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I'll Always Be There When You Wake

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Major Scott/Jean. Scott and Jean have always been seen as a couple of uptight straight-arrows in the eyes of others. But in reality, their lives are far darker, and more complex than anyone could p...

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No Rain
Chapter 10: I'll Always Be There When You Wake


'Attention all students...I have an important message that everyone needs to hear. All danger room sessions for this evening are herby cancelled...Instead, I want all of you to meet in the library. There is a very important matter that must be discussed...'

The message sent by Professor Charles Xavier to all of his students had a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty. His words seemed to drip with uncommon amounts of dread as he, Ororo, Logan, and Hank stood waiting in the library for the students to arrive. Scott and Jean had left a little over an hour ago...Now, they were left to reveal the truth to the students about who they really were. Xavier was definitely weary because he had already gone to extremes...Erasing the memories of students whom had bore the blunt end of Scott and Jean's emotional breakdown caused by years of forced suppression. It was something that the Professor hoped that he would never have to do...But he was not given a choice. He remembered all too well the faces of the students that had been so deeply traumatized by Scott and Jean's outburst...They were faces that would surely haunt his memory, for part of this event was their fault because they allowed things to get so bad for them in the first place. But now...They were trying something different. Logan had suggested doing something quite different instead of going the normal route in dealing with Scott and Jean's troubles. It was definitely something new...But given that all other actions had done little to help them, it was better than the alternative.

"What do ya think Chuck? Ya think they're ready to hear everything?" said Logan as he and his friends awaited the arrival of the students.

"I honestly don't know Logan," said Xavier with a sigh as he held in his lap a small box, "But if we are to make things better for Scott and Jean in the long run...Then we must make the truth known. It's like you said before...We must be the ones to change...We can't force them to do things on their own anymore."

Xavier then proceeded to open the small box and take out the contents. Dust had gathered upon the box...For the four teachers had hoped that they would never have to look at the contents ever again. Inside, many pictures of Scott and Jean from the earlier years when they were at the institute rested, seen by only a select few. Some pictures were quite disturbing...Showing the graphic scars on their bodies and the wounds that were already present when they first found them. There were pictures of Scott with a horrible gunshot wound to his leg and pictures of bloody scratches all over Jean's back. Then there were the pictures of their faces...Their cold hollow look that dominated for most of those early years that Xavier, Logan, Ororo, and Hank had hoped to never see again.

"I never thought that we'd have to look at these again," said Ororo as she looked at some of the disturbing pictures.

"Yes...I too also thought that such memories were behind us," said Hank as he remembered those horrific early days.

"And we paid the price for such arrogance...Scott and Jean by far...Paid the worst," said the Professor, "It's never easy getting over such trauma, we must concede to that at the very least. Perhaps sympathy isn't the universal solution like I once believed it was...Perhaps empathy as well can help us all get through such troubles."

That last part get Logan to smile, for those were partially his words. Even though he never really though of himself as the kind of thinker that Xavier was, it was good to see that an idea of his being put to good use.

After a nearly 15 minutes of waiting, the library filled with all the students of the Xavier Institute, minus Scott and Jean. They all spoke happily and care-free...Unaware of the trauma that had passed earlier this day. They would have to know now...And it would be a long, hard road to walk down. However, they knew that in the long run...It would work out for the best.

"Hey Professor, what gives?" asked Kitty Pryde as things finally began to quiet down, "Why'd you call us here? And where's Scott and Jean?"

Professor Xavier turned back towards his friends and fellow teachers. It was now time to begin anew for Scott, Jean, and everybody else at the X-men.

"Scott and Jean have taken a temporary leave of absence for the next week," announced the Professor much to everyone's surprise.

"What...Are they in trouble or something?" said Rogue with her words dripping of sarcasm.

"No Rogue...They've left because they need to," explained the Professor, "We've called you all here to today to discuss something of great importance...Something that involves Scott and Jean."

Then, Xavier gave Logan a nod as he and Ororo began passing out some of the grim pictures that were so hard to look at. They watched as some of the students cringed at the sight of them...Sickened by the sadness and trauma that each image told. Some covered their mouths in shock as they saw some of the more graphic photos...Others just tried to look away. By the time everybody began seeing the pictures...An eerie silence soon filled the room, for the world they knew was about to change.

"Students...I think it's time that you learn the truth about Scott and Jean..."


The cool, crisp air of the evening hours of the night blew swiftly as Scott Summers and Jean Grey rode along the long stretch of roads in upstate New York. The sky was covered in a thick dark cloud as the two troubled youths sped towards the mountains for a chance to get away from it all. No sooner had Logan told them to take a break from it all did the young couple pack whatever they could and ride off in to the night in Scott's car. He, Storm, and the Professor had agreed to handle the hard part in dealing with the students and their flawed views of their first two students. And there was no doubt that things would be different when they returned. But neither Scott nor Jean wanted to think about that now...This was their time...This was their little vacation from the world that had been so harsh on them.

Jean's hand remained intertwined with that of her soul mate as they both watched the serene landscape pass them by. They hadn't slept in weeks...The scar of their breakdown and the mission hung strong...And there were still many old memories that they couldn't forget. But none of this mattered now as they rode along the seemingly deserted roads towards their destination. Thunder could be heard in the distance through the clouds and brief flashes of lightning began illuminate the clouds in the distance. It was a great beauty that helped to mend some of the unending stress that Scott and Jean felt. They had both faced death more times than they cared to recall...But in facing it, they had a much greater appreciation for life and the little things. Things like...The picturesque lights in the sky illuminating the clouds ahead, almost as if the heavens were guiding them towards a path that would ease their suffering. But like Logan had said, inner wounds can never be healed...Only treated. And through faith in the future...And through the power of pure, uncorrupted love...They had all the treatment they needed right here. With that in mind, Jean moved in closer towards Scott's warmth, which he willingly accepted with a warm smile. Jean didn't have to say anything else in response, for they were beyond words at this point...They didn't need to say things to constantly reassure each other of the world around them.

The clouds grew thicker and the trees began to sway in the wind as Scott's car turned down the narrow back roads leading up the mountainous terrain of upstate New York. A cold chill swept through their air as more thunder was heard in the distance within the thickening clouds. The rustle of the leaves echoed through the air as they pulled in to the driveway of fairly large sized cabin nestled within the vast trees that encircled it. There weren't any other cabins nearby...And the nearest town was over 10 miles away. It was a truly secluded place...A single uncorrupted piece of land in the vast world of anxiety that Scott and Jean were forced to live in. As they got out to take in the view of this place where they would be staying for the next week, the young coupled reveled in the utter peace and quiet around them with nothing more than sounds of nature echoing through the wind.

"It's beautiful..." said Jean as the wind blew through her long, red hair.

"Yeah...Beautiful," said Scott who wasn't really looking at the house as he gently wrapped his arm around her waist.

Jean then turned back to look her boyfriend in the eye and couldn't help but smile. It had been a while since either of them had truly smiled out of happiness...And the feeling was very much welcomed as they soon met in a brief kiss as the wind blew around them.


The interior of the cabin was in pretty decent shape even though it hadn't been used in a while. It had all the essentials...Hot and cold running water, electricity, a TV, and a refrigerator. It was clean, romantic, and peaceful as Scott and Jean explored their new surroundings. It wasn't too big or too small...It seemed just right for them.

There wasn't much to unpack. They had only bought two suitcases full of clothes and another pack full of food stuffs. By now, it was almost midnight and this tumultuous day was finally almost over. It seemed like this one day had lasted a lifetime after all the stress that was caused by events that they could not control. Sleep was definitely beginning to sound good right about now as they finished putting away all the food. There was only one king sized bed, but that didn't bother them one bit. After today, neither of them wanted to sleep alone. They wanted to be in each other's arms for both warmth and comfort. Here they didn't have to worry about sneaking around or being found by a few nosy housemates. Here it was so much simpler...They weren't Cyclops and Phoenix, the upstanding role models and leaders of the X-men. Here, they were just Scott Summers and Jean Grey.

The sky was dark and the illuminating light of the flashing lightning in the distance continued to flash. Scott and Jean took turns changing in to their simple sleeping clothes. Jean wore only her underwear with an oversized T-shirt and Scott stayed in a simple pair of boxers along with a small white shirt. They were both utterly exhausted as they collapsed on the bed side by side. They barely had enough energy to pull the sheets back as they simply sank in to each other's arms. The gentle sound of rain was heard outside as the thunder and lightning continued to illuminate the room. As tired as they both were, they remained awake...Simply reflecting on the tumultuous day that they had endured.

"So what happens now?" wondered Scott as he turned to face Jean's emerald green eyes.

"I don't know...I really don't. Everything just seems so...Different," replied Jean softly as they both listened to the soothing noise of rain falling against the ground outside.

"But it could have turned out worse though...It could have turned out a whole lot worse," said Scott in a deep tone as his mind kept replaying the events of this day in his head.

"I know..." replied Jean with a sigh. "Thanks for being there for me Scott...I don't think I would have made it without you."

Scott simply responded by planting a soft kiss on her forehead as he continued to look in to her beautiful eyes, untainted by his colorblind vision.

"You were there for me too Jean...We were there for each other. I won't ever leave you Jean...I don't think I could ever survive without you. And I will always be there for you...Because you were always there for me."

Scott's words bought tears to her eyes as she managed to smile back with a radiant look that warmed her love's heart.

"I'll always be there for you too, Scott...Always."

Soon, Jean found herself move closer in to Scott's embrace as she took in the warm, loving feeling emulating from their mind-link. This love that they shared had been one of the main things that kept them alive. It had kept them from losing their grip on reality when the going got tough. What started out as a simple friendship had evolved over time in to something much deeper. Now they were here...Alone and in each other's arms without any corrupting outside force to taint it.

As Scott and Jean reveled in each other's warmth, their lips met in a passionate kiss. There was no need to hold back here...No reason why they should suppress what they knew was there. It was different here...It was simpler. For a brief moment, all the stress and suffering that resulted from their numerous mental ailments and their tumultuous lives was forgotten as the kiss deepened in the purity of the night. The rain outside continued to fall...And the thunder and lightning continued to echo and illuminate the world around them. Then...Under such new feelings of peace...A powerful new sensation began to arise within the young couple.

Jean began to gently rub her hands on the rough muscles of Scott's chest as they both reveled in warmth of the kiss. But unlike previous times when they had done something like this...He didn't tremble or pull back in fear...Instead he just absorbed all the wonder that he felt from Jean's touch. Soon, he too found himself tracing the enchanting curves of her body as the distance between them continued to shrink. Jean hitched a leg around his side while running her hands underneath his shirt...Feeling the warmth of his skin against her hands. Then...In an instant...Jean removed his shirt and took in the sight before her. There was still a mixture of nervousness and anxiety between them...Knowing the path they were heading now. But they both fought it...Not wanting to hold something so strong in any longer.

"Jean..." began Scott softly as his hands rested on her hips.

She continued to trace gentle patterns on his chest as she reassured him with a gentle kiss.

"It's okay Scott. Please...I don't want to hold back anymore."

"Are you sure Jean?" asked Scott with both a mixture of fear and arousal apparent in his voice.

Jean couldn't give a completely honest answer as her fears, emotions, and body conflicted with one another. In the times they had tried this in the past, things like this had prevented the both of them from going all the way. But tonight in this small, peaceful place...It was different...Something had changed. Maybe it was just all the pent up want and desire that they both had, or maybe it was just a single spontaneous moment. Either way, the growing feeling within them continued to emerge...This time untainted by the past.

"I'm sure Scott," said Jean finally as she gazed in to his face, "Don't you want me?"

Scott didn't need to think about that one as his stared in to her beautiful green eyes in a daze.

"You know I do..." said Scott softly as he held her closer.

"Then don't analyze...Don't question...Just feel Scott," said Jean as she brushed her lips against his.

"Just...Feel..." he repeated as they both began to kiss again.

Then, Jean's hands guided Scott to the hem of her shirt where he slowly and sensually slid it off over her head. Now she lay before him only in her black bra and panties. They once again began to exchange wet kisses as eager hands roamed over the newly exposed flesh. The gentle rhythm of the rain outside and the thunder and lighting in the distance added to the warm feeling that they now shared. The heat between them continued to rise as their touching increased and the passion between them grew.

Scott's kisses soon began to trail downwards as the struggle between the past and the present began to come to ahead. Jean let out a soft moan as she worked his hands around her back and undid the clasp of her bra. Scott's wet kisses continued to go lower...Down her neck, along her shoulders, and finally to the top of her cleavage. He wanted to go slow...Knowing that it would be more comfortable for Jean. That...And he just wanted to savor the feeling. Finally, he managed to completely remove her bra and tossed it off to the side. Scott was now in a blissful daze as he took in the beautiful sight of her breasts. Jean couldn't help but feel a little shy at first...But all her shyness went out the window as he started to message them both with his hands. She let out a groan of pleasure as she reveled in his sensuous touching that caused the mind-link between them to become more open. Scott continued to lose himself as he continued to feel the soft warm flesh within his hands. Jean's generously large breasts continued to enchant and arouse him to no end while Jean finally felt herself start to let go of the old memories of strangers' hands on her body. This was Scott...These were his hands. And they offered a feeling no other could match.

As his lips trailed back up to her face, Jean began to fondle the hardening anatomy in Scott's boxers. A wave of heat washed over them as breathing became deeper and heart-rates soared. Feeling it was her turn to give him pleasure, she gently gripped the sides of the waistband to Scott's boxers. He didn't fight it this time around...Knowing that this was Jean's doing...And not that of his old foster dad or his sick friends. In one swift motion, she removed his last remaining article of clothing and tossed it aside. She soon felt her hands begin to stroke the unfamiliar anatomy...Eliciting soft moans from Scott. The heat within them grew even more as they both started to perspire from all the physical contact.

As the feeling within them grew stronger, Scott began to trail his kisses down Jean's body once more. Jean shifted herself so that now she was flat on her back as Scott continued to trail down her neck, past her breasts, and towards the inevitable. At first he hesitated, but Jean gently pressed him onward as she guided his hands to the sides of her panties. Feeling the heat that was now emulating from her body, her arousal became more apparent than ever. And with one swift pull, coupled with a little telekinesis from Jean, the small article was gone and she now lay fully exposed to him.

Jean's breath turned to gasps as she felt Scott gently tease the sensitive flesh between her legs. It caused her to moan even louder over the constant sound of the rain beating against the window. Waves of pleasure surged throughout the young telepath's body as she began to sweat more from the growing heat between them. She almost forgot which way was up as the warm, sensual feeling surged through her mind. This feeling was also felt by Scott as he used this powerful feeling to guide him in his teasing. Jean had never felt something like this before...Nobody had ever even done this before. No one had ever taken the time to consider her pleasure over their own...And that's exactly what Scott was doing. Soon, her moans subsided as Scott began to move back upwards to meet her face. The gentle smile on her face as her eyes met his then sealed what was then going to happen...After all this time of waiting and wanting.

"Jean...You're so beautiful," whispered Scott as he now looked in to her face with an increasing amount of perspiration forming on his body.

"And so are you Scott..." replied Jean as she ran her hands along the side of Scott's face. "Please...Let's make love."

Jean then felt his weight press upon her as she remained underneath his warm, powerful body. She eagerly spread her legs and wrapped them tightly around his waist as they prepared to perform the final act. Scott crashed his lips upon hers as he slowly entered her warm, wet body.

The mind-link had now blown wide open and their thoughts now meshed in a powerful bond that would surely last beyond the boundaries of time. The warm, blissful sensations were shared between them as their bodies began to move in a rhythm. They started slow at first...But gradually increased the tempo of their lovemaking as they continued to lose themselves in a world of great pleasure. Their sweat mixed together as they continued to kiss and move as one. Their tongues danced in each other's mouth as they continued to touch and grind with one another. Skin clashed with skin as Scott continued to thrust deeper in to her warm interior while continuing to rub and message her breasts. Jean tightened her hold around him with her legs as she felt a sudden rush of mind-numbing pleasure start to surge through her body. She then wrapped her hand around Scott's neck and let out a loud moan as she felt her body tense from her first orgasm. Her inner muscles tensed around Scott as she climaxed. The overwhelming pleasure sent Scott over the edge as well as he exploded within her, emptying every last drop of his liquid inside her warmth. But they weren't done yet.

With both of their bodies now shimmering with beads of sweat, they shifted positions. Now Jean was on top as she straddled his pelvis...Guiding him back inside her once more. Then she began to move her body up and down once more in frenzied rhythm of passion. Closing her eyes, she absorbed the wonderful feeling felt by both her and Scott as she ran her hands along the strong, sweaty muscles of her soul mate. Her breasts bounced as the tempo between them grew and another orgasm began to emerge within. Sensing that she was close, Scott transferred his hand from her hips to her breasts as gave them a gentles squeeze while she moaned out in pleasure from her earth shattering climax.

Into the night, they continued to make love...Kissing, touching, and moaning in complete and utter bliss. The pain of the past seemed to melt away ever so briefly so that they could enjoy something so grand and pure. The concept of time seemed to vanish as their bodies moved together as one unit...Feeling the soft and rough caresses that solidified their unity now and forever.

They moved together in one last mind-numbing position...Wanting to have one more climax together even though they had used up nearly all their energy in this act of love. The sweat now poured off the both of them as they gasped for air. They were both close...All it would take is one last thrust together to bring them over the edge. And in one swift, fluid movement...Both young lovers let out a loving moan of contentment as the came together in one last powerful orgasm.

Feeling tired in almost ever conceivable way, both lovers went limp as they collapsed together on the bed. Jean now rested atop Scott as they now lay together with the heavy rain still falling outside. They fought to catch their breath as they listened to each other's heart beat like a gentle beacon of love. Their naked, sweaty bodies remained entwined as they absorbed the warm beautiful feeling together in such splendor. Through this exhaustion, Jean managed to raise herself to meet Scott's face once again. They both had warm smiles on their faces, for the happiness they felt now could never be measured. They then met in one last deep kiss as the solid mind-link now burned brightly within the both of them.

"Did you ever think...That one day we'd end up like this? Here...With each other?" said Jean sleepily as they reluctantly parted from the kiss.

"Honestly Jean...I never thought I'd live this long to end up like this. But I have...And now that we're both here...I know now that you are the reason for me to move on. You are the reason for me to stay alive no matter how hard things get. You taught me to live again Jean...And I am willing to spend the rest of my life and beyond beside you...Returning the favor."

Jean felt tears of joy fill her eyes in a way she had never felt before. No words could describe the loving feeling she felt now...No words could express how thankful she was that Scott was a part of her life or how deeply she treasured what they had. She had never felt so happy...For she had everything she ever needed...Right here.

"I love you Scott..." she said softly as she sank in to his warmth.

"I love you too Jean..."

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain
I like watching the puddles gather rain
And all I can do is just pour some tea for two
And speak my point of view but its not sane...its not sane

I just want someone to say to me...Oh ho ho oh
I'll always be there when you wake
Ya know I'd like to keep my cheeks dry today
So stay with me and I'll have it made

And I don't understand why I sleep all day
And I start to complain that there's no rain
And all I can do is read a book to stay awake
It rips my life away but it's a great escape...escape...escape

The pain of the past can never be forgotten. The psychological diseases that plagued the two young lovers would always be a part of them. But for now, the sanctity of the deep love between Scott Summers and Jean Grey overshadowed all of that. And as Jean rested her head on Scott's muscular chest and followed him in to a deep sleep...The ever present nightmares that they suffered ceased ever so briefly. They knew things like that could never completely go away...But in the end, they didn't have to. The rain outside continued to fall throughout the night...And for the first time and a long, long while...Scott and Jean slept peacefully.

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain
You don't like my point of view
Ya think that I'm insane
Its not sane... its not sane

I just want someone to say to me
I'll always be there when you wake
Ya know I'd like to keep my cheeks dry today
So stay with me and I'll have it made...

And I'll have it made...I'll have it made
You know I'll have it made...I'll have it made
You know I'm really gonna really gonna have it made...I'll have it made
You know I'll have it made...I'll have it made
Oh ho ho oh...I'll have it made
Oh ho ho oh...I'll have it made


The End.

AN: Well, that's it! That's the end of "No Rain!" I hope all you Scott/Jean fans are happy! This fic was entirely dedicated to them. It's just something I really wanted to do and now that it's over, I'm glad that I went with it. I apologize again if the sexual content of the final chapter offended you...But please don't be mad! This is R rated and I gave you all fair warnings so please don't send me hate mail for it! I don't want to offend anybody and I don't want to get kicked off of the fanfiction website. I also apologize if you thought I was a bit excessive on the fluff, but that's just the way the story turned out. Besides...A little fluff every now and then isn't such a bad thing (at least in my opinion). And don't worry! I'm not done writing X-men stuff...Not by a long shot! I have another fic in the works that will be in the X-men: Evolution section soon! It will predominantly be both Romy (Rogue/Remy) and Jott (Scott/Jean) and you won't want to miss it. It's got action, drama, mystery, and of course, romance! Be on the lookout for it! It will be entitled "Sinister Secrets" and I hope you all like it!

Well, now it's over. And as you probably guessed, the lyrics that were placed throughout this fic were none other than that of the song "No Rain" by Blind Melon for which this fic is named for. I don't own that song, they do so please don't sue me...I have nothing. So what did you all think? Did you like it? Hate it? Tell me! I'd love to know what you all think! Please send me your feedback via my email address or post them on the fanfiction website. I always love getting reviews so please send them to me if you get a chance! Thank you all so much for reading my story! I worked very hard on it and it really means a lot to me that you all take the time to read it! I wish you all the best and thanks again!

Also, I'd like to send out a special thank you to Mark C, Funeral of Hearts, Darkness1, Miss Grinny, X00001, Lil Jean, New York Hope, Sentoris, Mrs. Jean Grey-Summers, Sprocket, Reality Bender, Lyranfan, angelechicka, Reddfire, Proponent of EVO, Sailor Wade, Ldypebsaby, Diaz F, Extra2estrial, pinkchick, Agent G, and most certainly Wen (thanks for all the comments...You especially rock!). In addition, I'd like to thank Raedance for providing the inspiration for this fic in the first place. Remember, this idea came from "All Fall Down," and I highly recommend that all of you check that story out! Thank you Raedance, this one is for you!


Sometimes the most painful thing anyone can ever feel...Is the pain of a loved one.
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