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Chapter 03

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Megan, a bulimic girl who believes she is unloveable, falls in love with Frank Iero

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I stumbled through the front doors to be greeted with stupid remarks such as 'look at the new goth kid' or 'haha, look at the freak'. Pathetic shit that shouldn't get to me but did.
Eh, why me? What did I do in my past life that was so bad that lead me to be this?

I carried on my walk down the hall looking at my shoes as I scuffed them along the horrible, dirty floor.
Walking through the hall more insults were thrown at me. I should be used to it by now, what with exactly the same at my old school and living with my father. But the truth is, it still gets to me.

I went to get my schedule from the office and carried on scuffing my shoes on my way to first period. Science.

I walked through the door only to be greeted with more people whisperings, pointing and giggling. Oh my God! This is going to be a long year.
"Ah, we have a new student?" The teacher questioned.
I merely nodded, keeping my eyes on my shoes the whole time.
"Good, good. You must be Megan Blake? Am I right?"
Again, all I did was nod.
"Care to introduce yourself?"
This time, instead of nodding I shook my head.
"Go on" The teacher urged.
Again, I shook my head.
"Where are you originally from?"
"Do you not understand what a shake of the head usually means?" I shot at him.
"Okay Megan. I'm Mr. Wright by the way. Take a seat."
Two minutes talking to this dude and I already hate him. Eugh.

I glanced around the room taking in all of the other students. A bunch of preps and jocks. Just great. But in the far corner sat a boy with long black hair drawing in a sketch pad. Probably listening to music as his had a cord coming down from his ears so it was kinda obvious. Not really wanting to sit near anyone I looked into the other corner where there was no one.
So I walked over into the back corner and took a seat on my own, far away from the rest of the class.

Frank P.O.V.

'Fuck! I'm gonna be late again.' I thought as I sprinted my way to school. 'Mr. Wright's going to kill me.'

Running through the deserted corridors I found the science room.
"Late AGAIN Mr. Iero" Mr. Wright said, emphasizing the word 'again'.
"Uh, yeah. Sorry sir."
"And what's your excuse for today then Mr. Iero? I take it you didn't help another old lady and her pink poodle out of a burning house this time."
I couldn't help but laugh. I like to come up with excuses that were obvious lies.
"No sir. Not today. Today it was just a factory explosion and I had to go help with the fire etc. The usual." Right..
"That's nice Frank. But if I remember correctly I said if you're late once more it's detention."
"Sir, I think you have remembered wrongly." Worth a try, huh?
"Ah, Mr. Iero. I know I remembered correctly. But nice try. Break detention. Now take a seat."
I huffed and looked around the room for Gerard.

As usual the first few rows were the preps and jocks. All the girls in mini skirts and 'tops' that you could hardly call a top.
But in the back corner there was someone I had never seen before. Jet black hair with blonde tops and random bits of red here and there, black eyeliner rimmed her gorgeous hazel eyes. Her cheeks, slightly boney but beautiful none the less. And on top of all that, she had awesome shoes. Black and red converse.

Gerard was in the other corner. Should have guessed. He's not much of a social guy and he must have his head phones in as he hasn't even seen me and I've been at the front for almost five minutes.

Walking over to Gerard I realized that, in fact, he did have head phones in. Not really surprising.
"Hey dude." I said, tapping him on the shoulder.
He spun around but relaxed once he was who it was. He must have the volume up high. He took one ear out so he could hear me.
"Hey, why are you late again?" He asked with a smirk.
"Well, y'know. Couldn't leave a factory exploding now could I?" I asked, trying to keep a straight face but failing miserably.
"You and your stupid excuses that no body believes 'cause of the stupidity of them."
"Okay, okay. But that's why you love 'em."
"Yes, true." He replied laughing.
"So Gee, who's the new girl?" I asked, looking in the direction of her. She was now staring into space. Probably not too keen on the whole idea of a 'new school'.
"Who her?" Gerard pointed at the new girl and I simply nodded. "Err, I think her name's Megan Broke or Black or something-a-rather."
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