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Those things which are precious are saved only by sacrifice - David Kenyon Webster

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WARNING: What I'm saying now about the Hybrid theory is true but it's not really called Hybrid Theory. Just a fact, nothing else. thanks for the reviews by the way, they're great :)

Delilah put her hands down.

"I knew you'd want to know. You surely heard about it. You can't cross a female horse and a male donkey and expect the mule to be fertile. For my special project I needed that, however. So I decided to clone and -"

"Stole the Cloning Machine from Sorin."

"No, that was later. I made my own one. Very primitive, okay, but it worked. I read much at that time about cloning and found out that Sorin was top-of-the-range. So I didn't bother about my little clumsy tries, which were improving, and started thinking about a special feature my 'mules' should have. I'm good at Chemistry and Viruses, did you know that?"

"I had feared it."

"And right you are, Delilah, my sweet. After creating this nice fever-thing for Julius I thought it was time for you to catch something. And as I had so much about cloning I wanted to apply my new knowledge. I chose one of the most feared diseases at the moment. Now I'm more skilled and could have done HIV, too ... but not then. I chose my virus and the places it should go... but how to get the virus to you? It had to be so only you would be affected. A gun would be perfect, I thought."

"And then you 'simple-minded' Mr. Thomas?" Delilah gasped.

"No, of course not. He's much too brilliant, he could be useful. The only problem was how I should get you to London if the Queen's jewellery was alright? Luckily I knew he would fly to Vienna, to the Opera Ball. That was an easier task. And you two dancing would look wonderful. I anonymously called the Academy. And you came, right under my thumb, like everyone." He grinned.

Delilah frowned.

"Now, as not everyone knew, Mr. Thomas had brought with him some bullets. Every one of them is tiny, very tine. This is why they get through bullet proof vests easier. I did something to improve it and implanted the virus that should affect your DNA. Not everyone's, just yours."

"Could you perhaps stop using 'everyone' in your sentences? It's destroying my n..." Delilah massaged her temples when she stopped. "Do you mean to tell me ... that ..?"

"Yes", he nodded. "Eva von und zu Hohenthal, your dance instructor, that was me. Probably the disguise I'm proud of most. How else should I control Klaus and have an eye on you two? By distracting you I would be able to kidnap Mr. Thomas. And it worked. Unfortunately Mr. Thomas didn't know a lot but he knew Sorin quite well. And he let slip how to get inside the Doctor's lab."

"How long did you work on that plan?" Delilah couldn't help asking. This was kind of abstruse but brilliant in a criminal way.

"Not so long. The basic idea came to me ages ago. Then I started improvising, ad-libbing. I was head of the drama group at school."

'That explains the masks.' Delilah thought.

"Anyway, it all worked. Al and Scarlett were anxious about someone sabotaging their stupid files. I already knew the tricks but I thought it would be funny to snatch all the tips from under their noses."

"But I thought... Ms. Deeds...? Or was you her as well?"

"She does seem the type, doesn't she? She was innocent. I wanted her to help me as she is really skilled but she refused. Another young, strong, beautiful independent woman. And brighter than Ice. I threatened her... not a good thing to do, I realised. She called you for aid and stole my cloning machine and some DNA in Athens working on it. She cloned Prosper to get you to her faster, but I meddled in." He smiled and paused.

"You've recovered, I see. But not for long. The virus has attacked you again."
Delilah nodded. "You already said that. And now I understand how you can know." She got up. "And if you don't already know ... I hate you." She said coolly.

"No wonder. But you won't have to suffer a long time. I'll just tell you the rest about the CAFÉ and then you'll be dead in no time, how's that?" he asked in a mock baby voice.

Why I never walked away
Why I played myself this way

"I'm hungry!" Al called. "And this woman, this self-appointed technician that wasn't even able to keep the Academy secure is driving me, like, mad, man! Get her out!"

He looked at Scarlett. "Was that good?" he asked quietly.

"Talk any louder and they'll know ... they bugged the Academy, remember?" Scarlett mouthed back. Al didn't say another word. All they could do now was wait for someone to enter the room. An then? He didn't know. Ad-lib, improvising, something like that. Like at school in their drama group. Only that back then, it had been fun. Now it was essential to get Delilah and Julius out of whatever the Conman had planned.

Something above them cracked. They couldn't look up, the straps were to strong. Scarlett hoped the roof wasn't coming down. She had told Al often enough that after some years the joists would be rotting. But no, the big man could handle everything himself.

Finally the door opened and a GIB-man came in. But even before Al could say: "She's annoying me!" a part of the roof shattered falling down noisily.
The dust was lifting. A figure was sitting on the GIB-man, that is, Conman's man.

"Nosey?" Scarlett whispered. She couldn't believe it.

"Yeah", Nosey whispered back. "How are you? Thought I'd give you a hand."

"How can we know you're who you pretend to be, man?" Al asked. It was the most complex phrase Nosey had ever heard him say.

"Ehm ..." he said thoughtfully. "I stuck Ursula's Barbie dolls in the toilet." And when their faces looked still undecided he added: "And when Scarlett's mother called the very same day I discovered Scarlett's second name is Hildegard."

With a jerk Al looked at her, completely stunned.

"It's true. Don't you say another word about it, Aloisius!"

Al nodded abashed. "Okay", he said, reaching for the window catch. "let's go and take a plane."
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