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my life now

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seventeen year old delilah is being sent to live in the english countryside with her long lost cousins. She never even met or knew she had when england is being attacked and occupied by an unnamed ...

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chapter 1: My Life Now

my name is Delilah sometimes my partner Julius calls me de. So far my life has always been like a mystery. But the summer Al and Scarlett sent me to live in England to stay with my long lost cousins everything totally changed.I can't remember much about my life before the war happened. Mostly everything changed because of julius and heres what happened a long time ago.

I (Delilah) am coming off a plane with my partner julius who is almost like a brother to me. Were landing at an London airport looking for a middle aged women. That I have seen in pictures who refers to herself as I recall my aunt Paige.The photograph seems really old but not that old. My aunt seams like a kind of women who would wear narrow dresses in dark or gray colours. Thin glasses, flat shoes and weird type of necklaces by the looks of it.

Me and julius are looking in the crowd everyone is leaving and there is no signal on my phone. It makes me think oh great im going to be abandoned at an airport. Just like my parents abandoned me so thats two countries no one wants me in.

When i notice everyone is gone except this kid who comes up to me and says "you must be delilah". The exspression on his face made me feel relieved and he does too. "Im Gavin".

"Hello gavin nive to meet you" delilah says "this is my um....." I can't say spy partner or else he will know we are spies even though he is my cousin. "This is my friend julius" "nice to meet you" julius says to gavin " I am happy to have been welcome to come along to see the beautifull natures of ENGLAND!.

Now let me tell you what gavin looks like before I forget because. It is not what you would exspect an average age fifteen-year-old. What with his CIGARETTE and hair looking like he gave it to himself a haircut. If you put aside everything else he is like a mutt or some kind of dog.

Like the kind of dogs you see at a dog shelter who are kind of hopefull and sweet. And put their nose straight into your hand when they meet you. With a feeling that you know your going to take it home. Well thats gavin for ya.

Only he took me and julius home he carrys my bags to his jeep. He's about half a couple inches shorter than me his arms as thick as a dogs legs.I grab my bags back from him, "Its ok I can carry my own bags " " Wheres your mom?" "Is she in the car?".

Gavin smiles and keeps smoking on his cigarette I knew smoking kills but it seems a tad bit cool. Maybe all kids in England smoke cigarettes?. I didn't say anything at all in case it's a well known fact that the smoking age in england is twelve or something.

Then if i make a huge deal about just smoking a cigar I'll end up looking like a huge idiot. I've barely have been here five minutes . Also not in front of julius i would die of embarassment. Anyways gavin says "mum couldnt come pick you two up because she is working". "And everyone else seems to be somewhere else". "So i drove here myself".

I fell asleep in his jeep because it was a long drive from the airport to their house. I opened my eyes and there was like a welcoming comitee. There were four kids a goat and a couple of dogs. The four kids names were mikayla, gavin, seth, and tyson. The dogs names were zippy and star i was told that by the other kids.

For a minute i was happy i was from halifax even though i havn't seen all of england i had seen more than enough for one day. And i had one of those OH YEA IN YOUR FACE kind of exspresison on my face.Tyson must be gavin's twin cause he lookes ecactly the same only tyson's eyes are green. And gavin's eyes are the same colour of the sky which right now is greyish.

At first i liked mikayla best because she looked right at me and said "delilah we are happy you can make it you too julius".Before i tell you what happened i have to tell you about the house.

It is made out of big chunks of redish brown stone. The house also had a steep roof and has pebbles right in front of there doorstep.The kitchen had huge wavy brick floors and big windows all across the front. Climbing right up front of the house is a huge vine stem. So thick it must have been growing there for centuries.Behind the house up a couple stone bricks is the garden in the backyard.There are tons of white and many other coloured flowers growing right in the backyard.

Gavin, seth, tyson, and mikayla all came into the kitchen sat down at a table and someone made a couple of cups of tea.They all kept staring at me and julius. Like we were something interesting they found at a museum.

After awhile i felt really tired and just wanted to take a nap. Also i just felt like having a nice cup of cold refreshing water to clear everything up. When i looked up gavin gave me a cup of water with a couple of ice cubes in it.

How did he know i wanted a cup of water does he read minds? Mikayla took me upstairs to a room down at the end of the hall. It was small and plain with thick white walls there was a kitten under the bed also takeing a nap.And some dafodils in an old bottle. All of a sudden this room seemed like the safest place i had ever been living in my whole life.

Mikayla left and showed julius the way to his room.

After a couple of minutes she came back with a couple of blankets which looked really warm and cozy.I pulled the covers over my head and went into a deep sleep untill almost the next afternoon.When i woke up i checked to see if Al or scarlett left any messages on my phone but all it said was no network. Great now i cant get any contact with al or scarlett or any members of the academy.I wake up quickly run to julius's room knock on the door and as he opens the door he says "there is no connection between here and the academy"."Julius what are we going to do?" "what if there is an emergency"."This is really important julius".

"Maybe theres a loose wire somewhere"."Lets see if the other phones and wired stuff works u check upstairs i check downstairs". They both rapidly run where they need to go.
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