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Childish Ways

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Cronus has come up with a full-proof plan. If he can't defeat teens, then he might be able to defeat them as 5 year olds! But what if the unexpected happens? What if they are twice as strong, or th...

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Ok, you guys I don't think I'll be leaving any time soon! Yay! Why? 'Cause y'all have me starting a new story! Ok, so I came up with it by myself, but it's because people have started stories like this, but never got around to finishing it. So, I decided to do just that. Oh, and you are seeing a lot of stories by me 'cause we had a half day at school and I've been updating all of my stories, on this site and FanFiction! Yay me!


'Oh man. Why'd she have to send this photo of me when I was 3?' Archie thought as he opened up a letter his mother had sent him. She was always nagging him about how good and cute he was when he was younger, before he died his hair purple. 'If Atlanta gets her hands on this photo, I can forget about showing my face in school, again!' And with that, Archie put the photo in the deepest part of his draw, making a mental note to burn the photo later.

Then Atlanta bounded into the room, not knocking as his door was wide open. "Hey Arch! What did the letter say?" She asked. Archie shrugged. "Just saying how much she misses me, how well my little sister is doing in school and news on my older brother. Nothing really interesting." He said. Atlanta then nodded and grabbed his arm, pulling him out of the room.

"Hey! Where are we going?" He asked. "Atlanta smiled at him. "I'm on a sugar high again, had three cans of Fanta again. Let's go for a run!" She said. Archie just nodded, he knew Atlanta was too hyper to let him stay behind.

Jay and Theresa watched this and both laughed. "What's the bet that she's not hyper?" Theresa said. Jay just shrugged. "You never know, have you ever seen her after she's had three cans of Fanta?" he asked. Theresa thought about it but shook her head. "My point."

Odie and Herry were playing a game on Odie's X-Box again. Neil was watching himself in the mirror; he was going to play the winner. "Yes! I beat you! I beat you!" Odie sang. Herry shrugged and walked off to the kitchen. Neil picked up the other controller as he and Odie started a heated battle. In the end, Neil won out of pure luck.

"What can I say? Either you have it or you don't" was all Neil said when Odie pointed this out to him. Odie sighed and gave up. Then Athena came into the room and scrunched up her nose. "Seriously, are you teens or pigs? Look at the mess. Empty soda cans chips and popcorn lying on the floor! You are exactly like a five year old! Actually, I think a five year old would be neater than you lot!" She said and left the room to expect the rest of the dorm.

"Aw Athena! It's not all of us!" Jay said, coming down the stair with Theresa behind him. Athena just shook her head and went to the kitchen. Just then Jay's PMR went off. "Yeah?"

"Jay! Cronus is here in the park!" Atlanta said into the device. She was panting, which meant she was running or fighting. "Ok, we'll be right there!" he said. Jay switched off his PMR and saw that everyone was already out and in Herry's truck. Jay ran out the door and jumped in the vehicle.

In less than 10 minutes, they were at the park and saw Atlanta and Archie fighting off two giants and Cronus at the same time. "Ok, let's go!" Jay said as all of them jumped out and rushed into battle. Cronus smiled when he saw the rest of the group arrive.

'Teens will be hard to defeat, but 5 years olds will be easy.' Cronus thought. He stepped away form the battle and looked at the 7 teens. His eyes glowed bright red as he chanted ancient Greek words. Soon the teens fell to the floor, they were in pain. An unknown force had attacked them. Cronus smiled and barely managed to open his portal.

"I'll see you kids later." He said as he and his giants entered the portal. Soon the teens found themselves falling asleep, even though it was mid-day. They had no idea what awaited them.


Guess who's back. Back again. Shady's back. Sorry, got that song stuck in my head! Hope you like. And Atlanta being hyoper on Fanta? Yeah, that's me! I had 5 cans of Fanta and I was sooo hyper that I stayed up all night! And that was at camp!
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