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Pushing me Away 6

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"CAFÉ is my little program. It means Cloning Agency For Earth. For the World's good, I might add. With the wolves and dogs from Wednesday and Ice and the study about feared animals I could make up the perfect monster. I will have some interesting features that may remind you of the Apocalypse. Its breath brings illness, no bullet can kill it - that was why I needed the information from Ms. Deeds and the Academy thankfully presented her to me on a silver tray. The cloning process will soon be finished. And yes, why shouldn't you see my greatest achievement." He clapped twice and the door was opened.

Delilah was wondering if she had understood right. The Conman wanted to rule the world with the help of monstrous creatures. And as he couldn't cross dogs and wolves for example he had to clone them. She shook her had. That was impossible!

They took a narrow steep passage way to another room - a kimono was bringing up the rear - as white and splendid as the first she had seen in Conman's hide-out. Inside was the repaired Cloning machine and it was working. The villain whistled and everyone left the room. They were alone again.

"What do all these people think you're doing?" Delilah asked while examining the machine to find out how it worked.

"Cosmetic by animal testing." Conman replied simply. He pressed a button and immediately Delilah was caught in what reminded her of a cheese cover. She banged against the slightly yellow glass.

"I don't want you sabotaging my machine. I just want you to understand. And I want you to see ... see what I created." He said quietly but loud enough for her to hear it. "I want to save the world and for this one has to sacrifice something. You're perfect. You provided what I needed: long-time studies, entertainment, distracting everyone that knew about your cancer ... which was why nobody paid attention to me ... and as you understand I'm for a better world..."

"You're making it worse!" Delilah shouted at him through the glass. "What do you think these creatures will do? Give us peace?"

And to her surprise the Conman nodded. "Yes. It will be a bit like in Cold War. No one dares to attack me. They will do as I please because I will make thousands of these, all controlled by my not-so-simple mind!"

Delilah was close to resigning. She felt it and she knew that she shouldn't or the mission would be lost and the world. Normally Julius would be here now. He would cheer her up. Come up with one of his mad original ideas. And they would save the world. Sunset, cut, perfect happy end. But he wasn't there.
She felt her eyes fill with tears. Like through a veil she saw Conman approaching her glass cage. "You miss him. You're sad."

Delilah just nodded. 'As if you could understand ...' she thought.

"You should be happy. You have the memory that someone has loved you. You can be sure of it. Love was given to you." He turned away. "Apparently I have never been able to be lovely or loved or love or whatever. But I can take your love away." A wicked smile appeared on his face. "Julius should be brought here any time now." He smiled in anticipation. The kimonos wouldn't have kept him in a good state. And all those things he would do to him now ...

"Couldn't you have told me that earlier?" An angry voice echoed from somewhere. "I wouldn't have made the effort to crawl through your ventilation shafts if I had known!"

After searching a long time the huge building he had heard their voices and gotten here. In the meantime his legs had recovered. If not he wouldn't have told the Conman he was here. He jumped out of the shaft and right on Conman who was about to clap again.

A brawl began. Julius didn't notice Delilah had less and less air. How should he? The Conman was putting up a real fight. But Julius was trained and the Conman not exactly what you'd call youthful.

"You ... won't ... be ..." he panted. "... able ... to stop it. The ... Countdown ... s ... already ... and ... your friend ... she won't ... be living ... whether you ... kill ... me ... or not."

Now I see your testing me pushes me away

"Oh, you'll see!" Julius said and before the Conman could say another word Julius socked him on the jaw and he passed out.

Pleased with himself Julius ran over to Delilah. He saw immediately that the air was running low. She was crouching on the floor, her lips already a slight shade of blue. He looked around. There was only the cloning machine and nothing else. He didn't want to damage it... He needed it to cure Delilah. He tried to remember what Sorin had said about its construction and then decided quickly that a holder had become dispensable.

It was. Julius managed to smash the glass of Delilah's cage, the pieces drumming down on the floor like rain. Only a shard cut his finger when he climbed over to Delilah to get her out.

"Julius!",she quickly wiped away her tears. "I'm so glad you're here ... the Conman wants to clone monsters to rule the world, he ... he controlled our every mission, he betrays everyone ..."
He put a finger on her lips.

"Shhh. That's why he's called the Conman, remember? The most important thing at the moment is to stop the cloning, right?" Delilah nodded.

Julius grinned. "I love it when you say I'm right." He gave her a kiss on the forehead. "And I'm sorry about what I said earlier. I'm always glad if you're with me."

Delilah smiled but then the practical part of her character gained the upper hand again. "So you know how the machine works?"

"Yes, just let me take a look at it ..." He walked around it several times, frowning. "Crap" he muttered after a little while.

"What's up?"

"If we smash it the DNA could accidentally react and result in mutants and such stuff growing unnoticed. And we only have 10 minutes left."

He couldn't know it was less. The shard that had cut his finger had been poisonous.

"If we don't get there soon we might be late!" Scarlett said.
"Hey, it's not my fault, kitten", Al retorted. "We can't take the shortcut... the people in American prisons aren't what you'd call understanding, man!"

"Yes ... I know ... I'm just worried..."

"No need ... with your sleeping gas we'll get the villains in no time!" Nosey assured her.

"But there must be a mechanism ... ", Delilah said when she noticed something sticky at her right arm. While Julius was still starring at the machine she examined it. "something like a weak point...", she added. There was a deep cut along her underarm. 'Nothing dangerous... obviously from the glass falling down' she thought and pressed the arm against her body to stop the bleed so Julius wouldn't notice.

oh, and just in case you didn't notice: we're close now to the end :D
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