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Authors Note

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Guess who's ack, back again. T.J's back, bring a friend!

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Dear faithful Readers

Guess who's back now? Yes that's right, no update, sorry if you were looking forward to that. Or if you are now having a heart attack going 'OMG, I thought she was dead or something! She hasn't been on here since forever!'

Never fear people, I'm am coming back for a short while. Never really left, just kinda stopped writing CotT fanfics and kinda moved over to ^_^

Anyway, I just want to clear up somethings about the last A/N you read by me. Yeah, I was in hospital and I had surgery. Had my gallbladder removed, not nice! But that was back in June, so it's been a while, hasn't it?

Well, not completely sure if I am back for sure and when I'll write the next chapter for my remaining stories, coz this site looks....... well, dead.

So if you guys want to find out what happens in any of my on going stories, just drop me a line and then I'll start writing that chapter. If not, well my readers, I guess I'll be gone for good. Who knows?

If u wanna talk to me, PM and say whether you wanna talk on MSN or AIM. Personally, I think I'll be on AIM more then MSN. But then again, who knows? And I also have Yahoo, which I'm also on more then MSN..... so yeah, you get the point. =D

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