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chapter 17

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(Thursday 30th Dec)

I got up quite early for me today for a day that I don't have to get up. I woke up at 10o'clock, mom was at work and Liam was at the hospital again because he's doing some physio thing for his leg and then he had to do some more boring business stuff. I got up early because it was New Years Eve tomorrow and we where having a party. We're having the party at our house mainly because my moms the only one daft enough not to bother about her house being trashed. I was the one nominated to go shopping and buy all the shit that we needed including decorations, food and most importantly alcohol; even though the whole party was mainly the boy's idea. Liam wasn't too keen on having a party but went along with it anyway mainly because he didn't have much of a choice in the situation.

I was just going through the door when I remembered that I had forgot the most important thing keys, I swear I'd forget my head sometimes if it wasn't attached so I closed the door over and went back in search of my keys. I heard a knock at the door.

"Come in, it's open." I called to who ever it was no doubt one of the Madden's. Like I predicted I turned after finding my keys to see Benji and Joel stood in the doorway.

"Now that isn't very safe is it, leaving the door open and inviting us in like that we could have been anyone psycho killers or anything." Joel lectured.

"Well lucky for me you weren't, now unless you came for a reason I'm in a rush because I need to get all this party shit sorted for ya'll." I said walking out to my car.

"Just come to drop of this list and some money for you before we go to the DCMA meeting. We'll call back round after the meeting to help you." Joel said passing me paper and some money.

"Thanks but I thing I know what to get for a party with out you needing to write me a list." I laughed.

"I know but just take it ok." He laughed realising how stupid the idea seemed now.

"Ok see you later." I said as they went back to theirs and got in their car while I locked my door then got in my car and went to get everything that we needed for the party.

Hours later at least £300 later and a car full of shopping and I was finally on my way home. I was so tired and hungry I shopped all day not bothering to stop for lunch. I got home and decided to have something to eat first before unloading the car. When I got in the house only Liam was in.

"My mom around anywhere?" I asked. Liam was sat in the dining room on the laptop.

"She went over the Madden's." he said not looking up from the laptop.

"Any food left over?" I asked.

"No we didn't know when you'd be back or if you'd already ate." He shrugged still not moving his eyes or attention from the fucking; laptop I swear sometimes I think he'd rather be engaged to the laptop than me. typical of my mom and my so called fiancé I go out shopping all day for everyone else's shit and they don't even bother to save me some food or offer to help me unload the car.

Fuck them I thought fuck everyone I was truly pissed off now 1. I hated shopping 2. I was tired and hungry and 3. No one cared or even bothered to help me. Well if anyone wants me or their shit that I slaved away at getting all day them they can come to ME and get it. I went and ordered a Pizza luckily it came really quickly, I opened a bottle of wine and ran a bath. Yeah that's what I needed some relaxation to get away from all the stress and drama going on lately, I thought you went on holiday to get away from all the stress and drama but no I just get more of it. I must have been in the bath at least an hour having my pizza and wine.

Just like they promised as I was making my way down stairs there was a knock at the door I opened it to reveal Benji and Joel.

"Someone having some de-stressing?" Joel smiled as I was in my PJarmers and dressing gown glass of wine in hand.

"Yeah I fucking needed it after the day I've had running round getting all your shit. The worse part is when I get home none of you bastards give a shit about me." I said the last bit a little louder, making sure that Liam heard too. Joel laughed Benji gave a small laugh too but with Benji around me he seemed to went to join in with the conversation or whatever we where doing but always held back.

"No a good day then?" Joel smiled.

"No it bloody wasn't 1. I hate shopping 2. I had to shop all fucking day 3. When I get home NO ONE CARES offers to HELP or even save me some FUCKING FOOD." I said shouting out certain bits to hint at Liam. I was mad at both Liam and my mom but seen as my mom wasn't here then looks like Liam gets the full blow of it.

"Well we're here anything you want us too do?" Joel asked.

"Well I was just going to finish my wine then start unloading the car, but..."

"We'll do it." Joel finished. I smiled great fully. I went and got my keys glass of wine still in hand and opened the car for them.

"How much did you get?" Joel laughed when he seen how many bags there was.

"A lot." I said simply and taking a sip of my wine. They sighed and started unloading the bags. I stood at the front door 'supervising' drinking my wine.

As if on queue the minute Benji and Joel had unloaded the final bags my mom comes back.

"oh nice to see you mom thanks for saving your daughter that's worked so hard all day shopping for YOU, some food and being here to help me unload the bags." I said sarcastically half joking but still slightly pissed off; I swear no one thinks about helping me out around here.

"Oh yes sorry dear forgot all about that." she said offhandedly and walking into the house with out a care in the world turning on her precious soaps. I sighed and rolled my eyes at her attitude. Ladies and gentleman meet my mother she doesn't give a shit about anyone or anything especially her daughter apart from soaps and gossip.

"You guys wanna drink or something?" I asked them.

"No its ok we'll go back home." Joel said Benji looked away and put his hands in his pockets obviously uncomfortable.

"You sure?" I asked.

"Yeah we'll see you tomorrow, help you get everything ready." Joel said giving me a quick hug and leaving. Benji just stood there for a moment still in his own little world; he hadn't noticed that Joel had gone. I looked at him slightly amused then he snapped out of it looking embarrassed.

"I'll um...erm I gonna go." he stuttered. I smiled and nodded. He looked quite cute with all his uncomfortable ness wait what am I thinking this is Benji Madden we're talking about. Shit we had one of those moments again it's like something's so close to happening but it never does, not that I want it too either or so I think anyway.
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