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Day-Care Center

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Atlanta smiled at him but Jay just looked at the table. "Why don't you talk?" She asked. Jay shrugged. Atlanta looked away from Jay and watched the others. The boy Neil had found a pink mirror and ...

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"I can't handle this Hermes! I was wrong about 5 year olds being better than a 17 year old!" Athena said as she watched them wreak havoc in the dorm. It was actually Archie and Atlanta as they were still fighting, along with the other 5 complaining about things.

"I don't know how I can help you! You have to protect them from Cronus; take them to a day-care centre or something, but just look after them!" Hermes said and left the dorm. Athena cursed under her breath and, thankfully, the kids didn't hear what she said.

"I'm hungry!" Whined Neil. Athena sighed and went to the kitchen to make them all a lunch. 'I might as well take them to a day-care centre; let others know what it's like to look after these 7.' She thought and started making them all sandwiches.

Archie sat on the couch, glaring at Atlanta who kept on chasing him. Theresa was trying to talk to Jay who didn't really want to talk to her.

"What kind of things do you like?" She asked. Silence.

"What kinds of sweets do you like?" Silence.

"Can you speak?" Silence.

"I think you should leave him." Odie said as he sat down next to Theresa. Herry came and joined them, as did Neil. Archie tried to join them, but he didn't want to turn his back on Atlanta.

"Why are you two so quiet?" Theresa asked Jay and Herry. She so badly wanted to know what was up with this boy; all she wanted was for them to be friends. "I don't really like talking." Was all Herry said. Jay remained silent. Theresa gave up talking to him and started a conversation with Odie and Neil.

Atlanta was watching Archie very carefully. She didn't understand how he could have purple hair one minute and blonde the next! But she liked him and wanted to be friendly, but he still seemed to hold a grudge against her. "What do you like doing Archie?" She asked brightly. Archie glared at her and looked away. Atlanta frowned. 'This is going to be hard.'

"Here you go 7 sandwiches. Herry, don't eat them all. Once you've finished, I'll take you all down to the day-care centre!" Athena said cheerfully, though she couldn't wait to take a break. They all rushed to the plate and grabbed the first sandwich they got hold of. They ate them quickly and were all eager to get out of the house, except Jay. He would be happy to stay at the dorm for the rest of eternity.

"Ok, no running off. It's just a block away." Athena said, and looked warily at Atlanta. 'Please let Hermes be right and she isn't fast anymore.' She thought.

But it was surprisingly easy, the kids were scared of the cars and all of them were holding onto Athena or one of the others who were holding onto her. But, because of this she couldn't walk properly. But they managed to make it to the day-care centre safely.

An elderly lady came up to them and asked Athena questions about the 7 children. Athena tried to get all of them to go off and play, all of them listened to her except Jay. "Jay, don't you want to go play with your friends?" She asked.

Jay shook his head and held onto her tighter. Athena sighed and tried to get him to let go of her. After 5 minutes, Athena managed to pry Jay off of her and she put him down on a chair next to Atlanta.

Atlanta smiled at him but Jay just looked at the table. "Why don't you talk?" She asked. Jay shrugged. Atlanta looked away from Jay and watched the others. The boy Neil had found a pink mirror and was admiring himself in it. One of the other girls wanted the mirror back but Neil clung onto it tightly.

Atlanta then spotted Archie who was just standing in a corner. She ran up to him and smiled. "You wanna play something?"

"No, not with you." Archie said and walked away. Atlanta started to run after him, but tripped over something.

"Sorry." Atlanta said and then saw Herry who was on the verge of tears. Atlanta got up and hugged him. "What's wrong?"

"You broke my castle!" He wailed and pointed to the bits of lego lying over the floor. Atlanta smiled at him. "I'll help you build it again!" She said. Herry stopped crying and agreed.

Theresa was looking for someone to play with but no one was interesting enough for her. She then saw Jay sitting by himself at the table. She skipped over to him and took the seat that Atlanta had previously occupied.

"You wanna play something?" She asked. Jay looked up at her and shrugged. Theresa thought for awhile and saw Herry and Atlanta building the castle. "I have an idea!" She said and jumped off the seat. She grabbed Jay's hand and dragged him over to Atlanta and Herry. Odie, Neil and Archie followed curious as to what the others were doing.

They all gathered around Theresa as she explained the game that they were going to play.

"Ok, so we need a princess, a prince, a horse, a dragon, a queen and king and an evil guy. I'll be the princess!" Theresa said.

Atlanta sighed. "Does that mean I have to be the queen?"

Theresa nodded. "Archie can be the king and Jay can be the prince, Herry can be the dragon, Neil the horse and Odie the evil guy!"

They all agreed, except Archie. "I don't want to be married to her!" He said and pointed to Atlanta. She hugged Archie. "Why not Archie?" She said tried to kiss him. This scared Archie and he tried to get away from her. Atlanta started laughing. "Do you really think I was going to kiss you?"

Archie glared at her and crossed his arms. "Fine, I'll be the king." Theresa smiled and looked at Jay. Once again, he had said nothing. She sighed and looked at the others.

"Ok, so I'm the princess. Odie wants to rule the kingdom so he kidnaps me and he uses his dragon to protect me. Archie and Atlanta have to send Jay to save me on his horse Neil. He saves me and we all live happily ever after!" Theresa said.

The others agreed and they soon began to play their game.


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