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Don't ask Cronus to Babysit!

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"Why did you let go of the brats?" He said. The giant mumbled something and Cronus shook his head. He stood up and brushed the dirt off of him. He looked around his lair only to see the children ru...

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I hate my computer! I tried to post this chapter yesterday, but then something went wrong with the internet and it closed down. Then when my internet started working again, it wouldn't let me onto the site! Hopefully it will be working now, so here's the next chapter for Mini Titans!

"YOU DID WHAT?!" Hera shouted at Athena. Athena sighed. "I told you, Cronus kidnapped them." She said and took a step back. When Hera got angry, watch out!

"Ok, let's just think about this. Cronus has the children, who are powerless against him. What were you thinking?" Hera said. "They didn't want to stay at the day-care centre. They are worse then their teenage selves!" Athena said.

Just then the door opened and in came Persephone. "I heard what happened and the only way to get them back is by going to Cronus ourselves and saving them." She said. Hera sighed and looked at the other two goddesses. "Ok, alert everyone else and get ready. And hurry, you don't know what Cronus could be doing to the children, if he hasn't killed them yet."


"WILL YOU STAND STILL?" Cronus shouted at a small Jay who was running all over the place. "Here do you want a sucker?" He said and held out a sucker shaped like a skull. Jay shook hid head and ran off again. "COME BACK HER YOU LITTLE BRAT!" Cronus screamed and started to chase after him, but got tripped up by Agnon.

"Why did you let go of the brats?" He said. The giant mumbled something and Cronus shook his head. He stood up and brushed the dirt off of him. He looked around his lair only to see the children running around screaming their heads off while his useless giants chased after them.

"Hello!" Said a bright and cheery voice next to him. Cronus looked down to see Theresa. 'So I can't kill Jay, I'll just settle for her.' He thought and went down to her eye level.

"My name is Theresa, what's yours? Is this your house? It looks ugly and dirty. Are those giant men your servants? They are stupid aren't they?" Theresa started talking a mile and minute. "Will you shut up?" Cronus said. Theresa stopped talking and looked at him, her eyes watering.

"Oh no, you shall not cry!" Cronus said standing up. Too late, Theresa started crying her little heart out. Cronus looked around to give her something to do, but couldn't find anything. "SHUT UP OR I WILL KILL YOU NOW!" He shouted. The other kids stopped what they were doing and looked at Cronus.

"You're a big meanie!" Atlanta shouted at him. Herry then joined in. "Yeah, he's a big meanie and a poo-poo head!" Theresa stopped crying and looked at her friends. They all started chanting 'big meanie poo-poo head' and she soon joined in.

"That's enough!" Cronus shouted and a sword materialized out of the air. He turned to Theresa who was backing away from him. "You will be the first to die!" He said. Just then there was a loud shriek and Cronus turned to see what was happening. Atlanta had jumped on top of Archie and he was once again running away from her. He ran into Agnon who looked down at him confused. "Take hold of him!" Cronus shouted.

While all of this was going on, Theresa had made her way back to the others. Odie, Herry and Jay were there and Neil was standing off to the corner, looking at himself in a mirror.

"I look good!" He said and started fixing his hair. Theresa looked at Odie and Herry who just shrugged. "You can't catch me!" They heard Atlanta shout at Cronus and she started running towards them. Odie took Theresa's hand. "Run!" he said and Jay, Neil, Herry and Archie followed. Agnon still hadn't figured out that he was supposed to pick up the kids.

"Ugh, why do I even have you?" Cronus said as he ran past the giants. They just watched him run off, still trying to make sense of it all.


"Ok, this is a battle that all of us are going to have to take part in, minus Zeus because he is away on an important meeting." Ares said as he paced in front of the gods who were lined up in battle armour. He stopped at Hermes.

"What are you wearing?" He asked. The hyper god looked down at his techno-gear that the Techno Greeks had designed. "Oh, this is the latest inventions form the-"

"Ok, don't need a long explanation." Ares said. Hermes saluted and he continued on his way. Hera then came in and looked at everyone. "Uh Ares, we're not going to war, just sneaking in and getting the kids back." She said.

"Thank you! So does that mean I still have to fight?" Aphrodite asked. Ares sighed; he really hated that sister of his. "No, you can just sneak in and save your Neil boy." He said.

"I'll save Atlanta!" Artemis said.

"I'm going to save Herry!" Hercules said.

"I'll go with you and bring Odie to safety!" Hermes said.

"You know, we just need a few of us to go. 4 max." Ares said, but the gods refused. Hera sighed. "Do whatever you can, just bring the kids back to safety and try not to run into Cronus." She said and left. Ares turned back to the gods. "Right, anyone know where Cronus is?"

Sorry, short chapter! Man, aren't the kids adorable? hugs baby Archie, Jay, Odie and Herry Yeah, not so much Neil. Lol, just jokes! Nope, Cronus is not going to harm the kids. Here, just to put you at ease, no kids were harmed during the making of this chapter. Haha, you know the part when Cronus tried to give Jay that sucker with a skull as a head? Yeah, I got that from the Disney movie 'Hercules' when Hades makes Hercules drink that bottle of stuff. Ok, you won't hear from me for sometime now, 'cause of exams.
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