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The Beginning

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Archie & Theresa start arguing and so Cronus switches their bodies!! Will they freak out? You bet! But will they switch back before the school dance in 2 days?? R/R!!

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Well guys, here's a brand new story!! Oh yeah and by the way, as I said before, I'm not going to be updating for a week cuz I'm going to WALT DISNEY IN ORLANDO FLORIDA THURSDAY! So I hope you guys can all wait 'til I come back! I'll let you read now! Ciao!

I'm a WHAT?!

Archie and Theresa were both alone in the brownstone. All the others had asked them if they wanted to go to the movies. Archie had chosen to stay home because he didn't feel like watching a movie, and Theresa HAD to stay home because she was the one that was organizing the school dance. As soon as the others had left, Archie had sat down on the couch, scrolling the channels, when Theresa came in.

-" Archie! You gotta help me! What color goes best with the dance? Baby pink or blue? Or how about lime green? Nono maybe red! Or fuchsia! Or white! Or-"

-" Theresa! Will you just chill! You still have a lot of time to choose!" answered Archie a bit pissed off.

-" But the dance is 2 days from now!!" complained Theresa.

-" So what! I mean, it's just a stupid dance!" This time, Theresa got ticked off.

-" Just a dance? You think this is all fun and games? Well it's a very hard job being the one who organizes
it!" yelled Theresa.

-" Ha! You got to be joking! I can organize this stupid dance with my eyes closed!" laughed Archie.

-" You wouldn't even be able to put the decorations on by yourself!" yelled Theresa.

-" I bet it wouldn't take me 5 seconds to do it!" Archie yelled back.

-" Can not!" yelled Theresa .

-" Can too!" yelled Archie.

-" Can not!"

-" Can too!"

-" Can not!"

-" Can too!"

Right at that moment, Jay and the others all walked inside. They watched as the two teenagers fight. Jay was the first one to talk.

-" What's going on?" he asked. Both Archie and Theresa looked at him, but they ignored him and continued their fight.

-" You can't even last a DAY in my shoes!" yelled Theresa.

-" I bet I can last a MONTH!" Archie yelled back. With that, they both walked into their separate rooms. Theresa stomped upstairs while Archie stomped downstairs. And then, there were two loud BANGS heard and everyone looked at each other. Atlanta was about to go comfort Archie when Jay put his hand on her shoulder.

-" I think you should leave them alone for a while. And plus, we have to go to sleep, it's getting late." Atlanta nodded and they all headed in their rooms. Meanwhile, in Theresa's room.

-" Oh my god! Stupid Archie! He always thinks he's all that! JEES! I wish I could just teach him a lesson! He's just so, so STUPID! I wish, I wish he could just see how hard my life is...." Said Theresa and went to sleep. Meanwhile, Archie was sitting on his bed, listening to some loud music on his Ipod to calm him down.

-" Stupid Stupid drama queen! Always thinks life is sooo hard! I mean, even my baby cousin could organize a stupid dance! I wish I could just show her how easy it is! I just wish..." he felt very sleepy as well. He put his Ipod back to it's place and also went to sleep.
But what they all didn't know, was that Cronus was watching every single minute of this fight in his pool thingy.(sorry, I just don't know the name!)

He laughed and released some kind of blue powder on both Archie and Theresa.

-" Now this is going to be fun.."

Dum dum duuuuuuum what did Cronus do?! Hope you guys liked it! Rate and Review Please!:)
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