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Total Humiliation!

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Archie & Theresa start arguing and so Cronus switches their bodies!! Will they freak out? You bet! But will they switch back before the school dance in 2 days?? R/R!!

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Hey again guys! For all those you are still confused about the names, I will show you for one last time!

Archie (Theresa)
^ ^
this is the body they're in this is the real person

Chapter 3

-" P-P-Period?!" Theresa(Archie) nearly yelled out and froze in his place.

-" Yeah.. Unfortunately, I'm supposed to start either today or tomorrow, so you better get used to it!" Archie(Theresa) said with a huge grin on her face.

-" That's not funny!! I mean, I can't have blood coming out of, you know where!!" yelled Theresa(Archie) and pointed down. Archie(Theresa) couldn't help but laugh. Who knew Archie could be so funny? When Theresa(Archie) saw Archie(Theresa) laughing, he just wanted to strangle her. But suddenly Archie(Theresa) realized something.

-" Oh shit! I have, I mean, You have karate practice at 11:00!!" she exclaimed.

-" And You have wrestling practice at 11:30!!" exclaimed Theresa(Archie) and they both ran to their rooms. Archie(Theresa) handed him her karate clothes and Theresa(Archie) handed her his wrestling uniform. They both ran to Theresa's car and Archie(Theresa) sat in the drivers seat.

-" Wow! This is a miracle! Theresa is letting Archie drive!" mocked Neil and walked inside to tell the others.

-" Oh snap! He's right! Archie, because you're in my body, you have to drive! But be careful not to-" but Archie(Theresa) was cut off when Theresa(Archie) quickly sat down on the drivers seat and pushed the gas pedal. They were going 160 miles/hour.

-" Arrchiiiieeeee sloooow doooowwnnn!!!!!" yelled Archie(Theresa) as she closed her eyes and prayed to god that nothing would happen to her car.

-" Yaaahooooooo!" was all Theresa(Archie) said and in 5 minutes(normally it would have taken 15 minutes) they arrived at Archie's wrestling place. Archie(Theresa) got out and ran inside. Theresa(Archie) drove to the karate place and ran inside also. All the girls had already started.

-" Miss Tisdale!" the teacher looked furious "This is the 2nd time you're late this week! What is the reason now?"

-" Um.. I... Uh..." Theresa(Archie) was trying to come up with a reason but nothing came to his head.

-" She was probably making out with her boyfriend Jay" mocked Cindy and made all the other girls laugh with her. Archie had already heard Theresa say that this Cindy girl was annoying so he marched near her and looked at her straight in the eyes.

-" Look here you bitch, mock me one more time and I swear, I'm gonna-" she was going to continue when the teacher pulled her back.

-" Miss Tisdale! Such language! We do not solve our problems by insulting, we solve them by fighting, now everybody pair up and prepare to fight. Theresa you'll be fighting Cindy, Amy with Christina, Vanessa with London and Ashley with Gabriella. Now start!"


Archie(Theresa) quickly ran in the wrestling arena and saw that the boys had already started warming up.

-" MR OWEN!" yelled the gym teacher "Go wear your stuff! QUICK!" Archie(Theresa) ran to the boys locker room and changed into the wrestling clothes. It was giving her a wedgie because it was too tight. She ran back out and looked at all the muscular and big boys in front of her. A week little guy was walking her way and sat down next to her.

-" Hey Archie! This was the 3rd time you were late this week! The coach is really getting mad!" he whispered in her ear.

-" I was...uh...busy" replied Archie(Theresa)

-" NO TALKING!" yelled the coach and looked at Archie(Theresa) straight in the eye. "So Mr.Owen, If you're so happy and energetic today, why don't you start today's first match?"

-" Uh.. actually, I can wait" she answered with a weak smile.

-" NOW!" yelled the coach and she quickly raced on the arena. A tall, muscular guy stood in front of her and she gulped.

-" Let the match, BEGIN!" the coach yelled and whistled. The big muscular guy ran towards Archie(Theresa). He picked her up and threw her on the ground. She winced in pain as the guy jumped on her stomach. She gasped for air but the guy pinned her to the ground and started to do wrestling moves on her. She couldn't take the pain anymore.

-" MERCY! MERCY! I GIVE UP!" she yelled and the big guy got off her. The weak little guy ran next to her and helped her up.

-" Whoa Archie, what's wrong with you today? You usually beat those guys with your eyes closed!" said the little guy.

-" I'm just, not in the mood to fight today, OUCH! My back!" she exclaimed and the weak little guy helped in until the boys locker room.

-" Thanks uh...what was your name again?" she asked.

-" Billy? Man Archie, you really are acting weird today!" he said and they both entered the boys locker room. Archie(Theresa) looked around and saw boys walking around naked, preparing to take a shower. It was disgusting!

-" EWW!" she thought and walked over to the showers. All the boys kept staring at her and laughing, some were even talking about her and calling her names like "Archie-Weenie". She was so embarrassed.

-" least Archie is having a better time than me.." she thought and went in to take a shower.


Theresa(Archie) had a black eye and also a few splinters because Cindy "accidentally" kicked his eye. Cindy was doing all sorts of Karate moves while Theresa(Archie) was only doing what he had seen in the movies, which he wasn't very well at.

-" What are you doing Theresa? Karate? Or ballet?" All the girls started laughing and Theresa(Archie) got so pissed that he jumped on Cindy and started punching her.

-" THERESA!" yelled the teacher and tried to get him off Cindy.

-" NO! LET ME GET THAT BITCH! LET ME GET HER!" he yelled as he struggled to break free of the teacher's grip. The teacher got very angry and slapped Theresa(Archie) right across the face.

-" I cannot except behavior like this in my class miss Tisdale! I am afraid to say that you are BANNED from my karate class! Now Leave IMIDIATLY!" she yelled and pointed at the door. Theresa(Archie) took his stuff and walked out the door, hearing the other girls whispering to each other and Cindy having a huge grin on her bloody face. As soon as he got out of the karate class, he entered Theresa's car and started driving to the wrestling place to pick up Theresa.

-" How am I supposed to explain to her that I got her banned from the karate class?" he started panicking as he saw Archie(Theresa) walking towards the car.

-" How am I supposed to tell Archie that I totally humiliated him in front of all the guys?" thought Archie(Theresa) as she saw the car parked outside.

-" She/He's going to kill me!" they both thought at the same time.

Well! THere you go! That's chapter 3! I'm glad you guys all like this story so much! Rate and Review please!
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