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name a remix album by Linkin Park. Read if you don't feel satisfied by the real "last chapter". In case you don't like the story at all, I'm sorry for its length and waisting your time.

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"And this was how Al and Scarlett found them later. As you all may have noticed their mission was a full success though the villains lost their best enemies." Nosey ended. He looked down. Even one year after it this lecture filled his eyes with tears.

He was answered by about five hundred fists knocking on the wooden tables and the sound of these many students leaving the auditorium, his students.

He packed his beamer and laptop to give the next lecture in ICC - International Crime Corporation - while answering a lot of questions beating down from students, mostly beautiful young women because of whom his wife Angelina kept being jealous when he noticed two other persons coming down the steps who were certainly no students.

"There is one in Halifax, for example, but I can't tell you the details. You will find them about the whole world... or, to be true, you won't find them, but they're there." He smiled. "And now, I'm in quite a hurry, so if you had the kindness to leave..." He made an ushering movement.

The young woman sighed and nodded, inhaling a last time the wonderful après shave of her professor and left.

"You are in great demand", a blond tall man said behind him.

"Julius!", Nosey called. "How nice you could make it!"

"We just couldn't miss it", Delilah smiled. "A lecture about us ... but did you have to make it that dramatic? I mean, to be exact we lost our best enemy and not the other way round!"

"Oh, that... well it was dramatic after all, wasn't it? And apart from that they keep it better in mind like that, don't they?"

"Yes, maybe ..." Julius said and reached inside his jacket. "We'd like to give you one of these." He passed him a white card.

"Really?" Nosey read it and smiled, remembering how it felt to deliver these invitations. "You're finally going to marry? That's gorgeous, I'm so excited!"

"And this time, I want you to be my best man", Julius added smiling.

A few months later.

"... giving the best that I can to fulfil our lives together."
"Giving the best that I can to fulfil our lives together." Julius repeated beaming at Delilah who looked stunningly different in her long white dress.

"Now, Ms. Devonshire", the priest interrupted their gazes. "your promise. Please repeat after me: 'I Delilah Devonshire, choose you, Julius Chevalier, to be my husband'."

Delilah repeated. She knew the promise by heart and found it silly to have to always repeat everything.

"... to respect you, to care for you, and to grow with you"

"... to respect you, to care for you, and to grow with you", she tried hard not to rattle it out.

"through good times and hard times"

"through good and hard times" she just couldn't help changing it.

"to love you and be your friend"

She repeated, looking at Julius. His mouth's corners twitched. What was going on? Was his 'special surprise' he had promised earlier to be midway through their marriage?
"to share with you and be your companion, giving the best that I can to fulfil our lives together" the priest said, obviously wanting to get this over with quickly, too.

Delilah repeated and was looking forward to giving Julius his ring, when the priest continued:

"and to always truthfully confide in my husband."

Delilah looked at her husband to be, completely flabbergasted. He only grinned mischievously and nodded slightly. Now she knew what his 'special surprise' had been.

"and to always truthfully confide in my husband" she replied, trying to get that weird smile out of her face.

The rings were given, the last words had been said and they stepped closer together. They both knew what was to come... in front of the whole church...

"You may kiss the bride."

Julius took another step towards Delilah. And just as he wanted to -

"Julius", Delilah said quietly, looking uneasy. "You just made me promise something ..."

"Yes...?" Julius replied looking as uncomfortable as she was.

"You're standing on my toe", she grinned and clasped him in his arms while the bewildered groom immediately took his foot away.

"What are they talking?" Al asked Scarlett who sat next to him.

"I got no clue... ah, they kiss", Scarlett said and started clapping along with the others.

Al gulped. It was, like, now or never. He reached out for her applauding hands, embraced her and trying not to notice the surprised look in her eyes, he ...

And despite all her tries ... it wasn't Ursula who caught the bridal bouquet. But for once she didn't mind. Al and Scarlett were as inseparably as Delilah and Julius.

Now, that is really the end. Promise!
Just imagined the "reanimation"- Melody being played in a church ... very moving ... okay, as I said, thank you!
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