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Pushing Me Away 2

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everything he's ever wanted

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Angelina awoke because of the smell of fresh coffee. She couldn't wait until her parents came to take a look at Nosey. He was so careful always concerned about her and just soooo cute - even though or perhaps because he was clumsy at times. She stretched and curled up one more time in the white sheets.

A dream in white ... like their wedding. She nearly couldn't wait anymore but she had to - and in the end she didn't even have a dress, yet. But soon she'd have ... grinning slightly she got up and tiptoed into the kitchen to surprise her intended.

The only problem - and this she realised rather quickly - was that there was no husband-to-be in the whole house. Just a note she saw that had flown down from the kitchen table in the morning breeze. It read:

Dear Angelina,
I swear I speak the truth, I wanted to wake you up, explain myself and ask your permission. But you slept so peacefully and I didn't want to arouse you. Please forgive me, I'm flying to Greece at the moment. Al and Scarlett are in trouble somehow, they don't answer. The only possibility we have is to do something about Conman really quickly and that's why I'm going to their aid.

You can grumble, greet, gossip ... etc by my blackberry, I got it with me.

All my love,

At first she felt exhausted. Then a bee flew past her nose and sat down on the roses standing in a vase on the table. And she realised that this was another plus for Nosey: He was always helpful. And kind in his unpredictability. You just couldn't change him. She smiled, poured herself some coffee, snatched a croissant and got back to bed to have breakfast.

They had gone through another corridor into a rather tiny room. No one would hear her here. "What do you want?" Delilah blurted out before she could construct a better question. She blushed.

"What do you think?" He asked back coolly and nodded to the kimono and Ms. Deeds to leave them alone. A searing pain flooded Delilah as the kimono let go off her pressing her fingernail one last time onto a pressure point.

Delilah fought the urge to rub the point but couldn't help casting a dirty glance after the two women who locked the door.

"I suppose for richness, world domination, getting the favourite toy of your childhood back, what do I know!?" She was angry. The whole day had been a single torture. Not only painful kimonos and the row with Julius, no, now she must answer the questions she had asked! Mad world.

The sacrifice of hiding in a lie

Conman nodded. "Yes, this is a little of what I planned. But not everything. First I want to gain power ... whole world and then we'll see what's up in space. The money I gain with that goes back to the population."

Delilah laughed. This man wasn't the Conman, he was a mad man! "And how are you going to achieve this? Not that I'd believe you, but let us assume..."

He shook his head sadly. "So much mistrust in the world. So much pain. Every second a child is dying, did you know that?"

Delilah nodded.

"And still you are here fighting me and not out there fighting maladies and injuries that lead to this development!"

"I'm not here to get a bad conscience because of you!" She called noticing an evil grin around Conman's pockmarked lips. "And if you didn't attack the world I wouldn't be here, believe me!"

He smiled. "You didn't know I want to take over the world, I just told you. So, to be exact, you're here because Ms. Deeds told you there was someone frightening her. But that's splitting hairs. The fact is, I'm going to take over the world for its own good and the plan is nearly reality - thanks to the Academy."

Delilah stooped. "Wait a sec - what?"

"Yes, you were a great help. You did everything like I expected. As you may have noticed I'm wearing no mask today. This means you're never going to make it out of here again. No attesters, no problem."

"You just wait."

"You can't count on that Julius guy - neither on Al and Scarlett. But we'll talk about that later. I've planned some nice surprises for each of you." His face into a wide smile.

"As he didn't see you or heard of your plan I don't see the point why Julius shouldn't live." Delilah said in an attempt to keep cool. "And if we could finally get to the point so we can get this over with?"

Conman laughed. "You know I don't have to kill you. If I just make you stay here cancer will solve the problem for me." Delilah tried her best to hide her surprise. "Oh yes, I know a lot about you ... I bugged you, didn't I? And long time ago, that is ..."

He saw how anxious she was to know about that all. "I could stop here. But as I'm no cruel man", Delilah winced... she had the feeling she had heard that before. "I will tell you what is going on. At least you'll not die unknowing."

everything has to end
you'll soon find we're out of time left

"Oh, thanks", Delilah answered sarcastically and braver than she felt. "How will I ever be able to repay this grace of yours?"

The Conman merely shrugged. "You don't have to. You've already done a lot for me ... and even more for which I'm very thankful."

She frowned. For once this was an enemy not to cross. Dismay, Kertsfield, even Ice had their own weak points. But she didn't know anything that would distract or defeat the Conman.

When she didn't say anything the Conman continued.

Julius bent his forefinger ... yes, it worked! And that after only ten minutes of trying ... he would have grinned if he had been able to. But lips were not on top of his list. Arms first, then legs. It would still take some time but he wouldn't let the Conman get away with Delilah when the last thing he told her was that they shouldn't be together anymore. And this was why he had to be able to control his body again... he concentrated hard on his middle finger - you never knew, it could come in useful..

I'm sorry it took so long, but the closer we're getting to the end the more anxious I become ... strange I know but that's the way it is... let me know what you think about it!
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