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Chapter 02 - Hyrule

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Enter Hyrule.........

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Chapter 02

Else where in the same place, Link awoke also looking around eventually seeing a familiar face: Sophia. Sophia walked downstairs to a room that looked somewhat like a country kitchen. A man stood there preparing breakfast. Strangely it looked like Seiji.

'Strange...' Sophia thought. 'He looks like him, it cant be.' She then spoke gently. "Father?"

At that moment, Link showed up and looked at the two. "Ok..."

Sophia smiled bitterly. "We are not in Tokyo anymore, I am afraid."

Slowly the cook stared at them. The blonde hair and the one visible violet eye filled with hardened curiosity stared at them.

"I know, I wish Grandpa Shiten was here. Maybe even Hariel, Verity, Aiko, Xinghua, and White Blaze," Sophia said.

"Don't forget Uncle Ryo and Aunt Naste, even Mom," Link said.

The man looked at them. To their surprise it was Seiji. "What you two talking about and who are you?" he asked.

Link and Sophia looked at him."Huh? Dad? You mean you don't remember us, Mom, Uncle Ryo and Aunt Naste?" Sophia asked.

"Not even Hariel and White Blaze? Its us, Link and Sophia," Link said, "We're your kids."

"My kids...?" Seiji seemed puzzled and sighed. "I am sorry. I do not remember you."

Sophia sighed gently and exchanged glances with Link. This was frustrating. "Let's go find the others and find out what happened to our parents," Sophia said.

"Right." Link said in argeement.

So Link and Sophia got on their horses and rode out.

"Luckily Dad taught us how to ride horses when we were little," Sophia said.

"Yea I'm glad he did too," Link said. They ride out to the Hyrule Feild. At the Lon Lon Ranch, Aiko was taking care of the horses with out knowing her father Touma was watching. Aiko turned around to see her Father.

"Dad?" she asked.

"Yes?" Touma answered.

"Do you remember Ryo, Naste, Seiji, Angel, Link, Sophia, Shu, Xinghua, Shin, Verity and me?" Aiko asked.

"Who?" he asked. Aiko looked surprised and started to go.

"I'll be back shortly, going to meet some friends," Aiko said to her Father.

Touma nodded while Aiko headed out to the Hyrule Field to meet up with Link and Sophia. It was happening at the Market as well with Hariel. Ryo and Naste knew not who he was and soon Hariel found out that Ryo only remembered his sister Angel, who was Seiji's wife. At Zora's Domain, Verity was having the same problem with her father Shin. Xinghua was as well with his father Shu at the Death Mountain. At the same time as well, Akihio was having problems with his Dad, Jun Yamano at Kokiri Forest.

Link and Sophia knew their mother only know about their uncle Ryo because she was from Kakariko Village. Everyone met in the Hyrule Feild.

"Well, Dad only remembers Aunt Angel," Hariel said.

"Damnit, that's what Mom said about Uncle Ryo," Link said.

"Now what?" Akihio asked.
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