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Chapter 01 - Where's Everyone?

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The Beginning.....

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Chapter 01
Where's Everyone?

At the mansion where everyone lived together, a girl named Aiko Hashiba was pacing worrily way, she seems so worry about her Father and looks at her friends. "Any reason why my father went missing? Or an idea why?" she asked the boy named Link Date.

"I have no idea why," Link answered. His Sister named Sophia Date took care of a young boy namd Akihio Yamano who they call him by his nickname Akio. Their Cousin, named Hariel Sanada was pissed. The girl named Verity Mori was cooking for lunch, while a boy named Xinghua Lei-Fan is doing some Kung Fu moves in the backyard.

Sophia notice her Foster Grandfather Anubis wasn't in his room. So she ran down the stairs. "Link! Hariel! Grandfather Anubis isn't in his room!" Sophia said.

"You gotta be kidding Coz," Hariel said. Sophia nodded.

"No, I'm not Hariel," she said. Hariel and Link came up to see that Anubis wasn't in his room.

"Well at least we know that he'll be with Dad, Mom, Uncle Ryo and Aunt Mai," Link said. Hariel and Sophia. It was lunchtime, everyone were eatting quietly when Akihio speak up.

"Will we see our families again?" he asked.

Verity smiled at Akihio. "We don't know yet Akio, we need to know where they are anyway," Verity answered.

"I agree," Xinghua said in agreement. After lunch, Verity, Xinghua, Aiko, Link, Hariel, Sophia, and Akihio relaxes in the livingroom wondering what to do. Aiko reading a bok on other places like: Holodrum, Labrynna and Hyrule.

Link looks at Aiko and wonders what's up. "Aiko what's up? Anything?" Link asked. Aiko looked at Link. Sophia and Xinghua went outside in the back to do some handstands in the grass. Verity stay with Akihio and Hariel kept White Blaze company.

"Well Link, I found out that we are all from Hyrule and I don't know how!" Aiko answered.

"I wonder what roles we played?"

"Same here Link, same here," Aiko said. Verity made dinner even though it was quiet again. Akihio was tired so Sophia put him to bed after dinner. Hariel sighs sadly. "I feel so bad for Akio. he miss his parents," he said.

"But coz, you, Link and I feel the same way remember," Sophia said. Hariel smiled at his coz. "Thankz Sophia," Hariel said. "Welcome Hariel," Sophia said. Everyomne went to bed and sleep well not knowing what will happen to them. Next morning, Sophia awaked first to finding herself a place. \\/What the?? Where am I? Link? Where are you?/\\ Sophia thought to herself.

End of Chapter one. You wonder if Sophia wound find her family and friends? Well read on to find out.
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