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Chapter 06

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Megan, a bulimic girl who believes she is unloveable, falls in love with Frank Iero

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Sorry about the length, but it was frustrating me that it wasn't posted.


Megan P.O.V

Frank's kissing me! I'm lying in Frank's bed, kissing him.
His tongue flicked accross my bottom lip and I opened my mouth allowing his tongue to touch mine and explore my mouth.
I must be imagining things!

"Erm Megan" Frank started once we broke apart.
"Y-yes" Oh no, he's going to say it was a mistake. I know he is. Why would he want to kiss me?
"Will you be my girlfriend?" Or not. Now I really must be imagining things.
Why would someone like Frank, want someone like me?
"Yes" I smiled and kissed him on the lips. Tnen fell asleep in probably one of the best sleeps I've had in years. But confused all the same.
Peaceful, but confused.

We woke up to Franks mum shouting for us to get up.
Frank had his arms around my waist and I had mine around his.
"Morning babe" He smiled and pecked my lips.
"Morning" I smiled back.
I have got to be fucking dreaming, I mean c'mon! I'm fat and ugly!
"Do you want breakfast Megan?" Frank asked me.
Yes, I did want breakfast. I wanted to eat my confusion away. But I also wanted to be able to throw it all back up with my feelings. But how was I supposed to do that with Frank around?
"Erm, no"
"Okie dokie" Frank said, making me laugh abit at 'okie dokie', he smiled at me then turned over to look at his clock.
"Fuck! 7:30. We need to leave soon."
"Eugh" I groned, rolling out of bed and landing on the floor with a loud thud.
"You okay babe?" Frank asked, peering over the edge of the bed.
"Haha, yeah" I stood up and found my clothes from last night. "Grr, I don't have any eyeliner on me" Now I was going to look even worse.
"You can borrow mine"
"Thanks" Wait, He has eyeliner? "What, you have eyeliner?"
"Er yeah" He blushed "I wear it at the weekend.. 'cause people at school would think I'm an even bigger freak"

We got changed and went off to school.
We walked to school holding hands while we talked about nothing in particular.
When we reached the door Gerard jumped out from nowhere shouting "boo!" causing me to shriek and Frank to scream. Of course... Gerard just laughed.
"Not funny Gee" I scolded him.
"Sorry.. I just.. Oh man" He said between laughs.
"You could have fucking killed me mate" Frank said.
When Gerard finally gained his composure he said "Hey Megan, how's your arm?"
"Oh yeah, it's fine. Little sore but ah well." I replied and Frank kissed the top of my head while he put an arm around my shoulder.
"Wait, are you too like dating?" Gerard asked.
"Yeah" Frank and I replied in unison.
"HA! I knew this would happen."
Just then the bell rang signalling first period.
"Eugh, science." Frank grounded.
"Hey! I'm in your science group" I said pouting, "is that not a good thing?"
"That's an excelent thing. I just don't like Mr Wright."
"Ha, neither" Gerard said "Well seeing as the bell went a minute ago, making us now officially late, what's your excuse Kay boy?" He grinned.
"What?" I asked.
"I'm always late for his lesson so I come up with stupid excuses as to why I'm late. I don't think he's ever believed one" Frank said proudly.
I laughed at this.
"Today, I think it should be.." He paused for a few seconds then started again "Ah, here we go. A man was being chased by a wild bore and so we had to fight the bore off and save the dude."
I snorted and quickly covered my mouth with my hand that wasn't around Frank's waist.
"Ha! You just snorted!" Gerard shouted.
"Fuck off" I replied.
"Awh, it was cute" Frank said, bending down to kiss me on the lips. Yes, I'm shorted than him
"Break it up" Gerard said, still laughing. "We gotta get to class"

Frank and I broke apart and the three of us walked through the deserted corridors till we found Mr Wrights room.
"Okay, you all know the excuse."
"Yep" me and Gerard beamed.
"Great" Frank opened the door and stepped inside, followed by me and Gerard.
"Well, nice of you to join us." Mr Wright sarcastically said. "What happened this time Frank?"
"Well, you see sir. As we were walking to school a man ran past screaming and a wild bore chasing him. So we did what any decent citizen would do and saved the man from the wild bore" Frank said, saying 'saved' in a dramatic heroic voice.
The class snickered while Mr Wright stood there with a straight face.
"Right Frank. Megan, this is your second day and you're already late. Do NOT make a habbit of this."
"No sir." I replied, holding back a laugh.
"Take a seat next to your partner for your project."

So I sat next to Frank while Gerard went off to some cheerleader.
We started on our project. I got Frank to talk about his family and lifestyle instead of mine.
His parents got divorced when he was 10, he lives with his mum, he desperately wants a dog- but his mum's allergic, he spends his days at the park with Gerard and his other friends- Bob, Ray and Gerard's younger brother Mikey (all of whom I had not met yet), and stuff like that.
I was actually really interested about him, but I guess that's what happens when you like someone huh?
I wouldn't know, they only other boyfriends I've had were fucking dicks. Who thought with their dicks, not their brains.
We jotted down all the things about Frank and he said we would find out about me later.
Hopefully later will never have to come.

After science we went to different subjects.
Me: History
Frank: English
Gerard: Art

Break came around and I walked into the ground to where we sat yesterday, hoping they would be there. Otherwise I would end up on my own all day.
Walking around the back of the bike shed I found out that yes indeed they were there.
"Midge!" Frank shouted and ran over to me and kissed my lips.
"Hey Frankie. Midge?" Yes,
"Yeup. You're shorted than me" he grinned "and it begins with 'M' just like Megan" Right..
"Haha, okay" I laughed. Yes, I liked it. No, I loved it. I had never had a nickname before. Or a proper boyfriend. But now I've got both.

Wait, what if Frank only wants me for one thing? Sex.
I mean, that's what every other guy wanted.
What's so different about Frank?
What is there that actually makes him like me?
Am I just a fuck?
A bit of fun?

Then I noticed three other guys.
"Who are they?" I pointed out
"This is Ray" Gerard pointed to a guy with a big brown 'fro "This is Bob" Bluest of eyes, and blonde hair "and this here's my kid brother Mikey." Cute kid, with nerdy glasses and sandy brown hair.
They all said Hi and I waved.

The day went by slowly.
Fortunatelly Frank and Gerard had different lessons after lunch that were in different directions, so I was able to throw my food up.
And yes, it did make me feel better.

I went off to my next lesson and dozed off.

When school ended I walked out of the school gates when Frank came running over.
"Hey Midge"
"Hey Frankie" He pecked my cheek.
"You wanna come to mine today?"
What did I tell you? A quick fuck.
"I can't today. Sorry" My dad would kill me anyway if I did, and as I wasn't there yesterday. Oh fuck. I'm dead.
"Okay, another time. And you'll need to come over so my mum can check out your stitches soon anyway." Ha! excuses.
"Yeah, another time" I checked my watch. 3:30. "Fuck, I gotto get home. Bye Frankie!" And I kissed his lips and ran off home.

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