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A time to tell

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Everything seems perfect in the hero's life, they've got friends, their, fighting the god of time and winning. But In one night it takes a turn for the worst...

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3 months later

Archie, Atlanta, Theresa, and Jay are in Atlants's room again. But this time they were talking about something different.

"Okay guys I think it's time we tell the others, we've hid this from them for 3 months and Theresa and Atlanta are starting to get big" Jay started but was interupted.

"what do you mean by big" Atlanta asked angrily.

"your stomach's are starting to get noticable that your pregent that's all" Jay said smiling weakly.

Atlanta mumbled something like 'whatever'. Jay spoke up again.

"I think we should tell Herry, Niel, and Odie first then talk to Hera" he suggested.

"sounds good to me" Theresa piped in. And they all went downstairs where the other 3 titans were watching television.

"umm.. guys we need to tell you something" Jay started

"what are Atlanta and Theresa pregnent?" Niel asked in a sarcastic tone.

"how did you know?" Archie asked

The three boys sat up straight, "I was just joking" Niel said stunned

"well were not" Jay said

"how long?" Odie asked

"what?" Archie asked

"how far are they?" he asked simply

"umm.. well 3 months" Archie said scratching the back of his neck.

"whoa" the three stunned boys replied.

"well I'd love to stay and keep this inteligent conversation going but we have to go talk to Hera" Theresa said sarcastically. As she, Atlanta, Archie, and Jay walked out.

At the school, in hera's office

" Umm. Hera can we speak to you" Jay said shyly

"sure children take a seat" she said waving them over to the seating area.

"well it's just that...umm...well.. Theresa and Atlanta are pregnent" Jay said scratching his neck like crazy.

"I see who are the fathers?" she asked already knowing the answer

"Well Archie is the fathers of Atlanta's, and I'm the father of Theresa's" He said mumbling the last part, but Hera heard him.

"how far are they?" she asked calmly

"3 months" Archie said quietly

"I see, well I guess you four are done with school in the high school, you will do all your learning in the secret wing of the school, and while I sort out the detail please stayclose to the school and the brownstone" she said strangly calmly.

"thank you Mrs.Hera" they all said and left.
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