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Get used to it!

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Archie & Theresa start arguing and so Cronus switches their bodies!! Will they freak out? You bet! But will they switch back before the school dance in 2 days?? R/R!!

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Ok guys, so here's the next chappie of my story! I'm glad you guys enjoyed it! And I know this chappie will be a bit confusing so here's something to help you.

Archie (Theresa)
^ ^
this is the body they're in this is the real person


Chapter 2

Theresa woke up and rubbed her eyes. Every since yesterday night, she was feeling very weird. She looked around and saw that everything was messy.

-" Since when was my room this messy?" she thought and looked around. There were books lying everywhere.

-" Weird..?" she thought and stood up. There was a picture on the ground. She picked it up and saw that it was a picture of Atlanta.

-" The only person who's in love with Atlanta is..." she quickly ran to the mirror and screamed as she saw her reflection.


Archie opened his eyes and yawned. His head was hurting like hell. He looked around and saw that everything was neat and tidy.

-" I guess the gang called a maid to come clean the rooms." He thought and stood up. Some kind of pain in his stomach made him sit back on his bed.

-" Ow, I've never had this much pain before. What's happening?" he thought and looked down. At the place of having his regular sweat pants and shirt on, he was wearing a blue night gown. He quickly panicked and ran in front of the mirror. As soon as he saw his reflection, his jaw opened wide.

-" Oh....My...God.."


Archie(Theresa) quickly ran out of his room and ran in the bathroom.

-" OMG!OMG!OMG! How did this happen? Why am I Archie!!" he exclaimed and ran downstairs. He could hear the others eating breakfast.

-" How am I going to explain this to the others, and mostly Jay!" he thought and turned around when suddenly he bumped into someone else. He looked in front of him and saw Theresa(Archie) standing there.

-" YOU!" they both exclaimed at the same time.

-" YOU'RE ME!" they exclaimed.

-" NO YOU'RE ME!" they exclaimed again.

-" What are you doing in MY body!" yelled Archie(Theresa)

-" Pffft, like I would ever want to be in this stupid body!" Theresa(Archie) yelled back.

-" Ok Archie, no time for fighting now, we can't let the others know that we switched bodies, so we gotta act normal!" said Archie(Theresa)

-" Fine by me! I'll just act like a complete drama queen!" said Theresa(Archie) and started walking like a super model.

-" Hey! I don't walk like that!" yelled Archie(Theresa).

-" Yes you do!" said Theresa(Archie) and continued mocking her.

-" Oh yeah, well you walk like THIS!" yelled Archie(Theresa) and started walking like a rapper.

-"HEY! Stop it! Although I do look hot!" Theresa(Archie) said sarcastically.

-" Ugh! I thought only Neil did that! Now stop fooling around and let's go eat breakfast! And don't forget, act normal!" reminded Archie(Theresa). Theresa(Archie) nodded in agreement and they both walked in the kitchen. Because Archie & Atlanta and Jay & Theresa were dating, Theresa(Archie) sat next to Jay and Archie(Theresa) sat next to Atlanta.

-" Hey Baby" said Jay and wrapped his arm around Theresa(Archie).

-" Ewww! JAY!" yelled Theresa(Archie) but then realized he was Theresa and that he had to pretend to love Jay.

-" I mean...hehe...sorry, I'm a little...cranky today.." Theresa(Archie) said and put Jay's hand back on her shoulder.

-" Archie, don't forget about our date tonight. You promised we were going to have some fuuun" said Atlanta and winked at Archie(Theresa).

-" D-d-date? I can't go on a date with my best friend!!" thought Theresa but she had to do it for Archie's sake.

-" Uh...hehe....sure Atlanta." Archie(Theresa) said nervously and gave Theresa(Archie) a you-owe-me-big-time look.

-" Oh yeah and Theresa, don't forget about our little date as well, Get ready at 8:00 ok?" said Jay and pulled Theresa(Archie) closer to him.

-" Uh...yeah...s-sure.." replied Theresa(Archie) and gave Archie(Theresa) the same look. After breakfast, they all went their separate ways, except Theresa and Archie. Both of them did a meeting in Theresa's room.

-" Ok, how the hell am I supposed to go out with JAY! He's a guy!! And so am I!!" complained Theresa(Archie)
as she paced around the room.

-" I don't know, but either we like it or not, we have to pretend to like Jay and Atlanta, for our sake!" said Archie(Theresa). Suddenly Theresa(Archie) fell on the floor holding her stomach.

-" Archie! Are you ok?" asked Archie(Theresa)

-" Ya, I-I'm fine, this stupid stomach ache keeps coming every 10 minutes!! How the hell can you live with this stomach ache?!" asked Theresa(Archie)

-" But I usually don't have this much pain. Unless.." Archie(Theresa) froze in his place and bit his lip.

-" Unless what?" asked Theresa(Archie)

-" Unless....I have my period.."
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