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Chapter 05

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Megan, a bulimic girl who believes she is unloveable, falls in love with Frank Iero

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I appologise in advance for this chapter, I wrote it at 1 in the morning and so if there's any spelling mistakes. Sorry.

I burst into tears as I ran down the street.
What did I do wrong? Why did he have to blame me for what happened ti my mum? Did I drive her insane? Did I make her so mad she couldn't take it anymore? Did I do that to her? And what about mmy dad? What did I do to him to get him to do this to me? Was I just one big fuck up like he says? Did I take mum away from him? Did I force him to stop loving her?
Oh God, what did I do?
Questions. Questions with out answers.

I ran past lots of houses, I think I ran for about 15 minutes until I turned into a pathway.
Clutching my right arm (the one with the fork) I walked down the path and as I was new here, I didn't know where it would take me. But I didn't care right now. Not at all.
But a few minutes later I realised it came to a park.

Frank P.O.V.

It took me about 20 minutes to get to the park from Megan's house. And when I got there I found Gerard in our usual place. The swings.
"Hey Gee" I said as I approached him.
"Oh, hi Kay" yes, he calls me Kay. Like the 'k' at the end of Frank. I don't know. He likes on sylabled names but as I pointed out to him that 'Frank' is a one sylabled word, he just said 'yes, but that's your real name. You need a nickname' and from then on I was known as 'Kay'. He's odd.
I sighed as I sat down on the swing next to Gee.
"What's up Kay?"
"Nothing, I just heard shouting and things breaking in Megans house. And I don't know what's going on." I sighed again.
"I'm sure she's fine Kay" Gerard reasured me.
Why was I so concerned about a girl I had just met? A very beautiful girl might I add. But still.
"Eh, I guess."
"Kay, she'll be fine. Anyway, why do you care so much? You just met her."
"I don't know Gee. I really don't know. I just like her, I guess." I could feel my cheeks turning red in embarrassment. Why did I just tell him that? And how can you like someone so fast?
I mean, I've known her one Goddamned day.
"Aw, my little Kay's all grown up" Gerard fake criend while pretending to wipe awaya a fake tear.
"Fuck off!" I spat angrily, turning even redder.
"C'mon Kay, don't be mad." Gerard laughed.
"Eugh, just fucking piss off." I turned around, facing away from Gerard when someone in the alley way at the park entrance caught my eye. She was cradeling her arm which looked like she had something shiney on or in it. She was running into the park and as she got closer I realised it was Megan. And she had a fork stuck in her arm. While her arm and sleeve was covered in blood.
"I think we know now." Gerard wispered as Megan ran past us.
"MEGAN!" I yelled.

Megan P.O.V.

I ran through the park in tears, holding on to my arm.
As I ran past the swings someone yelled at me.
"MEGAN!" The voice yelled. "Stop!"
I stopped and turned around to be met with Frank and Gerard. Both were stairing at my arm which was now covered in blood. Frank's eyes were full of concern while Gerard's were wide in shock.
"Uh, hi." I squeeked. No, no one was supposed to see. They'll just ask questions..
"Whao! What happened?" Gerard's voice went high as he asked. Told ya someone would ask.
"N-nothing" I lied. I don't want them to know about my life. "I just fell, and it got stuck y'know."
"Ow" Frank and Gerard both said nearly in unison, and clearly not believing me. But at least they weren't asking questions.
"You need to get the fork out." Frank stated.
"Yeah, but I'm not pulling it." I replied, just the though of that made me feel sick.
"Hey Kay, isn't your mum a doctor-y thing?" Gerard asked Frank.
"Yeah. C'mon Megan. My mum'll sort it out for you."
Do I really want Frank's mum -someone I did not even know- sorting out my arm? I don't think so. I mean, won't the fork, well my skin, make a sickly sound as it's pried out.
"Erm, I don't know..."
"Well you need to get it out, you can't go round with a fork sticking out of your fucking arm!" Gerard practically shrieked. "Ew, gross." For a guy who looked alot like a vampire, he sure is a whimp.
"Look, just come back to mine and let my mum take a look at it." Franks voice was full of concern, just making me like him even more.
He sounds like he really cares?
But why would he?
I'm just a girl with shit loads of problems.
Why would anyone care?
But would it really hurt to go back to his?
As Gerard said, I couldn't gro round forever with a fork in my arm.
"Okay" I said.
"Okay, this way." Frank said, taking my 'un-forked' arm.

Frank P.O.V.

Ew. Fuck. It looked gross. Her arm was covered in blood and it just looked awful.
I bet it was fucking painful aswell.

When we got to my house I found my mum sitting on her bed, stuck in a book.
"Erm mum, my friend Megans hurt and as you're a doctor-y thing could you help her?"
"Sure honey. What kind of hurt are you?" Mrs Iero asked me, not able to see my arm as I had hidden it beching Gerard's back as we stood in her doorway.
"Oh Christ! How did that happen?!" Mrs Iero cried leaping off her bed and running over to take a closer look. "Well, obviously I'm going to have to remove the fork, but I think you'll be needing some stitches as it's quite deep."
"S-stitches!" I shrieked. "No no no no."
"Oh honey, you'll be fine."
"Well, if you come into the bathroom I'll take it out and stitch it up for you? Or you can go to the hospital and get it done?"
"No hospital." I've been there too much with broken ribs and such, I didn't want to be stuck in a white room again.
"Okay, lets go to the bathroom then."
Oh man, I was really dreading this.
It's gonna hurt like hell, and as I'm not in a hospital she's not gonna have any anesthetic.

As Franks mum was pulling out the fork Frank held my hand.
I couldn't help but smile. Why was he caring so much? But I must admit, it was nice having someone caring for me.

As I predicted, when the fork was still being pulled out it was making a sort of squelching sound in my arm.
Gerard kept cringing and I couldn't help but laugh at it.
But it was bloody painful, which was causing me to squeeze Frank's hand even harder.
"Yeah- this is making me feel sick" Gerard started. "I'm gonna go home now. Bye Kay, bye Megan and bye Ma." I take it he calls Frank's mum ma?
"Bye Gee." Frank said back.
"Bye sweetie." Mrs Iero replied after Frank, then went back to prying the fork slowly out of my arm.

After the fork was out even more blood covered my arm.
"Ah! Fuck" I shrieked in pain.
"Okay, now I'm gonna clean you up so I can stictch it."
I could feel silent tears running down my cheeks as Mrs Iero applied pressure to the fork holes.
"Hey don't cry. I know it hurts, but it'll be over before you know it." Frank wispered as he wiped the tears away from my cheeks.
I didn't even realised that Mrs Iero was about to stitch my arm until I felt a needle on my arm.
"Ow fuck!" I yelled. I closed my eyes as tight as they would go while Frank rubbed the small of my back while telling me it was okay.
God, this guy was so nice.
I don't deserve this.
"Okay, do you want me to call your parents or you?" Mrs Iero asked once she was done.
"No! He doesn't need to know. I don't wanna go back tonight."
Fuck, did I basically tell her about my dad?!
"Did your father do this to you Megan?" Mrs Iero asked again.
Fuck! I did.
"No! I just don't wanna go home."
"Mum, can she stay here tonight?" Frank asked.
"Oh no, I couldn't do that I don't want to be a bother."
"Nonsense honey, if you don't want to go home of course you can stay, where else would you go? I couldn't let you sleep on the street."
"Thank you Mrs Iero. Thank you so much."
Hopefully she had no idea what she was helping me from though..

*Later that night..*

Me and Frank were lying down on his bed. Frank had his arms tucked under his head and I was curled up in a ball next to him.
"What actually happened to your arm?" I should have known he was gonna ask sooner or later. I just hoped it would have been later.
"I don't want to talk about it just yet." I didn't really plan on opening up to him. But I could see my self trusting him. Well I already did trust him. But I didn't want him to know about my dad, my mum, my past, or me being bulimic. I think it's all abit too much to just throw at someone, plus, I wasn't ready to tell anyone just yet.
"Okay, well when you do. You know where to find me."
"Thank you Frankie. Thank you so much." I said, snuggling into him. Ha! I was acting like I was his girlfriend, but instead of him staying how he was he wrapped his arm around me and kissed the top of my head.
"No problem Megan" He wispered.
The funny part of all this is that I havn't felt this safe in ages, well ever really. Eugh, why was I feeling this way? 'He doesn't think of me like that Megan. Damnit.' I though, mentally hitting my self.

Frank P.O.V.

We just lay there. And y'know what. It felt so perfect. We fit together perfectly. Like puzzle pieces that match. I could lie here forever with her in my arms. She's fucking skinny though. I can feel her ribs through her oversized hoodie.
Should I be worried about her? Well obviously I should be worried, I think she has problems going on at home. And I want to help her. She just needs to tell me what's going on.

"Hey, you wanna watch a movie?" I asked after about 20 minutes of just lying there.
"Yeah, sure." She smiled. "Er Frank, I don't have any thing to sleep in."
"Oh yeah, erm you could borrow a t-shirt and boxers of something."
"Okay, thanks again."
"No problem, do you wanna get changed now of after the movie?"
"Erm, now. Then I can fall asleep." She grinned.
"Hehe, okay. I'll get you some clothes." I replied with a matching grin and walked over to my chest of drawers and got out a pair of plain black boxers and my red t-shirt that I wrote 'homophobia is gay' on. I think it's awesome, if I may say so myself.
"You can get changed in the bacthroom while I change in here."
"Okay" She replied and went off to the bathroom as I stripped down to my boxers.

When she came back in she had her arms crossed over her stomach, almost as if she was trying to hide it. Whoa, she's fucking beautiful.

"So, what do you wanna watch?" I asked her.
"Erm, well what do you have first?" She replied.
"Good question" I laughed "Erm. OO! How about The Nightmare Before Christmas" I said, jumping up and down.
"Hell yeah! I love that film." She joined me with the jumping and raised a fist, punching the air.

I put the DVD on and we climbed into bed. Again, she curled up into a ball next to me and I wrapped and arm around her shoulder pulling her closer. As I did, her arm went over my stomach. I could get used to this.

After about 30 minuted into the film, I don't know what came over me. But I kissed her. And she didn't protest. She kissed back!

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