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Everything seems perfect in the hero's life, they've got friends, their, fighting the god of time and winning. But In one night it takes a turn for the worst...

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Heyy divachick34 here and iknow i'm a teasing author but that keeps you interested in my stories so on with the chappie. And just so you know I usually take a week to work out all the details of my stories so if this chappie sucks it's cuz i just made it as I went:) An d I may not update for a while my cat is missing and I'm trying to find him:(
"congratulations , it's triplets" the doctor said

Atlanta was speechless she literally couldn't speek she was so surprised. Archie was shocked but got over it first. He waved his hand infront of her face.

"Atlanta? Atlanta are you in there?" he said in a goofy way, hoping the humor would ease her a bit.

"tri..tri..TRIPLETS!" she screamed Archie gave her a hug to calm her.

"it's okay lannie shh, it's okay we'll get through this" he said in a calm way.

"I can't look after 1 kid, how am i supposed to look after 3?!?!" she asked hystaricaly.

"lannie calm down when the babies get here we'll be ready" he said although in his head he was freaking out he had to stay calm for Atlanta's sake. He helped her up and when she was up he put his arm around her waist and kissed her on the cheek.

"it's okay lannie I'll be here for you through all of this" he said in her ear quietly. She smiled

"love you arch" she said leaning on his shoulder.(okay I know they're a little out of character)

"love you too lannie" he said tightening his grip on her.


Theresa and Jay were also in the hospital for Theresa's appointment.

"Mr.Denton, Mrs. cannon, do you want to know the sex of the baby?" he asked

"yes" theresa said

"it's triplets" he said plainly

"excuse me?" she ased shocked

"yes that's the second set of triplets discovered today" he said

"really who's the other person?" Jay asked after he was over his shock.

"umm.. a Mrs. Hunt, and a Mr.Carson" he said

"Archie and Atlanta!!" Theresa and Jay exclaimed at the same time looking at eachother.

"you know them?" he asked

"their our best friends" Theresa stated.

"well congratulations" he said and left.

"wre both having triplets" Theresa said again

"that's 6 kids" jay said shocked

"I know let's go see how their taking it" Theresa said getting up

"okay lets go" Jay said and they left.
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