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Forgotten 11

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What the eye does not see the heart does not grieve over

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At last she reached the small house. It looked as if your gran lived in it but inside it was full of high-tech - even more high-tech after Scarlett had dealt with it - and it was just next to Mr. Thomas' factory's headquarter.

"Finally you're there", Emmet mumbled. He looked as if he had just awoken. He sat in the computer central with all the observing devices and Ursula doubted that he had been doing a lot of stuff connected with observing Mr. Thomas' factory. As she drew nearer she saw him clicking: "Close window". She hadn't seen what exactly he had been doing but she was sure it was connected to some 'shoot-'em-up'.

"Have seen anything suspicious?", she asked.

"No, not a soul", Emmet replied thinking of that alien he had blasted up just five minutes ago.

"Good" said Ursula while thinking: 'This can't end in a good way, it simply can't!' "You can look after the children, have breakfast with them and take them up here. And then you'll go sleeping and not into town. Am I clear?" She knew it couldn't be good to be that harsh but if she wasn't he'd just go shopping and having hamburgers and was sleeping all through their next guard.

Emmet nodded and in the reflection of the glass door she saw him roll his eyes. Ursula did the same and set down in front of the monitors. She was glad when it all was over. If Delilah and Julius were successful. Alas, so many ifs and whens. And in the meantime she had to baby-sit ...

But by rights she was happy to have the kids around. They weren't that little anymore, could take care of some minor duties, were reliable and mostly in a good mood.

She just hoped that the Conman wouldn't turn up.

Midday was approaching. Unfortunately this damn snake was lying in their way into some shadow. Julius felt his throat go dry. But he surely wouldn't admit it.

Delilah thought the same way. Cleo was a vipera ammodytes which meant most active during day. They were usually non aggressive ... but easily offended. She wiped some sweat of her forehead. The kimonos backed away as well. Ms. Deeds was not to be seen...

"Let's make for this tree!", Julius pointed. "If not for somewhere else."

"I'd love to, Juls, but do you think, it's a good idea? Ms. Deeds wouldn't leave us here with that snake if it wasn't as wary as a watch dog."

"Sure ... but that little snaky? Even if it bites - which I doubt, look at it, it's all weary, not wary - it would be a small wound."

"Julius", she laid her hand on his arm. "The smaller the snake the more effective it's venom has to be to survive! That 'snaky' is the most dangerous snake to be found in Europe! But okay, if you want to risk pain, discoloration, tingling and dizziness in the middle of nowhere I'm fine with it!"

Julius shrugged. "Okay, it was a stupid idea. But what else can we do? It's worth a try - I don't intend to wait here until I'm dried up...", he said grimly and put her hand away.

Quickly he stepped in the tree's direction and when he was on a level with the snake turned to look at it It still lay there ... not moving, eyes closed.

"See?" he asked Delilah who was still standing where he left her. "And the kimonos are neither coming!"

At this sound the snake jerked its head. It glanced up to see something tall making loud sounds ... and it smelled of something dangerous ... something powerful... something that needed to be cleared away!

Delilah's eyes grew wide when she saw the snake striking for Julius leg. She didn't know how ... she just reacted instinctively ... with a dart she had reached him and after getting him out of the snakes direction she fell with him together on the floor. Julius was lying on her ribcage breathing heavily looking back at Cleo which was curling up to pretend to be peaceful again.

"I ... thank you." Julius finally said.

"No problem. I know you're a die-hard and nothing will change that", Delilah smiled and chuckled a little. He could feel her midriff contract.

"I should have listened to you." Wearily he laid his head close to her heart. He didn't realize Delilah's scared eyes for the second time. He was so close. "Are you okay? You're heart's beating so fast" He asked.

"Ah no, I'm okay, but there's a stone under my back", Delilah lied and sat up as if to get out of her uncomfortable position. As she did so, Julius' head slid slowly down her left side.

He paused for a moment. There had been something unfamiliar in the form of her body. He looked her more intently. There was nothing strange to be seen, just a bit of the yellow bra under her ... wait, the bra!

He hugged her. Long and close. He pressed her to his body.

Delilah gasped and tore herself from him. "Do you want to strangle me?"

If he had not felt it he'd know now. "That's not the reason ..."

"What? I don't quite understand ..." Delilah asked though it dawned on her.

Now you got me caught in the act

"And I thought you relied on me ... what a fool I was ... since when do you know?" He looked at her inquiringly.

"Not for so ... listen I wanted to tell you ... but thought - and apparently I was right - it would just upset you if you knew ..."

You bring the thought back
I'm telling you that

Julius faked a laugh. "Yeah as if your sudden death wouldn't upset me at all. Well done, really." he said grimly.

"I didn't want you to go on this mission alone! You surely wouldn't have let me accompany you!"

Concerned and angry Julius replied: "Of course not ... this is not the place where you should be! Every one of us would be better of without the other!"

Another voice mingled with Delilah's response.

"That suits me fine." Ms. Deeds had appeared and was patting Cleo's head. "My master would like to speak to each of you alone." She smiled gleefully and snapped her fingers. Three kimonos appeared. Two took Delilah and tore her away from him. He was led elsewhere by Ms. Deeds and that other one, Cleo following them.

Desperately he turned round to look at Delilah disappearing in the distance ...

I see it right through you

sorry i didn't update for so long ... but this was just a hell of a week.
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