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Pushing Me Away 3

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this is true, my form is something odd - Isaac Watts

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Nosey had wanted to fly to Greece by one of the Academy planes but the whole area around it was cordoned off. As he was a spy it was easy enough for him to sneak in despite the many guards, of course, but as he was Nosey he stepped in some dog dirt the moment he saw Al and Scarlett enchained through a window. When he noticed the stuff on his shoe he started cursing ... though every child knows you shouldn't. Be it as it may, the next thing he knew was he was chased by the guards. Luckily he found a secure place to hide: an eave not far away from the room Al and Scarlett were captured in. And even luckier, there were some roof joist to hold on. The guards kept on running and Nosey couldn't help it: He chuckled. Quietly of course.

"And Ursula said hiding wouldn't help when I stuck all here Barbie dolls into the toilet", he wiped away a tear. "Those were the days ..."

"Everyone" the Conman said, "wears masks. Daily. And sometimes more than one at a time. This is what happens sometimes to me. And it happens that I don't know who I am at times ..." He stepped across the room and opened an ancient looking box.

"No wonder you're crazy then", Delilah said. "If you have a problem with your personality, I've heard the prisons' mental hospitals are said to be were capable."

The Conman turned round. He smiled again - much too often for Delilah's liking. "See, it's no problem for me. I like acting. And I've enough masks helping me. And you also wear several. Not visible, of course, but at the moment you act like a tough determined young woman."

"I am determined!" Delilah bellowed. "For you surely have an appointment with justice!"

He smiled even broader. "You're quoting your friend ... I might wipe your mask from your face by saying what happened to him ... but I don't want to see the sentimental part of your character right now." But the mere phrase had made a frown appear on Delilah's face. "I'd prefer seeing you shocked and angry ..." he turned back to the box and took something from it. "with yourself."

And as he turned round, Delilah really was shocked.

"Moien" he said and watched grinning Delilah paling.

"You ..." she said. "the Luxembourgian who led us to Wednesday ... it was ... you?"

"Sure enough", the Conman said and took the mask off. "But not only him. Fancy stuff, isn't it? Made of silicone, rubber and some other substances that let your skin breath and keep the mimic natural."

Delilah tried to rally. "So, Wednesday was an ally of yours? There are two things I don't understand..." she stepped closer to him. "Why would someone apparently not unintelligent as you work together with ... well, with her and secondly why did you betray her by helping us to find her?"

"Nice question", the Conman said. "We have a similar IQ. Do you remember the CAFÉ-stuff? This conscience earwig stuff she put into your mind?"
"Of course", said Delilah. "that **"

"Tut-tut, such harsh words ... she didn't know anything about the real CAFÉ. Silly girl, Wednesday. She surely told you about her psychoanalyst, didn't she?"
Delilah nodded. "It was you ... Anoitos."

"Right" Conman didn't seem surprised at her knowledge. "I gave Kertsfield this gadget to make you think it was all her plan. But it wasn't. And the wolves were part of my plan. Wednesday took care of them and in return I gave her the castle. I'll tell you later what CAFÉ really means." He sat down on a chair.

"Then you ... a yes, Dismay, you met Dismay. Good mind but a little ... loose and too chatty for my liking. This was why I made him suffer of some kind of Alzheimer after that accident down in that basement."

"You're quite in diseases." Delilah said slowly. The temptation to just knock him out right now was sore. But she needed information. Without she couldn't save Julius - not to mention herself.

"Of course. They can be quite useful ... never wondered how you got your cancer?" And surprisingly he didn't smile. "You could be a great villain ... strong minded, intelligent ... but the Academy got you first. And if I can't have you, nobody will ..." the last bit was just a whisper. "I had a deal with Dismay. Of course it was about money. You can't imagine how much a scientist needs ... life is costly. He was to study fear-pheromones and create some for me. For the CAFÉ, to be exact. I hadn't thought you'd be so quick finding him. A mistake of mine. When I saw you at the enterprise I thought everything was still okay and next moment you nearly pulled down the whole building..." He sighed. "They made good cookies there."

"Al will surely send you the recipe to your cell, Sir." Delilah said coldly.

"If he lives to see this day, maybe..." the Conman said.

"But where did you see us at the enterprise?" Delilah asked confused. "This time you can't have been the man leading us to Dismay ... that would be illogical."

"Yes, it would be. This was why I was the man with the grey suit, Armani, by the way, who had studied in Cambridge. Or at least I pretended to be. I even spoke to you and you didn't notice!" This time he really laughed. It was a scary image.

Delilah sank down in another chair. "So we've met you several times ... each mission?" She couldn't believe it. Hadn't they been careful enough?
The sacrifice of hiding in a lie
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