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chapter 18

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(Friday 31st Dec)

When I get up my moms already left for work. I go downstairs and find Benji, Joel, Josh and Robin in the living room and Liam in the dining room you guessed it working on the laptop.

"Good afternoon." Josh smiled cheerfully when he seen me.

"Good morning." I replied in the same loud overly cheery tone.

"Here we saved you some breakfast." Joel said handing me a plate of scrambled egg one toast. I swear theses Madden's looked after me better than my real family. I looked over at Liam who still hadn't looked up a acknowledge my presence.

"Aw thanks at least some one doesn't forget me." I said the last bit louder to make my point again to Liam who didn't respond ion any way. I rolled my eyes.

"Good Morning Liam Darling How nice to see you!" I said loudly, cheerfully and in a sarcastic overly nice way. Putting my arms around him from behind. This seemed to snap him out of him little bubble, he knew when I was pissed at him because I always used a overly nice sarcastic attitude with him which pissed him off but it got my point across that I was pissed at him.

"Oh hi sorry, I was concentrating in my own little world. Morning." He smiled and gave me a kiss. I smiled then kissed back forgiving him see we g from really pissed at each other one second then back to good again the next.

"How's it going?" I asked motioning to the laptop.

"Not good I'm going to have to take a trip to the Chicago store and this is taking forever." He sighed.

"Ok well good luck with that, I'll leave you to it because I'll be no help with all that." I smiled giving him a kiss on the check then going over to the Madden's. Before I had chance to say or do anything there was a knock at the door. I went and answered it.

"Never fear the Lovato's are here!" Tony called also really cheery. What was with them all being so loud and cheery I guess they where getting hyped up for the party.

"Soph you ok you look like you've just woke up." Matt said as they walked into the house going into the living room to the Madden's.

"That's because I have just woke up." I said yawning a little.

"Aw never mind." Tony grinned greeting Benji.

"Ok so does anyone want to tell me what your all doing here this early?" I asked looking at them all blankly.

"We came to help you get everything ready for the party." Josh said.

"Oh ok, got you now." I nodded. "Ok well all the decorations are in the hall and the food and drinks are in the kitchen."

"I'll do all the food." Robin volunteered.

"Are you sure I'll do some too if you don't mind." I said.

"No it's fine you organise these boys if I need help Sarah will be over later and I'm sure your mom will give me a hand if I need it too." she smiled. I nodded, she went off into the kitchen to get started and I turned to the boys, how much help where they going to be?

"Billy and Paul are going to call later to help as well." Joel announced. I nodded.

"Ok well Joel and Josh do you two want to start moving the ornaments and other furniture out of the way put them in the spare room upstairs, Benji and Matt you two start putting decorations up in the hall and on the stairs and Tony you stay in here with me to do the decorations in here." I said. Yeah that was a good plan Josh and Joel with the furniture and ornaments because there the most responsible and separate Benji and Tony because they would piss around too much making sure Benji wasn't with me so there was no 'moments' again or uncomfortable ness.

Me and Tony actually made a good team me climbing the ladder and him passing me the banners to put up. Him threatening that he'd make me fall just so he'd catch me but I pointed out he'd probably laugh too much at me falling and drop me. We had a laugh joking around Tony deciding he'd rather wear the decorations him self. As I predicted Josh and Joel did a good job moving all the ornaments and furniture without breaking anything. At 1o'clock we decided to stop for some lunch that Robin had made for us. Liam was still working but took a break to sit with us and eat lunch. We all chatted while we ate Benji and me not really contributing to any conversation that would involve us having to talk or look at each other. There was defiantly tension between us and everyone especially Liam noticed this. He'd didn't seem pissed or say anything he just... observed.

When we'd finished eating lunch Sarah arrived, I knew something was going to happen as she was still pissed at me. We went back to decorating Benji and Matt had finished in the hall and on the stairs so we where all finishing off in the living room as me and Tony didn't get much done because we where laughing too much. I opened up the doors connecting the dining room to the living room to make it all one big room.

Liam moved around us while doing his work, I noticed him keeping an eye on me when ever Benji was near me. Sarah had a definite attitude with me and was being rather bitchy now if anyone had to the right to be pissed, have and attitude or be bitchy to anyone it would be MRE to HER as she was the one to start the me and Benji rumour. After half an hour I'd had enough I was going to sort this.

"Ok what's your problem?" I said to Sarah. She looked at me shocked.

"W...what?" she said she was always scared of me when I was pissed at her with good reason too most people where.

"I said what's your problem with me you've been bitchy and had an attitude with me for days now and I wanna knew what it is." I demanded.

"I... it's you... your never with me you always hang out with them," she said pointing to Benji, Joel and Josh. "Even though you 'claim' to hate him." She point straight at Benji with looked like a rabbit caught in head lights. Liam looked up at this too eyeing us all up. "When you all go out together you never invite me along to so I should be asking you what your problem is."

"Sarah I have no idea what your talking about when ever I make plans I always ask you and the few times when I'm out with your brothers it's because Joel or Josh has asked me I just assumed you where invited too but didn't want to come or something. When I'm invited out I consider it rude to just invite someone one along too." I said "Besides if anything I should be the one pissed at you and you know exactly why." I said she thought for a moment then remembered.

"I... I... told you I was sorry about that that was a complete mistake. I..." she stuttered seeming very nervous and embarrassed.

"Sarah it ok it's done now I forgave you but then you went all pissy with me."

"I know I'm sorry."

"Never mind, friends?" I said holding my arms out for a hug. She smiled great fully and hugged me. Then we went back to decorating.

We where nearly finished just putting the finishing touches and tidying up. I was nominated again to go up the ladder and put the last banner up over the arch between the living room and dining room. the ladder was a little short so I had to stretch, because I was looking up when I'd finished putting the banner up and looked down to start getting down from the ladder I got a head rush and went dizzy. I slipped and fell backwards off the ladder; luckily someone was walking passed and managed to catch me wrapping their arms around me to steady me.

"You ok?" they said quietly and softly into my ear. I turned around in shock it was Benji who had caught me. Our eyes locked. He still had his arms wrapped tightly around me.

"Erm... yeah thanks." I said quietly. We had a 'moment' again looking into each other eyes, it looked like and felt like we where about to kiss. We snapped out of it when we heard Tony clear his throat. We looked around everyone was watching us looking confused and smirking part from Liam who was observing again. This was wired. Benji quickly let go of me and we jumped apart.
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