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Pushing Me Away 7

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this is the end

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So, what follows now is the last chapter. I'd like to thank the readers for their reviews, their rating and their reading but most of all for their patience. Not only because it's such a long story but also because of the long breaks without updates and because of the many faults that must be in there - must be as I'm no native speaker. Maybe I'll edit it one day ... thanks everyone!

Julius seemed to remember something. He walked around the machine one more time. "Here it is!"

Two liquids were dripping through several instruments until they were united in a receptacle. "The liquids are there for transporting and nourishing the cells until their cloning. If we pollute the liquids with some other, the easily damageable cells will die immediately."

"And what are we to take?"

"Blood for example. Half a litre should be enough. We could also take saliva but I doubt we can spit enough", he grinned. "The important thing is that it solves in the liquid."

"Okay", Delilah said. "I'll do it."

"No!" Julius said. "I already cut my finger -"

I've tried like you
To do everything you wanted to

"You know that won't be quick enough, your tiny cut there." Delilah replied, grabbed a shard from the floor and enlarged the cut to her artery. Blood was started pouring from it very fast.

"Out of the way, Julius, I'm dripping!" and she went over to the receptacle whose inhalt turned reddish immediately.

"How could you!" Julius was enraged. "You're ill, you need your blood!"

"As I'm ill my blood is more suited to pollute those liquids than yours!" Delilah answered. "And now show me that cut that was supposed to save the world, it surely wasn't big enough."
Julius held his hand towards her. Delilah looked at it and then at Julius again. She was pale and it wasn't just because of losing blood. She had discovered that Julius' finger tip had become all yellowish. "Suck it out! There's poison in it! How did you cut your finger?"

Julius immediately started sucking and spitting but it didn't help. "The glass", he said during his tries.

And then Delilah realised... But she didn't tell Julius what she had done. She watched the blood dripping and her bloodstained arm getting as yellow as Julius' finger. And she wondered what kind of virus the Conman had put inside the glass that wasn't immediately washed away by the blood pouring from their wounds.

Finally she decided that enough blood had been spilt and pressed a handkerchief on the wound. Julius had given up sucking. "It's no use", he said quietly sitting down. "I only hope it's nothing really dangerous." Delilah felt this wasn't right. Her legs were getting numb.

Something behind them laughed. The Conman, lying twenty feet away from them, was coming round. "It's lethal ... my plan, it worked ..." he chuckled while getting up. "I will make another machine ... but you won't live to see it! You'll be numb, you'll be stiffening, rigor mortis and you'll be dead!" With the last strength she had Delilah threw the holder at him and he passed out again.

"Delilah, you don't need to stay here", Julius said gently looking up at her. "You can go, you must! Get Sorin, and Al and Scarlett and perhaps ... you could come back?" He looked at her and Delilah saw a hint of death behind the still stunningly bright eyes.

"Ehm ... well ... you know ..." she said, sitting down as well. "I ... you ... when I ..."

"You don't need to say anything." His expression changed when he reached out for her arm. "Yellow ... why don't you tell me? And why don't you ask me if you want a knife?"

"There already was a cut! And I knew you'd not give me one!" Delilah cried back. "You're always much too concerned about me!"

"Not enough, it seems!" Julius called. "You always take risks you shouldn't by concealing something! Always! And if you didn't I wouldn't be so concerned about you. For I damn love you!" he shouted.

Delilah looked at the floor "I love you, too", she whispered. "And I only say nothing because I don't want to cause concern." She looked up at him. "Please, let's not quarrel in the last minutes we've got, okay?"

"Right", he kissed her.

This is the last time

"Thanks for everything, Delilah. It was wonderful to be your partner."

I'll take the blame for the sake of being with you

"Hm ..." Delilah answered. And if it wasn't for her Julius would live on. But se didn't say it, it would only upset him. He had forgiven her without mentioning it. She felt dizzy, the poison's first effects.

"Now, that this is the end..." Julius said, trying to breathe normally.

"Yes...?" Delilah said and lay down. Her blood would circulate and spread the poison in her body slower like this. Every second she could spend with Julius was worth the feeling of a thousand arrows darting into her lungs. 'No arrow of Cupid', she thought grimly.

"It's strange that we're that calm." Julius lay down next to her. "There must be a sedative in it ... or it is just you that makes me feel like this." His hand brushed hers. "Well, now that this is the end it's a shame that I can't try out my new tactic on you."

With difficulty she turned her head. "What do you mean?"

"It would have been something to make you never break your promise you will tell me everything, something that would have bound us together ... forever I may say."

"And I thought death would bind us now..." Delilah grinned. There had to be something in this poisonous stuff, she felt so relaxed here with Julius.

"I wouldn't describe it like that. De ... I will tell you my tactics ... and I'm sorry that I can't kneel down now ... it has to be enough that I'm lying next to you but ... do you ... no, would you have wanted to marry me?"

Delilah smiled. "Oh Julius, you're so sweet! I would have loved to ..." She slid the last few inches over to him and snuggled up to rest her head on his shoulder.

"Julius and Delilah Chevalier..." he said dreamily looking up at the bright ceiling not able to turn his head anymore.

"No." Delilah said seriously. "I would never have become Delilah Chevalier."

She felt his breath stop. 'Oh no, don't let it be the last thing ...' She feared the worst.

"Why not? It's a beautiful name ...isn't it?" He said however. Then his eyes brightened in understanding. "Oh, I understand, it's because of your parents ..."

"You've always been so sensitive", Delilah whispered. "I love you."

"Not as much as I love you ... though you've always been worrying me", he grinned. "But, De ..."

"Hm..." she answered having trouble to move her jaws.

"I think ..." he heaved a breath. "I think it'll be over in a bit ..."

"I think so too..." Delilah answered sounding dreamily. "Thanks for saving the world with me ... you know you didn't have to ..."

"Oh no, not again...", Julius sighed.

"I'm sorry", Delilah replied. "Please, forgive me and give me your hand..."

"Of course" Julius managed to with difficulty. "I dunno what will happen now but I'll not let go of you. And in case you didn't know: I love you ..." His voice trailed away.

The only answer he heard was a soft breath against his neckline and then nothing more.

This was how Al, Scarlett and Nosey found them later, looking like they'd gone to sleep, two lovers, for eternity.
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