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Everything seems perfect in the hero's life, they've got friends, their, fighting the god of time and winning. But In one night it takes a turn for the worst...

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Archie and Atlanta were in Atlanta's room laying on her bed. Archie was behind her with his arm over her stomach, he was lightly massaging it. Atlanta was half asleep, smiling.

"hey lannie?" Archie asked

"yes" she responded half asleep.

"how far are you now?" he asked kissing her cheek softly. She smiled more.

"4 months, why?" she asked

"just wondering" he said before hugging her.

"what do you want to do today?" he asked

"I don't know, do you want to go for a walk?" she responded

"sounds great" he said helping her up.

They were walking around the park hand in hand. Atlanta had her head leaned on his shoulder and he had his hand around her waist.

"hey Arch?" Atlanta said looking at him.

"yes lannie" he responded

" you know we've been sleeping your room everynight for the last month.." she started.

"yes" he said urging her to go on.

"well maybe we should share a room now" she said hoping for a positive answer to her question.

"that sounds great lannie, which room do you want to share mine or yours?" he asked

"umm... yours" she said

"cool let's go move your stuff over" he said heading twords the brownstone still linked with Atlanta. They arrived at the brownstone and headed straight for Atlanta's room. Atlanta was about to pick up a heavy suitcase full of clothes when ARchie stopped her.

"whoa careful lannie" he said clearly concerned

"I'm just carrying a bag" she said

"I don't want you straining yourself lannie" he siad taking from her.

"I'm fine Archie I can take care of myself" she said annoyed

"I know you can I just don't want you to do anything to harm the baby" he said smiling.

"thanks arch" she said hugging him and handing over the bag.

a pretty useless chappie but I'm gonna update with some j/t soon:)
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