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Pushing Me Away 1

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Julius awoke his head throbbing in pain. Crap, when had he fallen asleep? He opened one of his eyes a little to see one of the kimonos standing there on guard. Then it all came back to his mind ... Conman, the mission, Delilah ... where was she now? Where had they led her? It might have been the last time he had seen her. And whatever that lady had done to him, she knew her craft. Every single muscle and bone inside him was aching. 'She could be really useful as teacher in the academy ...' Julius thought before she having realised he was awake knocked him out again. 'if I'll ever manage to get out of this trouble...'

The two ladies marched Delilah down a narrow corridor inside the building, gripping her arms tight. Impossible to break free and even if she did what would become of Julius? At the thought of him she felt a twinge of guilt. She had known he would know about it - sometime. But not now... not when he and she were unprepared!

I've lied/to you
The same way that I always do

She wanted to keep him from sorrow ... but she couldn't. In fact, if they hadn't been distracted Ms. Deeds hadn't caught them off guard. Was it all her fault then? She didn't want to believe it but the thought of it forced on her mind. How bad she wanted to talk to him now ... of which she had always assumed to be able to do that 'later'.

They finally stopped at a door. There was not much in it; in fact it looked quite crummy except the mixing console. One of the kimonos unclasped once they had locked the door and went to the console. There was a lot of dust and rattling and Delilah thought the machine had exploded. When she opened her eyes again she was in a completely different room ...

Everything was white, only the people in it were dressed in darker colours. In the distant - it was a vast hall - she spotted Ms. Deeds because of her hair. She was talking to a stout man with sparse colourless hair that was black 'pointed'. Obviously he had tried to dye it.

They were walking towards the two. Recognising the broad back and the short muscular extremities Delilah knew it had to be the Conman ... and he wasn't wearing a mask!

I've lied to you
The same way that I always do

He looked like one of the boys at school that were just over their pubescence. Scars like pockmarks were all over his face, only his nose didn't seem to be contaminated. Thin lips pressed into a smile when he nodded to Ms. Deeds who nodded back solemnly. Had her fear only been a trap?

This is/The last smile
That I'll fake for the sake of being with you

"Delilah!" he then called out and she had difficulty to make out whether he was serious or ironic. "How nice you could make it!"

She smiled back grimly. She wouldn't show how defeated she felt. "As you were so kind to send me an escort."

"Just the best for my guest", he said and made a movement with his hand so the kimono (the other one had obviously remained at this 'beaming' station) pushed her after him.

She brushed the material. Silk. No other cloth could be as wonderful as silk. The very name of it was as smooth as it was itself. It shimmered in the pale moon's light shining through their bedroom window.

Summer was there but the temperatures were still low at night. Especially when the place next to her in her bed was empty. She had felt all night long that something was wrong with Nosey. After their move to Toronto everything seemed to be fine but today he couldn't find sleep. And this was why she was awake now. His troubles were her troubles.

Light was to be seen under the crack of the door. Silently Angelina sat up, reached for the cosy slippers under her bed and went to leave the room, her silken nightdress swishing slightly.

(everything falls apart/Even the people who never frown/
Eventually break down)

Nosey was pacing up and down in their kitchen. He was in his pyjamas she had bought him a week ago. There were stripes on it in different shades of blue. Angelina had said it was matching his eyes ... he hadn't much use of it but he found it okay and liked wearing it.

He kept pacing. He had to do something. There was something wrong he could feel it. He didn't know how or why - and even less if possible what to do about that - but something wasn't as it should be. And it had something to do with Delilah and Julius.

He was so lost in thought he had nearly stepped on her toes. He looked up. She wore that wonderful white nightdress cutting a fine figure.

"Hey", he said smiling.

"Hey". He could tell she was freezing but she remained where she was, arms crossed and goosefleshy but she didn't leave when he started pacing again.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"I don't know... and that is also what's wrong..." Nosey said and turned to her. "I know that there's some trouble ... Delilah and Julius ... there must be a problem ..."

"Are you sure that you are not just concerned? They're some thousand miles away from here, how should you know?"

"That's just what I don't know, darling." He went over to her.
She saw the rings under his eyes. "Well, before you find out you have to get some sleep." She said smiling gently.

"Yes, ma'am", Nosey said in a military style. "And your tagliatelle-strap has slid ..." He reached out for it to pull it up to its appropriate place.

"It's actually a spaghetti-strap" she began when he suddenly lifted her and carried her to her bed.

"Hey stop it, what are you doing? I can walk myself!", she faked a cry.

"I'm training..." answered giving her an affectionate look. "for the day I must carry you over the threshold."

And forgetting the strange dream he had just had - there had something been in it with a boa constrictor and Beam-me-up-Scotty, completely mad in any case - he soon fell asleep until the next morning greeted him with an orange rising sun.

you know what? I think this is actually going to be a short chapter! I'm finally where I wanted to be ... or nearly there. I hope you still ike it, even if its a bit slow now ...
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