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Diary Entries 26-32

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Sorry for the long update, lol. To be honest, I don't know if this chapter's going to be good or not...

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Diary entry #26

Stupid villian conventions. Worse of all, I'm stuck in the middle between Dr.Dismay and Wednesday on a small couch. I felt something touch my butt.

"Dr.Dismay, put your hand where it doesn't belong one more time, and I will cut it off!" I yelled.

"Oh, sorry, Ice," whispered Wednesday.


Diary entry #27

GOD, I hate being called Ice! It's soooo cold...I'll just go turn up the heater...

"I SAW THAT!" Cried out Ms.Deeds.

"SHUT UP, or all you'll be seeing is me in your nightmares!"

"Too late..."


Diary entry #28

"Ice, I'm just going to run DJ Hook to the convince store to steal some gum. I'll be back in a bit," Conman told me.

"Yes. Please do RUN him over."


Diary entry #29

"Uh, Dismay, Hon, how can I say this? I'm pregnant with your child..."

"Oh, I better get my money's worth out of you..."


Diary entry #30

"Ice?" Asks Wednesday.


"How are babies made?"

"You're kidding me, right?"


"Well, a stork comes into rooms where mother's and father's really love each other very much. And that is where babies come from."



"So we come from eggs?"

"You're an idiot."


Diary entry #31

I'm such a smexy beast, no one's hotter than me...I did it with a chicken last night. But Dr.Dismay's wayyyyyy better than me...

"DISMAY! Have you been reading my diary again?"


Diary entry #32

"Uh, that wasn't apple juice, you idiot!"



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