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the depart

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Two hours later they were sitting in a plane again. Ashley had called her father, Mr. Thomas who had immediately sent two: one for Delilah and Julius and one for Emmet, Ursula, Prosper, (who went involuntarily) Ana and of course for his daughter. It was a good thing; the Academy couldn't afford giving planes to deserting agents when the GIB was watching them so closely.

"I'll have an eye on you", Scarlett had said quietly when they had taken goodbye.

"Me too", Al had added. "Makes like two, man. Take care of you."

"We can't leave the Academy. But we respect your decision - we're proud of you", Scarlett said to Delilah and Julius.

They just hoped to be back soon with a plan to throw those GIBs out. Every second they spent inside their home was one second too much.

Julius fell asleep during the flight - it was long enough! There he was lying on the fresh mown grass hearing Ursula, who suffered from hay fever, sneeze from faraway, blinking against a bright sun when some drops of water fell on his face. It wasn't rain ... someone had sprang into the pool. He was at the Academy and nothing would destroy this happy happy day. It was getting hot in the sun but Delilah was at hand to pull him with her into the water. They splashed cheerfully around when a lurch destroyed the idyll. He awoke.

"Sorry, turbulences..." the pilot said through the speaker.

Julius straightened up. Delilah next to him had also fallen asleep. She wore a blue blouse a button of which had opened. Under it a yellow bra shone out. It looked nice on her pearly skin... he only wondered why she was wearing those cushioned ones at the moment ... had she an inferiority complex? But he didn't want to bother her with that now. He turned around and was soon sound asleep again.

They finally landed. Delilah didn't believe anymore that there were so many turbulences ... in the time she hadn't slept there had been over five and as the landing process was dragging on she simply thought that the pilot was incapable.

Street lamps, chain-link and concrete

Somehow she was creating an aversion against anything that was Greek ... she liked the vast landscapes, the wonderful people but at the moment there was just a rather cold, unhomely city and because of some reason evil had decided to set out from here.
Soon they had reached the grove that surrounded the factory. There were kimonos repairing the roof ... and Miss Deeds!

"How can she be ..." Julius whispered when he felt a tug at his shirt. With a sense of foreboding they turned round. And indeed there was a kimono lady standing there gesturing to follow her.

They were led directly to her. Ms. Deeds beamed at them. "Guests!" she called. "and Julius ... I'm so glad you could come, He -" Her head jerked. "My master will be pleased to get you. You may stay here while we're waiting for Him."

Delilah looked at Julius. "I thought she was scared of him? Why is she collaborating?"

Julius shrugged. "I dunno ... but I supp-"

"No private chatting!" Ms. Deeds hissed. "Cleo will look after you, I've got something important to do..."

Cleo turned out to be not a woman but a snake.

"Hah, that's a joke, no?" Julius whispered to Delilah again. "That one isn't even 1 meter long!"

"I'd be careful if I'd be you!" Ms. Deeds said. "Cleo is a sand viper ... and trained up." She kneed down and patted the snake on a little horn on the snout. "Goodbye!"

Lonely Ursula walked through the city of London. The mist was thickening as she approached the river Themes. It was a nice place to be when one was all alone. Everything blurred, even oneself. She couldn't believe she was missing someone she hated. Hadn't she always loathed and envied Delilah? And now she was worrying about her. Or was it just pity? Yes, had to be.

In the end, she had cancer. She kicked a pebble into the river where it sank to its depth with a dull thud. She noticed she was a little angry.

How could that girl throw her life away like that? Hell, what wouldn't she give to be like her! But no, she didn't go to hospital...

Her feet left dark footsteps on the dewily pavement and a steadily rhythm resounding from the buildings.

A little piece of paper with a picture drawn floats

Maybe it was the last time that she had seen Delilah ... it was probably not an easy mission plus her disease ... but no - she shook her head - she was some kind of skipjack. She'd never give up and she'd survive... somehow.

On down the street till the wind is gone

How did it end when people did nothing against cancer? Ursula had only heard of metastases, bad cells, which would grow everywhere. It must be painful to see one's own body struggling with itself.
Ursula tried to imagine what Delilah would look like if this happened but she couldn't. The top spy that came to her mind was still slender, walking tall with a nearly undetectable smile on her pale yet healthy-looking face.

The memory now is like the picture was then

Unfortunately there was no chance of Delilah being her former self if she was somewhere in Greece and not in hospital. How lucky they were that there was surgery. But that meant to remove cells ... a lot of cells ... cut and sew...

The morning sun was rising, casting a distastefully real yet warm light on the water. For a moment Ursula let her face bathe in the orange rays. It was time to return to the girls and relieve Emmet.
She could not change what was inevitable, it was up to Delilah and to fate... if things were not determined anyhow.

When the paper's crumpled up it can't be perfect again
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