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The Morning I Loved You

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Here it is kids... Enjoy...But not too much. LOL.

Chapter 17

The next morning upon waking, Pete, still feeling exhausted from the day before, yawned. Hearing him wake Arissa rolled over to lay flat on her stomach and stare at him sleepily. She took in every detail of the day. The way the morning sun kissed his normally tanned skin. How he smiled brightly when she let her hand cup his cheek. The feeling of lying next to him in a soft bed under thick blankets. She knew this day was one she was going to engrave into her memory.

He smiled and trailed a hand up her back lazily. Once he reached her shoulder he leaned close to her and kissed it adoringly. She bit her lip in anticipation of where his soft lips would fall next and closed her eyes. Thoughts of what was going to happen, how it was going to feel and what might change flooded her early morning mind like smoke floods a burning building.

A grin graced her features as Pete pushed Arissa to lie on her back. Letting his hand fall to her stomach he rubbed softly and captured her lips in a blissful kiss. The feel of Pete's warm calloused hands sent Arissa soaring. She'd never wanted anything as much as she wanted him.

Pete sat up resting his weight on his right elbow and looked her over. The night before had been tiring and when they got back to the hotel Arissa had fallen asleep in her clothes leaving Pete to undress her. Because Pete had decided against replacing her dress with pajamas Arissa lay beneath him in only her light pink bra and panties just waiting for his lingering touch.

He swallowed as her chest heaved with shallow, quick breaths and moved his hands to engulf her in an embrace. "I love you." He rasped.

"I love you too." She answered sincerely, a small hint of apprehension in her voice. Pete kissed down her chest and stomach only to stop at her waist and rest his forehead against her bare skin. He pressed his lips to the to the top hem of her underwear and then inhaled. She always smelled like citrus and vanilla. It was erotic and at the same time inviting. The most intoxicating smell in the world to him and he couldn't quite place the feelings rising in his chest. "Peter?" Arissa sighed. "What's wrong?"

Pete picked his head up and continued to explore her lower half with his mouth. "Nothing baby." He answered his voice full of emotion. Arissa nodded and as his hand smoothed across her thigh she began to shake. Peter took notice quickly and moved up her body slowly. "Are you okay, Riss?"

"I'm fine." She said shakily. "Just"

"What baby?" He asked relaxing on top of her while sending his fingertips down her side to erect small chill bumps all over her waiting form.

"I'm nervous." She blushed. Peter chuckled and rubbed his nose to hers slightly. The light in the room made Arissa uneasy under his gaze. She wanted it to be darker. "I'm not feeling very confident." She said nodding toward the deep red curtains that were open with light shining through them proudly.

Peter looked down at her and whispered, "I want it this way." He moved his hand down opening her legs to fit himself between them. "I want to see how beautiful you are." He kissed her deeply. "I want to look at what's mine." Arissa sighed as his lips ghosted feathery kisses over her collar bone. Pete's hand slid between them to unclasp her bra. He looked into her haunting green eyes and slipped his hand beneath the thin fabric and up over her shoulder to pull it off.

Arissa's breath hitched in her throat and she sucked on her lip. She'd never felt more exposed than she did at that moment. Pete disconnected his gaze from hers and allowed his head to dip low kissing the valley between her breasts. Wanting her to feel more comfortable he shed the only piece of clothing he was wearing. After kicking his boxers off he went back to his previous excursion. Letting out a contented sigh she placed her hand on the back of his head urging him on though she was afraid. She could feel his smile against her virgin skin as she shuddered when his hand came into contact with her breast.

His skin against hers was the perfect melody. As she arched into his touch Pete groaned feeling exactly what was going to happen down through to his toes. Everything was intensified with Arissa. Pete had known for a long time that things were different with her. She'd changed him and he could feel his love for her with every fiber of his being. Peter didn't just want Arissa anymore. He needed to taste and touch her to feel complete.

He listened to the way she gasped upon feeling his tongue on her hardened nipple. It made him proud to know no one else had heard that sound. No one else had seen her in the way he was seeing her now. He pressed his arousal to her thinly covered core and she moaned softly. Her hands came up to his bare chest and pushed slightly in impulse.

"Peter..." She sighed as he rubbed against her, carefully turning her on. He felt her body tense underneath him at the sensation of the new things he was doing to her.

"It's okay Arissa." He assured her. "You'll be fine baby."

Sitting up he eyed her lovingly. She closed her eyes as Pete's hands made their way down Arissa's shaking body to pull away the last piece of material separating them. He pushed her underwear down her perfect, smooth hips and led a hand over her thin yet shapely legs.

"Peter?" Arissa called as he took in the beautiful creature waiting to be claimed. He hummed in response to her call and leaned back over her cautiously.

"I want you to feel what you do to me." He nuzzled her neck and took her hand in his moving it down to his member. Pete grunted as she wrapped her hand around him and rubbed slowly. He kissed her fully on the lips and breathed deep. He shook above her and swallowed down his fear ready to admit it to her. "I'm scared too Riss." He whispered. "I don't want you think I'm not. This is a big deal."

"I know." She said simply. She brought her hand back up and pulled him close to her. "I want this though."

Pete nodded and smiled softly. "I'll be gentle. I promise." The sweat developing on his skin confirmed his readiness and Arissa shut her eyes as he pushed his body closer. Peter kissed her sweetly letting his lips linger on hers as he thrust inside of her warily. Staying still he let her adjust to the feeling of him. "Relax baby." He breathed against her mouth. Arissa whimpered a little and then took a deep breath. "Relax for me sweetie." He groaned as he pulled back before thrusting deeply again while kissing her neck.

It was difficult for him to keep a slow and steady pace when he just wanted to let go. He picked up his head and looked into her watery eyes. Leaning down again he kissed away her tears. She smiled softly and wrapped her arms around him encouraging him to go on.

Peter rested his head in the crook of her neck affectionately. He was feeling particularly overwrought. Arissa ran her fingers through Pete's hair and whispered to him how much she loved him. He lifted himself again and began pushing delicately. The tenderness they shared then was possibly the most amazing feeling either had ever known.
Moving her hips up to meet each thrust Arissa extracted low growls of pleasure from Pete's throat. Everything they were doing was impassioned. Their kisses were fervent and desperate as they came closer to their end. The room was alive with whispered 'I want you's' and murmured 'I love you's' as they came crashing full force into an opulent peace.

They had waited so long to have that time together and now that it was over neither of them wanted anything more than what they could find in each other. Pete layed next to Arissa on his side and pulled her to him cuddling her close.

"I love you Peter." Arissa kissed his neck.

"I love you Arissa." He replied. "So much."

Snuggling into his embrace Arissa smiled. Everything had been perfect. The light of the morning on their heated bodies. The love residing between them. The timing and feel of each other so close and exposed. Arissa giggled and Peter kissed the top of her head. They had cemented their relationship. Confirmed their love for one another in the sweetest way.

Laying with Arissa in his arms after such a display Peter felt reassured of what he was feeling. The love he was experiencing. All of the feelings he'd tucked away so eagerly were surfacing and for the first time he felt that it was okay. He wanted Arissa to have his heart.

Peter pulled Arissa in for a kiss and decided that with it he was giving himself to her. All of himself. Physically and emotionally. Arissa accepted the kiss gratefully with a sigh and a smile.

"Marry me Arissa." He whispered upon pulling away.

Arissa looked up at him and gasped. "What?" She asked incredulously tears threatening to fall. Pete sat up and took her hands in his.

"Will You Marry Me Arissa Ryan?" He asked slowly. Arissa searched his eyes for doubt and when she didn't find any she nodded her head earnestly. Smiling Pete asked, "Is that a yes?"

"Yes!" Arissa threw herself into his arms and kissed him.

Intensity gave way to passion and soon they were involved in yet another fiery assault. Their souls intertwined just as their bodies and hearts were again. They were tangled in a love so grand neither would believe the downfall. The penance for affection so great.

Loves Punishment.

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