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Pushing me Away 4

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sacrifice the ones you love for a priority objective

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Ever pore in Julius' body was wet with sweat. As if he wasn't thirsty already. It had been a exhausting fight but he had succeeded.

Everything has to end

Not that he had won, no, not at all. He had lost - but without giving away that he was no longer numb but could move both his hands and one arm. Which had proved quite tricky. Perhaps the kimono had just been too dull to notice anything, in the end however this didn't even matter. The point was that the kimono had not tried to numb him again and that she had left.

You'll soon find we're out of time left

Plus, the sudden movement had revived his body, so he managed to crawl over to the door. 'Like that damn snake', he thought. Then his face would have brightened if it hadn't felt like in local anaesthesia. It shouldn't be to difficult to open the door.

To watch it all unwind

And through the keyhole he could see a ventilation shaft. That was the trouble with high-tech marooned hide-outs ... you needed air. And as he couldn't walk in the Schacht his crawling would not be a handicap but really useful.

'Delilah, here I come' he thought.

The sacrifice is never knowing

Nosey managed to keep his mind off Barbie dolls and thought about he could get Al and Scarlett out of there. Of course the windows were bullet-proof ...and he even hadn't a weapon. His gun had gotten lost during their move. He still had to report that to the police but he had forgotten of course. What else could he use? In his pocket only were a chewing gum, his keys, some crumbs, a sales check from the bakery and - ouch! Something had scraped his finger - a callosity plane.

"Hey, I had already missed you!" Obviously he had forgotten it the day he had freed Julius and Delilah out of the Academy's prison. "Perhaps I should see the doctor about my obliviousness ... but now that you're here ... the ceilings of normal academy rooms are much thinner..."

He grinned and after a few tries he had made a hole into the slightly rotten joists to fit through and was now inside the building, right above the room Al and Scarlett were kept imprisoned.

"Met several times", the Conman laughed a hollow hoarse laughter. "You're good. No, you not only had the honour to see me, I spoke to you several times. And I gave you the cancer in Vienna."

"So you were Klaus that time?"

The Conman shook his had. "No. I'm sorry, I didn't express myself properly. I controlled him at that time. Simple mind. Even worked on Julius, remember?"

Delilah nodded grimly. Before she could ask where he was the Conman continued.

"But I was the reason you were going to Vienna at all. I had realised you'd follow me and my plans wherever I went, after that thing with Proserpina, and for this reason I thought it best to use you as guinea pig."

"Now, wait a minute. What have your dirty fingers to do with Prosper? And, what about Ice? I remember seeing her first."

"Ah yes. That was brilliant..." He sniggered. "She said she wanted to stay independent. Strange woman. But when I gave her the lab in the Sahara and was disguised as GIB it was simple for me to make some ... suggestions."

"What? The GIB... that is you?"

"No, not all the time. But lately, yes. Also the ones in the Academy, if you think of that. Just their boss didn't know anything. It was all my plan."

If Delilah hadn't already sat she would have fainted. "Oh my god ..." she whispered but looked immediately up again. "What did you do with Al and Scarlett?"

"Oh, they still have to wait. We're too interested in their files at the moment ... some children in London with two spies, for example, you surely know that and some other stuff. Apart from that it will be a lot funnier to finish them off after showing them your dead bodies."

Delilah screwed up her eyes. "You're so mean. Why don't you simply let them go? I'm sure they are for a world without hunger!"

Conman nodded. "Yeah, probably. But they're troublemaker. I met them at Woodstock, back then, and they haven't changed a jota. But where were we ...? Ah, yes, Proserpina. At first I thought my plan went wrong - you seemed to like her. But then you realised that you were too similar. And Julius ... every fool could figure out that you were in love with him. But lovers are fools. Anyway, there was rivalry. Nice game to play. And the only reason I had murdered her parents." He smiled.

Delilah sprang up suddenly and choked him, shouting incoherent words at him. His eyes were bulging when she stopped. Both were breathing heavily.

"Why did you not finish what you began?" He asked.

"I ... I couldn't." Delilah admitted panting. She wanted to know what was happening. And the only one who could tell her - and who could get her out of this high-tech locked room was the Conman.

He nodded. "Another reason why I'm telling you all that. After a while I felt like separating you from Proserpina. Someone you had brought up to crime fighting wasn't what I had been looking for. And by some questioning I could get to know you better and perhaps stop you forever. At that time a certain DJ - or this was what he called himself - had opened a disco just 100m from my house. He had to go."

"And this was why you sent DJ Hook to get Prosper. Unfortunately it didn't work. Nosey came to save us."

Conman nodded. "Yes and if he wasn't a stinking fool he would have had to pay for it." Delilah felt a gigantic urge to punch him on the nose for that one. But what if he couldn't speak anymore after that? "But my aggression soon faded when the fever I had infected Julius with finally broke out. You may remember it was around the first of April..."

"That was you, too? I can't believe it you're so... tell whom you want, I don't want to hear anymore of your spine-chillers." She put her hands over her ears.

"Bad luck." The Conman said shrugging. "Now that I wanted to tell you about the CAFÉ. Ever heard anything about the Hybrid Theory?"
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