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chapter 19

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When we'd finished decorating and everything was ready for the party they all left to go get them selves ready for the party before it started at 7o'clock.

I also went to get ready for the party tonight, I was going for a whole new look. I went and had a shower and decided to die my hair back to its natural colour for the New Year. My natural hair colour was blonde but for the past eight years while I've been in Miami I have died it almost black with a hint of red. Don't get me wrong I still loved the darker look but I thought it was time for a change so I decided on going back to champagne blonde. After my shower I went to my room to do my hair, make up and get dressed. I did my long past the shoulder newly dyed blonde hair in loose angel curls. I did my usual make-up, the natural look as I already had good completion of golden brown skin, smoky eyes with lots of eye liner and mascara. My dress was the typical 'little black dress' it was fitted to show off my curves, halter neck, very low cut so show off my good cleavage, the back cut out so you could see the tattoo at the bottom of my back and it finished just above my knee to show off my long tanned lags. My shoes where black and strappy with a silver stiletto heal.

It must have taken me longer than I thought to get ready because when I was ready and went downstairs the party had already started, my mom was home and her and Liam where both ready and had greeted all the guests. I went downstairs to join the party that was in full swing. Everyone was here old school friends, new friends, neighbours, the Maddens, the Lovato's, Billy and Paul with their girlfriends, the simple plan guys with their girlfriends those who had them, the AMC guys and loads of other people some that I didn't even know.

As soon as I walked into the main room of the party I spotted Tony, Matt, Benji, Joel and David stood by the drinks table.

"Fucking me!" Tony said jaw dropped when he noticed me that made the rest of them all turn to look at me when the seen me they all had the same reaction of Tony. I seen Benji look me up and down a few times trying his best to hide a smile. I walked up to them smiling a little.

"Tony close your mouth and stop catching flies." I said making the rest of them laugh.

"What happened to you?" he said grinning.

"What? Oh I thought I'd have a change go back to my natural colour for the new year." I said simply as if it was no big deal but it was. I knew all these guys would like it but I don't know what Liam would think. "What do you think?"

"Fucking sexy as hell." Tony breathed still staring at me with eyes bulging and mouth agape.

"Wow Soph you look really good love the hair." Sarah smiled coming up to us.

"Thanks Sarah. So is everyone here I didn't realise I'd took that long to get ready." I said.

"Yeah everyone's here you've not really missed much." Joel said. I nodded.

"You can take that long to get ready any time you like if you look that hot when you do...not that you don't look that good all the time." A voice, I knew too well but hadn't seen since I left, coming up behind me I turned as they put their arms loosely around my waist with a huge grin on my face.

"Wes! Hey I see your looking as good as ever too." I smirked. Then we hugged and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. we where always very flirty with each other but only joking we where nothing more than friends.

We all chatted and caught up for a bit longer then we all kinda separated. I went mingling talking and catching up with other people I knew and whop I hadn't seen in years. I kept a look out for Liam but every time I seen him he was either busy, talking to someone or I was busy, talking to someone so when I went to see him I didn't get chance too.

By the time I'd finished doing my rounds talking to everyone at the party I was defiantly a little drunk ok I was more that just a little drunk but I knew what was going on and what I was doing. I was bored so I decided to go find Liam or one of the guys to talk to and maybe persuade them to dance with me. I looked everywhere for Liam but couldn't find him, I noticed Billy, Paul and Matt dancing with their girlfriends on the dance floor and Tony and Joel talking to some girls by the drinks table. I couldn't see anyone one else but then I noticed Benji stood on his own in the corner looking as bored as I felt. I don't know what came over me it must have been the alcohol but I found myself walking over to him.

"How come your over here all on your own?" I said as I got up to him. He looked a little shocked and confused at first because it was ME talking to HIM.

"I...erm...I..." He stuttered at first. "Bored." He sighed shrugging his shoulders.

"Yeah me too." I nodded sighing and leaning against the wall next to him. We stood in silence for a second watching everyone dancing.

"You really do look good you know, I like your hair I prefer it blonde." He said breaking the silence making me smile it's been along time since either of us has said anything nice to each other.

"Thanks." I smiled turning to look at him, he was looking at me. our eyes connected again and we just stared into each others eyes for a second then a really good song came on.

"Come on come dance with me." I said knowing that he'd most defiantly say no. Benji Madden never dances.

"What about..." He began to ask looking at the other guys he was worried what they'd say or think and if it bothered me but I didn't care I was too bored and too drunk.

"Fuck them come on." I grinned grabbing his hand and pulling him onto the dance floor. There was only ever my that could get him to dance when we used to go anywhere like school dances etc.

we danced for about three songs ignoring the looks we got from the other guys they all seemed to stop and watching confused and amused when they seen us together. After we where done dancing we went for a drink and chatted it was so much fun just like old times when we where best friends again.

I'd forgot all about Liam until 11 o'clock, I left Benji and went looking for Liam. I search everywhere and finally found him sat on my bed in my room.

"What are you doing up here on your own. I was looking everywhere for you." I said confused.

"Thinking. Don't bullshit you where looking for me I seen you with Benji." He said looking at me emotionlessly.

"I was looking for you but couldn't find you then got chatting to Benji..."

"That's the thing you hate him or so you say." He said sounding like my mom, Joel, Josh, Sarah and pretty much everyone else.

"Liam I..." I started to try and explain.

"Soph we need to talk." He said blankly and seriously. I couldn't read him, what he was thinking.

"OK what about?" I said a little confused.

"Us." he said plainly.

"Oh" I said knowing where this was going.

"I don't think we should get married any more." He came straight out with it no holding back.

"W...What? But I love you." I said not really knowing what else to say. This was a bit of a shock I mean yeah we had a few disagreements but most of the time we where fine.

"Mmm...maybe but I don't think so, not the way you should any way." he said not really sounding bothered in fact he seemed like he'd been thinking this for a while and came to terms with it. He wasn't saying it nastily or acting nasty he was being quiet... caring.

"What do you mean?" I asked a little confused at what he was getting at.

"You've tricked and told yourself that you love and need me but you don't. I mean I think you like that idea of us. The idea of us being a happy couple in love. You try and tell yourself 'this' is what you want, hell you may even love my but you not IN love with me, you never where, never will be." He explained never dropping the eyes contact; he started getting upset towards the end. He took a deep breath then carried on. "Don't get me wrong I'm not mad or anything I've just finally put two and two together..."

"And made five!" I shouted I couldn't believe he was saying this but in a way deep down I knew he was telling the truth and he'd finally realised it too.

"No that's where you're wrong it's obvious you can't see it because you've been denying it, running away from it for so long." He said shaking his head.

"What are you talking about?" I said getting a little frustrated.

"I'm talking about you, your not IN love with me, you never where, never will be. You can't love me or anyone else like that because your heart was taken along time ago. Your heart always has and always will belong to... Benji."

"You're wrong."

"I'm not you just need to admit it to yourself. Everyone else can tell just by seeing the way you look at each other, look behind the furry there's undying love. Don't get me wrong I'd love you to look at me the way you look at Benji but you don't and I'm ok with that. I care about you and want you to be truly happy and for that you need to be with Benji."

"I don't know what to say." I said getting upset I really did love him yeah he was right I wasn't actually in love with him but I cared for him because he's done so much for me over the years.

"Soph its ok I've suspected this since I first met you, the things you told me about him the way you talked about him. Just being here cleared it all up. Your in love with and meant to be with Benji, now go get him." He said smiling.

"Where does this leave us?"

"Where do you want it too? I'm happy with being friends." He said.

"Friends sounds good... here this belongs to you." I said handing him the engagement ring.

"No I gave it to you. You keep it wear in on e necklace or something, I don't want it back." he smiled. I turned to leave. "Oh and Soph tell your mom it was lovely meeting her and thanks for having Me." he said picking up a suit case from behind the bed. I looked at him confused.

"Are you leaving?" I said looking at the suit case.

"yeah I need to go check out the Chicago store and no offence but I need some space away from you to help me get over you." he said the last bit about me quietly not looking me in the eye. I walked over to him giving him a hug.

"I do love you, you know. May be not in the way you'd like but I love you thank you for everything." I whispered to him as I hugged him tightly he hugged me tightly back too. we broke apart and I went back to the party for Benji and Liam left through the back door to go to the airport.
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