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Chapter 04

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Megan, a bulimic girl who believes she is unloveable, falls in love with Frank Iero

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Megan P.O.V.

I must have spaced out because the next thing I knew Mr. Wright was standing right infront of me, tapping my desk while the rest of the class was laughing.
"W-what?" I stammered, coming back from my thoughts that I could no longer remember.
"Were you listening to me Miss. Blake?"
"No sir."
"Right, well next time I'm talking. Pay attention please"
"Yes sir." God, I hate this guy.

Mr. Wright walked up to the front of the class and carried on with what he was talking about.
"Well, as I was saying. I will be putting you in partners for your next project which will be on families and lifestyles." My head jerked up as I heard this. No way! Partners? Family? Lifestyle? My three biggest nightmares.
"You will ne in partners of Girl, Boy." At least I won't be stuck with some bitchy girl. "Now, any questions before I give you your pairs?" Yes, how do we get out of this? "No? Alright, James and Kathy. Mark and Jeana. Gerard and Britney. George and Paige. Frank and Megan.." I zoned out after he said my name.
'Who's Frank? What's he like? He's gonna hate me!'
I must have spaced out again because someone was waving a hand infront of my face.
"Oh, sorry." I said, looking down at the desk.
"You space out alot, huh?" He asked.
"Er yeah, I guess."
"Okay, well I'm Frank." He stuck his hand out, so I thought it's only polite to shake back. But why would he want to shake hands with me? Why would he even want to touch me? While shaking his hand I looked up into the most gorgeous green-brown eyes I ad ever seen.
"M-megan" I replied, blushing.
"Cool" He said, taking the seat next to me. I was blushing like mad and I have no idea why. I can't like this boy already can I? And even if I did why would he like me back? He wouldn't.
"Okay, so I guess after school one day I'll go back to yours or-"
"No!" I cut him off.
"What?" Clearly confused at my answer.
"Not mine."
Okay, we'll go back to mine? That okay?" I nodded and let him continue. "And we'll work on the project."
"Awesome" He beamed.

Just then, the bell rang. Signalling 1st period over and onto 2nd. Art.
"Well, I'll see ya around." Frank waved as he walked towards the door.
"Yeah, bye Frank" I called after him.
"Bye Megan."

As I walked through the door to art I heard more muttering. Oh my freaking God! What is wrong with this school? Have they never seen a 'new girl' before?

"Hello, I'm Ms. Maynard" The art teacher said. "You're Megan right? Megan Blake?"
"Okay, go take a seat next to Gerard. The boy over there in the back." She said pointing to the guy who was in science.
Gerards head snapped up when he heard Ms. Maynard say his name. He looked at me and gave a small welcoming smile so I walked over and sat down beside him.
"You're the girl Frank's paired with in science right?" He asked as soon as I sat.
"Yeah, Megan."
"Cool. Can I call you Meg? I like one sylabled (sp?) names."
"Erm, sure." I replied uneasily. Only my mums called me Meg, but she's not around to do so anymore.
"Wiked. I'm Gerard, you can call me Gee."

"Right class." Ms. Maynard spoke "I want you all to draw a picture resembling an event that has changed your life. It can be anything you want it to be. Just draw."

Half an hour later and the finished drawings were done. I had drawn a grave stone which said R.I.P Mum on it with blood and bullets in places.
Gerard seemed to have drawn alcohol and drugs and other stuff. He was an amazing artist I must say.
"Can I see?" He asked.
"No" I quickly replied. I didn't want him to know my mum was dead. I didn't want him to know my father was abusive. I didn't wnat him to know anything about me. I don't want to get close to people. I don't want to be able to trust him. I can't trust anybody. And that's the way it's gonna stay.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Break, perioud 3 and 4, Lunch, threw it back up, then period 5.
Now I'm on my way home. I know my dad's gonna be there when I get back. He always is. Waiting for me.
"Hey Megan! Wait up!" Someone called. It's not like I have friends so why would someone be calling me? I stopped and turned around only to be met with those gorgeous hazel eyes again.
"Oh, hey Frank" I smiled weakly at him. It's not like we're friends, just partnered for some dumb project. So why did he wanna talk to me?
"Where ya heading?" Frank asked.
"Erm, home.."
"Oh yeah. DUH" He said, hittig the top of his head with his palm. I let out a small giggle. God! I havn't giggled in AGES!
"You have a cute giggle. You wanna come back to him? Gee's coming over also. You had art with him right?"
"Yeah, I did."
"Cool, so you wanna come round?" Did I? Like hell I did. But my dad.
"Erm, no. Not today. Another time maybe"
"Sure, no problem." Frank replied, slightly disapointed.
I felt bad. But I mean, I don't want to get beat for going to his without saying.

We kept on walking untill we came to my house.
"Well this is my house. See ya round Frank."
"Yeah, bye." He smiled, I couldn't help but smile back. His smile gave me a warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach that I knew would disappear as soon as I stepped inside the house.

Frank P.O.V.

"Well this is my house. See ya round Frank" Megan said once we came to a small, but decent sized house.
"Yeah, bye" I smiled at her and she smiled back.
I think that was the first genuine smile I've seen her give all day. It was stunning. Perfectly straight teeth that were surrounded by her pinky red lips. Beautiful.
I watched her as she walked into her house.
As soon as she entered I could hear yelling. But I was too far away to hear what they were about.
Then I could hear things breaking.
I wonder what's going on..
Not wanting to get caught up in anyone else's buissness I carried on the walk to the park where Gerard would be.

Megan P.O.V.

"You little whore!" My dad yelled as soon as I walked through the door. "I was you talking to that boy out there!"
"What?" I was totally confused. How could he call me a whore from talking to Frank?
"Oh don't give me that rubbish. You've probably been fucking him at school too!"
"DAD! I don't go round fucking people!"
"Your mother did. She used to. Like mother like daughter!"
"How can you say that?! You loved her!"
"Key word there 'loved'"
"Do you not care about what happened to her?!"
"That was your fault, it's always your fault. I had a bad day at work today, and it was your fault. You were late leaving, I was late for work." Of course..
"What did I do to mum them?!"
"Don't ask fucking questions!" Don't ask questions. Could you imagine a World without questions? Would wouldn't get anywhere in life. "WHY NOT!" I yelled, I knew I shouldn't yell at him, it gets him even angrier. And I knew from the moment he picked up the glass vase things were going to get worse..

Plates, bowls, vases, anythinig you can think of, were being thrown at me. Some missed, some hit. He even threw a fork at me and just as it was about to hit me in the face I blocked it with my arm. Only to be left with a fork sticking out of it.
"OW! FUCK!" I shrieked. Not even wanting to pull it out. Ew. "Ow ow ow".

My dad obviously thought that now was the time to stop throwing, as he put the bowl down and walked over to me. Giving me a hard slap round the face, then going up to his room.
I could feel the bits of glass and china that had got stuck in my face earlier now edge there way even deeper into my face.

I need to get out of here. The pain was too much. I guess I've had worse, broken ribs and other bones. But never a fork in my arm, That's something new.

I took off out the door and ran. Not knowing where I was heading or where I was going to end up.
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