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Cronus's main giant came lumbering into the room, muttering something under his breath that no one could understand. "I need you to go and find the little brats. Tear the whole city apart, I don't ...

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Hehe, got something special planned for the kiddies! I've based how Neil acts on my baby cousins, who are only 1. Enough said. This chapter is filled of humour, but it won't last long in this story. Hey, Cronus has to come sometime!


"Where are they?! Why aren't they in the park?!" Cronus said as he looked into the pool of water, searching for the children. He couldn't see them anywhere near the park where he left them. "Agnon!"

Cronus's main giant came lumbering into the room, muttering something under his breath that no one could understand. "I need you to go and find the little brats. Tear the whole city apart, I don't care. Just find them and bring them to me, alive or dead. Preferably alive."

Agnon grunted and walked out of the room to gather the other giants to help him in his search. Cronus turned back to the pool of water and saw something flash across it. Though he only saw it for a second, Cronus knew that it was Herms. 'So you saved them before I could get to them. I'll show Zeus and all the other gods that they can't hide them from me!'


"Neil, you have to let jay ride on your back!" Theresa complained. Neil shook his head and crossed his arms. "I am not getting down onto the ground and letting someone sit on my back."

Theresa stomped up to him. "Stop being a baby about this! Jay's not that heavy!" But Neil still remained standing. Theresa groaned in frustration and sat down on the ground. Jay smiled secretly, he really didn't want to sit on Neil's back or save Theresa from Herry.

"Does this mean I'm not married to Archie anymore?" Atlanta said. Theresa nodded and everyone thought Atlanta was going to cry. Archie backed up from her and hid behind Herry. Neil walked off to a group of girls who hand a mirror in their hands.

"So, what are we going to do now?" Odie said to them remaining kids. Everyone shrugged. Jay slowly backed up to the table again and sat down. Atlanta then noticed that Archie had disappeared, but found him behind Herry.

"Archie! Why are you hiding from me?" She said and chased a screaming Archie around the day-care centre. Herry then walked off to play with a toy truck and that left Odie and Theresa. Odie looked at the sulking girl.

"I wish we could've played my game." Theresa said and then watched as Archie ran past her, Atlanta close behind him. Odie sat next to her. "We could always play something else."

Theresa then looked at the exit door. "Let's leave this place. It's boring here." Odie shook his head. "That's against the rules, we're not allowed to." Theresa rolled her eyes. "I bet Athena is still here. Let's ask her if we can leave."

Odie agreed with her on that. Sure enough, Athena was still there, she would not let the 7 kids out of her sight. "Can we go home, this is boring." Theresa said. Athena sighed and nodded. Theresa smiled and ran back to tell the others.

30 minutes later they were ready. It had taken them a long time to get Neil to put the mirror down and to calm him down because he was crying so much. On the walk back he was still going at it. "I -sob- want my -sob- mirror!" He wailed. The other six hand to cover their ears with their hands. So did Athena, which was a bad move because she didn't hear the giants come up behind them.

Archie was still trying to avoid Atlanta, who just wouldn't give up on him. Jay was trying to ignore Theresa, who was talking non-stop next to him while the others were just trying to shut Neil up. It was Neil who spotted the giants first.

"Look at that big ugly guy!" Neil said and pointed to Agnon. The giant blinked a few times, trying to work out what Neil had said. The other giants stood behind him, waiting for him to give the command to attack.

The others looked in the direction that Neil had pointed at and screamed. This snapped Agnon out of his thoughts and, amazingly, he remembered what his job was. He grunted something that only the other three giants understood. One grabbed Archie and Atlanta, the other Jay and Theresa and the third got hold of Herry and Odie. Agnon picked up Neil, who instantly started complain.

Athena spun around and when she saw the kids in the clutches of the giants, she got out her sword which she had cleverly hidden in her robes. She was about to attack them when a portal opened behind the 4 giants and they made a mad rush to it.

Athena followed but it closed right after Agnon entered it. 'Oh this is wonderful! Now, how am I supposed to tell Hera that I lost the kids?'


Sorry that it's short, can't help it. Lol :D Oh and here's a message from Skates (C.J) if you haven't been to her profile:
She won't be updating any stories for a very long time. She's grounded, has no internet and has to study for exams 'cause she has to do hers early 'cause she's going away for a month during the holidays and is missing a week of school.
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