable. "I don't want you to convince yourself to fall for me. I wanted you to do it all on your own." Atlanta placed a finger to his lips.

"Hey Arch? Its me Atlanta remember? I realized it tonight when I was changing. You are the one I will miss the most. Because well Because I love you." She said simply.

Archie grinned as he hugged her, whirling her around.

"Archie! Archie you dork!! Put me down!" Atlanta said trying to sound angry but instead was trying not to laugh.

He did before her feet could even touch the floor, his lips were upon hers.

There may be an Epilogue but I am not sure...R&R (I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTER OR IDEA OF COTT and the song was sung by CHRISTY CARLSON ROMANO copywrited by Disney who I also dont own...Ok ok ok Ill write an epilogue.... :D you may have to wait a little while. The epilogue will be much the same set up... A&A fluffy goodness as the main course with J&T as the fluffy sside order
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