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Chapter 16

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Liam is getting around a lot better now and is more independent on his crutches. My mom was at work and I had made breakfast for me and Liam. We had just sat down when there was a knocked at the door. I got up to answer it. When I opened the door there was a grinning Tony, with Matt, Joel, Josh and Benji behind. Tony walked straight in followed by Matt, Josh, and Joel who all greeted me with either a kiss on the cheek or a hug. Then finally Benji he walked past and once again the uncomfortable sexual tension was back. We had one of them 'moments' again looking into each others eyes. He smiled nervously and I smiled weakly back.

"You coming in?" I said and he nodded then followed me in to join everyone else in the kitchen. Everyone was dotted around the room chatting with Liam helping themselves to the breakfast I had just made.

"You really didn't have to make breakfast for us too you know." Tony grinned.

"Cheeky bastard that was for me." I laugh playfully slapping him up the side of his head and stealing the piece of toast back. "So what do we owe this unfortunate pleasure?" I sighed jokingly.

"Well we thought maybe you wanted to come out with us some where to do something." Tony said.

"Somewhere as in where and something as in what?" I said looking from Tony to Matt to Joel to Josh then regretfully to Benji when the tension and the eye lock came back. I broke the gaze hopefully before anyone noticed.

"Don't really know we where hoping you'd help us out there." Matt said.

"Well I suggested the park or something fun you know play football or something." Josh said.

"Well I think its a little cold for the park but we could go to the sports club." The sports club down the street was really cool it was like being outside but inside. They had this huge room with all cushiony rooms where you play all sorts of fun sports and the best part was with it being the holidays hardly anyone goes.

"Oh yeah I've always wanted to go there." Joel piped up.

"Right well let's go there." Tony said. Josh nodded agreeing. Tony was already marching out the door.

"Tony where the hell are you going?" I laughed.

"To the club." He said innocently.

"Well you gotta wait for everyone else and if you want me to come I need to go get ready."

"Oh right." he said dumbly making us laugh. Then he came back into the kitchen eating some more breakfast. I went and got ready then joining the boys back in the kitchen. Matt and Tony where getting along great with Liam but Josh, Joel and especially Benji where a little cold towards him.

"OK I'm ready, you wanna come with' babe." I said wrapping my arms around his neck loosely from behind him and kissing his cheek.

"I'll come and watch but it's not like I can join in." he laughed lightly.

"Ok well me and you can go in my car and you guys can follow in yours." I said.

"Billy and Paul where gunna come too." Benji spoke up.

"Ok well two of you can come with us then." I said simply not daring to look him in the eyes again. Before anyone could say anything else there was a knock at the door. I went and answered it.

"Are they all here?" Billy asked.

"Yeah come in." I smiled.

"Nice of them to let us know we've only been stood outside waiting for ages." Paul complained making us laugh.

"Help yourself to some breakfast everyone else did." I said to Billy and Paul.

"OK so are we ready to go?" Joel spoke up. we all agreed. Benji, Josh Billy and Paul went with Joel in Joel's car and Tony and Matt came in my car with me and Liam. When we got to the club there was only a few kids in one of the room so we booked the other room just for ourselves.

"Ok let's play football." Josh announced getting the ball out. Everyone seemed to agree. Liam sat on one of the benches at the side as he was nominated as score keeper and referee.

"OK let's have Me, Tone, Soph and Josh against the GC boys." Matt said. We separated standing opposite each other. Billy, Paul, Joel and Benji looked at each other.

"Wait wait, that's not fair they got Sophie AND Josh on their team." Paul said. Everyone knew me and Josh where the best players.

"We don't mind." Tony laughed.

"Well we do." Joel said.

"Oh come on your all guys we've got a girl on our team." Josh said. I gave him the evil eye but then turned to team GC.

"Are you scared you'll get beat by a girl?" I laughed making the rest of my team laugh too.

"I'll swap with one of you if you that bothered." Josh said. Billy swapped with him.

"OK are you all ready?" Liam called from his bench. We all agreed and he blew the whistle.

We had our own way of playing football the two team's lined up facing each other a little way in from the back line. The aim was to past the ball between your team members to get it to the other side. You scored when you touched the other teams line with the ball. The other team had to try and stop you by either catching the ball that they where throwing or tackling the person with the ball at the time.

The lines where starting with Matt on the right then Billy, me and Tony, then GC was Paul opposite Matt, Benji opposite Billy, Joel opposite me and Josh opposite Josh which you guessed it Tony had a tantrum about but got told to shut up and play. Tony passed the ball long to Matt who had managed to run quit far forward but then Paul almost tackled him so he quickly passed it to Billy who nearly got tackled by Benji so quickly passed it to me. I managed to dodge Joel and run quick far before getting tackled by Josh. Josh started running forward with me chasing after him for revenge. Tony managed to catch the ball that Josh tried throwing to Benji. Tony instantly getting tackled by Joel. Joel ran and passed to Benji. Billy was no where near Benji to tackle him so I ran full speed at Benji and managed to tackle him. I think I tackled him a little harder than I expected as he stayed down for a little while. I helped him up we had that eye contact again. Everything seemed to stop when we looked into each others eyes. I snapped out of it when I got hit on the head with the ball. I looked round noticing that matt was the one that hard thrown it.

"Bastard." I shouted everyone stopped looking at me knowing Matt was gonna get it now. No one else seemed to have seen mine and Benji's moment but I think Liam might have as he was looking at me slightly pissed off. I didn't pay much attention to Liam my main focus was Matt. I threw the ball at Matt which he managed to dodge, and then I ran at him tackling him him groaning in pain. Everyone laughed.

"Soph you're not supposed to tackle your own team." Josh laughed. As me and Matt play fought on the floor. He managed to roll over so he was pinning me down but I soon flipped him back over. Liam blew the whistle breaking it up. We stood up me laughing trying to catch my breath.

"She's way too fucking strong." Matt laughed brushing himself off.

"OK let's play." Joel said when everyone had calmed down.

Our team started with the ball again, Matt passed to Billy who passed back to Matt to try and trick the other team which worked. Then Matt passed long to Tony who passed to me even though I had both Josh and Benji marking me. As soon as the Ball hit my hands they both jumped on me Benji first then Josh kind of fell on top too. Josh got up but let's just say me and Benji where in a compromising position. Everyone noticed that and the tension between us. Benji cleared his throat standing up pulling me up too. Both of us too scared to look at each other. The rest of the game was pretty much uneventful everyone avoiding the Benji and Sophie subject.

We all went out for dinner after. Everyone was having fun laughing and joking apart from Liam who was unmistakably pissed off at me and me and Benji we're being rather quiet too. After dinner we drove back to the houses. Tony and Mat hugged me and said good night to everyone else then went to their hotel in their car. Billy and Paul did the same then went to their houses. During this Liam was still very quiet and very pissed staring holes out of Benji, if looks could kill Benji would be dying a slow and painful death right now. Josh was the first to break the uncomfortable silence between him, me, Joel Benji and Liam; hugging me and saying goodnight then going into the house followed by Joel Which left Benji was stare lifted from to floor to my eyes. Here we go again with the 'moment' thing, serious it's like being in a bad teen movie. All the time Benji was looking at me, Liam was looking at him. Benji smiled weakly seeming unsure then said a quiet goodnight, I smiled slightly back and said a quiet good night back. Before Benji went in he noticed Liam staring holes out of him, they shared an uncomfortable stare before Benji turned and went back to the house.

"Come let's go in." I said quietly to Liam. He mumbled an agreement seeming deep in thought. We went to bed as soon as we got in Liam being very strange. You'd expect any other boyfriend correction fiancé to be slightly jealous, mad, pissed off even but he didn't really seem too bothered just distracted and deep in thought.
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