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5 and 4 year olds???

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Hera's eyes widened. "We must bring them here at once. Hermes, you must go get them and bring them to my solarium. Persephone, do you know how to reverse it?" Hera asked as the hyper messenger god ...

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Glad y'all like this story! Just want to quickly tell y'all, that this is how I want them to be when they were this age, so they are going to be different but this (again) is an intro to what they look like as little kids and how they act, that sort of stuff. Don't kill me! Will go into more detail in the next chapter with their new personalities!!


"Oh, this is bad. Very, very bad!" Hermes said as he watched the teens fall to the ground on one of his many TVs. He quickly flew out in search of Hera, who he found in Persephone's solarium with said goddess. "Hera! Cronus, teens, unconscious, shrinking!" Was all the messenger god managed to say before he started hyperventilating. Hera frowned. "Hermes, please repeat what you just said."

Hermes calmed down and told her what he saw. "Cronus attacked the teens and he said a spell which turns back time on their lives! They are going to be 5 year olds! Well, Atlanta and Odie are actually going to be 4."

Hera's eyes widened. "We must bring them here at once. Hermes, you must go get them and bring them to my solarium. Persephone, do you know how to reverse it?" Hera asked as the hyper messenger god left. Persephone sighed. "I'm afraid it might take some time, which I'm not sure I'll have enough of."


Odie was the first one to wake up. He looked around and saw other infants, like himself, taking naps. 'I wonder if they're my friends?' he thought. He soon saw a girl with bright red hair wake up. "H-Hello." He managed to say. The girl smiled at him.

"Hi! What's your name?" She asked. Odie smiled at her. "Odie." He said. The girl nodded quickly. "Atlanta." Then a boy with purple hair woke up. Atlanta giggled at his hair colour. "What you laughing at?" The boy snapped at her when he was fully awake. "Your hair colour!"

The purple haired boy glared at Atlanta. "It's not funny! Stop laughing at me!" The boy said, he was on the verge of crying. Odie wasn't paying attention to the other two, he was looking at the others who were still sleeping. Suddenly he felt someone push him.

"You're it!" screeched Atlanta and she started to run off. Odie jumped up and chased after her. At first she was too fast for him, but slowly her speed decreased and he managed to tag her. "No fair!" She wailed and tried to chase him. They soon found themselves back with the others; all of them were now awake. But there was something different about the boy with purple hair. His hair wasn't purple anymore, it was blonde!

"Wow, how'd ya change your hair colour?" Atlanta asked him. Archie touched his head. "I've always been blonde and you were making fun of it earlier!" He said. Atlanta stuck her tongue out at him and he stuck his back at her.

Odie looked at the other 4 kids. "What are your names?" He asked. A boy with very short brown hair who looked really weak and skinny spoke first. "Mine is Herry." He said. Another boy who looked perfect, just his teeth were a bit skew and he was missing some. "Mine's Neil."

Odie looked over at the girl who had very short strawberry-blonde hair. "Theresa" she said. Standing next to her was a boy who had short brown hair and looked shy. "Jay." He said. Odie smiled at all of them. "I'm Odie. The girl over there is Atlanta and the boy is..."
"Archie." Everyone turned to look at Archie and Atlanta who were fighting each other. Neither was stronger than the other, but they weren't that strong. "Let go of me you stupid girl." Archie said. Atlanta glared at him. "Take that back!"





"STOP IT!" Odie said. The two stopped what they were doing and looked at the others. "NO!" They both screamed. This gave Atlanta the opportunity to knock Archie to the ground, in which she did. She was on top of him, spit hanging form her mouth. "Get her off of me!" Archie screamed, worried about what the girl was going to do. Atlanta smiled and sucked the spit back into her mouth. "Fine, just I hope you learnt a lesson." She said and got off him.

Archie got off the ground and glared at her again. Then they saw a grownup approach them. He was wearing a weird hat; it had wings coming out of the side. His shoes also had wings on them. "Ah, I found you! Come, let's take you home." He said. The children, who didn't think anyone was evil (except Archie, he thought that evil meant Atlanta at that point) followed Hermes back to the dorm where they were greeted by Athena.

"What happened to them?" She exclaimed as she led them into the TV room where they all wanted to watch a different movie. Hermes sighed. "Cronus turned back time in their lives. Jay is too shy to lead the group, Theresa and Archie are not strong enough to fight, Herry doesn't have his strength yet, Atlanta has no speed, Odie has more confidence than he's ever had, but not that smart. Neil, however, is the same."

Athena nodded. "But Persephone can reverse the spell, right?" She asked. Hermes shrugged. "Maybe, but I have a feeling that Cronus might actually win."


Ok, I don't want to be the only one writing this story, you all must help me! How? Tell me what their personalties will be like at this age. I didn't go into much detail with it as I'm still deciding! What I have given you is kind of a start, so think of what they would've been like! You can say what you think in your review or go to my profile and click on the contact button and send me an email! I will use all your ideas and you will be metioned in the story! So, review and rate if you want to!
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