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How do I love Thee?

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Its Good Bye

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Atlanta wandered through the school. It was the day off after graduation and only about 5 in the morning. Her team mates were sleeping the night off. The rest of the school had a day off, she smiled, and she knew some principals made all the students come in the day after graduation.

She wasn't sure where she was headed until she ended up in the locker room. She opened her locker and grabbed her training gear. More specifically a pair of yoga pants and her grey zip up hoodie; she placed her headphones in to her ears and headed out to the training obstacle course.

She ran through it repeatedly for 5 hours until the machines just stopped. She turned to the control panel to see Jay standing there watching her.

She slumped her shoulders and walked over to where she had put her water bottle down. She waited until her leader said something; she poured the water over her head.

"Atlanta what are you doing?" Jay asked coming over to her watching her stretch, his fingers ran through his short brown hair. His PMR began to ring.

"Archie I found her," he answered the PMR. Atlanta wandered back over to the control box and flicked the obstacle course back on as Jay continued to talk on the PMR.

Jay turned around when he heard the whirl of machines watching Atlanta run through it once more.

"Arch? You may be the best one to talk to her, Jay out..." Jay said as he flipped off the machine once more.

"Atlanta talk to me!" Jay asked as she growled at him.

"Come on Jay you and me!" her voice strained as she threw a wooden practice sword at her.

"No, Atlanta you pushed yourself way too hard this morning. You are going to hurt yourself if you don't chill." Jay told her trying to push the sword away.

Atlanta met Jay's eyes and something compelled him to grab the sword. Her eyes were desperate. They stood apart; bowed ever so slightly and swords crashed.

Jay wasn't even trying but Atlanta was relentless, there was no break as she attacked him. Jay sword had to move faster or Atlanta could hurt him or hurt herself. Jay was busy defending until Archie and Theresa entered the training room. Archie's eyes assessed what was happening and boldly walked over and grabbed Atlanta's arms letting Jay breathe. Jay nodded his thanks at the other boy.

None of them could think of what to say. Something was bothering Atlanta but they all knew she wouldn't tell them. Archie remembered something that Hera had told him as he and Theresa entered the school.

"Atlanta go shower and change, Hera wants to see us..."

Atlanta walked towards the locker room.

She had listened to phone messages after grad. Jay had gotten accepted at a university in Greece and they were calling to see if he accepted with a 1200 dollar scholarship. Theresa it had said had been accepted to the same university. She had a message from them too. Atlanta had not known they had both applied. But they were close and dating or at least very close to dating after the graduation last night.

After they defeated Cronos the plan was they would all leave. It was better for them along the line for their future instead of staying here because Atlanta didn't want to be alone.

Atlanta came out her hair wet and her eyes moist. She didn't know why she felt so bad she should be happy but she felt sorry for herself. She shook her head. This wasn't fair or good. Enough is enough.

She followed the guys back to the janitor's closet. Each took out their pendants until Jay finally used his.

They walked in and entered Hera's solarium.

There parents stood there with Hera. Each of the team went to there while Atlanta stayed off by herself. Until Archie's parents stepped aside and Atlanta saw her dad. She was shocked. She wandered over and gave him a hug.

Archie saw Atlanta's eyes go wide as he noticed a woman and a man standing off to the side. He was taller and his skin was darker, he looked Native American. Atlanta had his eyes, her mom had dark brown hair and look like the shorter version of Atlanta.

Archie smiled then everyone became silent and looked at Hera.

"I want to congratulate the heroes for finally defeating Cronos." The team exchanged glances...

"Children, I have told your parents everything." Jay suddenly looked slightly uncomfortable.

"We are sorry you were lied too," he apologized to the parents for the team's sake.

"They know only that you defeated Cronos..." Hera told them, "but they do not know why you were chosen for the task. We will be doing a demonstration"

Jay nodded and led the team out of the solarium saying they were going to go change.

Atlanta was the first one dressed and her muscles were warm. She continued to stretch and shook out her back muscles as the parents filed on to the upper area of the gym.

Hera was on the main floor with each of the team's teachers.

The team filed out. Jay came out first, followed by each of them. All the guys but Herry and Odie were in grey pants, while Theresa was in grey as well.

"May I introduce Ares, Persephone, Aphrodite, Artimis, Hermes, Hercules teachers of Archie, Theresa, Neil, Atlanta, Odie, and Herry. I myself was the teacher of Jay."

"Jay is the descendant of Jason of the Argonauts, Atlanta is the descendant of Atalanta, Theresa is the descendant of Thesues, Neil is the descendant of Narcissus, Herry is descended from Hercules, and Odie is the descendant of Odysseus." Hera said as the parents jumped slightly when Chiron and Heph brought chairs forth.

"Chiron was their teacher with the animals that they came to meet, and Heph helped the team with technology. Ares was also the team teacher in forms of battle."

The parents looked semi-disbelieving. Jay's mother was looking at him fondly, Jay's father looked slightly unnerved by Chiron's appearance but his eyes focused on his son below. Odie's parents were curious looking at him, and at Hermes wondering what Odie had learned from him. Theresa's dad looked slightly uncomfortable. Herry's grandmother began a conversation with Chiron about the eagle she had met when she had been taken captive as Herry's parents just leaned back listening to what Hera had to say. Atlanta's dad sent her a wink while her parents looked at her fondly.

Atlanta finally felt relaxed as she caught her dad's wink.

"Ares we leave them to you" Hera and the other gods headed up to the track where the parents sat.

Ares ran them through archery, wrestling and sword fighting. The team showed their bests, Jay excelling at swords, Herry at wrestling and Atlanta at archery.

He set up the obstacle course where Atlanta's speed and Archie's competitive nature came to shine. Neil signature scream echoed through out the gym.

Odie set up his dragon stimulation and Neil became the damsel in distress while the others ran through the stimulation.

Persephone came down and showed Theresa's telekinetic skills in animal control, and her lyre skills.
Atlanta with Artemis was sent hunting targets with her bolas and laser crossbow.

Archie and Jay ended up doing a free for all battle, and Jay also led the team through a simulation set up by Hermes.

Neil's luck was exhibited through out all his tests; however Herry had become wise since the last time they wrestled.

The parents were impressed. The teens were all having fun.

Atlanta at the calling of Theresa challenged Archie to a race against 25 laps around the track. Archie grinned knowing very well that she would beat him. The two we off racing around the track speeding past their parents; Atlanta gaining the obvious lead. Her muscles burned as she shifted gears leading Archie by about half a lap. The team cheered as Archie tried to kick it up a notch. Atlanta won with Archie pulling up not far behind. Archie was doing his typical pout, but everyone erupted in to cheers and laughter.

The team was laughing in the locker rooms; the girls could hear the roar of laughter as the guys teased Archie. Theresa and Atlanta winced as a loud feminine scream echoed through the school from the boys' locker room as Jays loud laughter could be heard as Neil screamed about his hair. The squeals of laughter from the girls resulted in the sounds of spraying water enter

Atlanta and the group met outside them but they all realized what had happened. This was the end.

Theresa intertwined her fingers with Jays to the cat calls of the boys and the cheering of Atlanta which caused her to blush as soon as Jay shot a look at Archie who in turned blushed.

The team headed back to the brownstone realizing that this was good bye. A barbeque had been set up as the other team member packed. Herry, Odie and Neil were staying with Atlanta as she graduated from Olympus High. Theresa and Jay were heading to Greece to attend school there; Archie was heading to Philadelphia to study at the Community College in his home town.

The team headed back but the night was the last night.

Archie had is bike packed up, and was looking for Atlanta while Theresa and Jay had decided to take advantage of the time to pick some stuff up for their co-ed dorm room in Greece.

Archie found Atlanta curled up quietly on the Hammock. The other students had school for one more week and then Atlanta was heading north for the summer while Neil held the Brownstone and kept it warm for when she, Herry and Odie returned.

Archie sat beside her as her eyes met his.

"Atlanta, there is something I want to tell you," he started.

"Don't Archie, please don't. We aren't sure when we will see each other again." Atlanta replied, "Don't make it harder to say good bye."

Archie nodded, then handed over a sheet of paper, and hugged her tightly.

"Ill miss you 'Lanta, Stay in touch." His lips pecked her check. And he walked away towards his bike.

She stayed quietly for a moment the place where his lips touched, burning comfortably on her skin as she opened up the note.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of everyday's
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love thee with a passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints, --- I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life! --- and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

I always loved you Atlanta, I know its wrong to ask you
to wait for me but I want you to know that when high school
is over, I will always wait for you.

Love Archie XOX

Atlanta smiled to herself, she knew it would be no other way. She'd wait for him, she had her entire life before her to wait until fate brought them together like Jay and Theresa.

Author's Note: the poem was written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and there will be a third and final enstallment coming soon.
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